Casablanca quote - I found that a very expensive hobby.

Quote from Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, Paul Henreid as Victor Laszlo, and quote snapshot picture
Casablanca - I found that a very expensive hobby - snapshot picture quote Victor Laszlo: You must know it's very important I get out of Casablanca It's my privilege to be one of the leaders of a great movement You know what I've been doing You know what it means to the work, to the lives of thousands of people that I reach America and continue my work. Rick Blaine: I'm not interested in politics. The problems of the world are not in my department. I'm a saloonkeeper. Victor Laszlo quote: My friends in the underground tell me that you have quite a record. You ran guns to Ethiopia. You fought against the fascists in Spain. Rick Blaine: What of it? Victor Laszlo: Isn't it strange you're always fighting on the side of the underdog? Rick Blaine quote: Yes, I found that a very expensive hobby. But then I never was much of a businessman. Victor Laszlo: Are you enough of a businessman to appreciate an offer of 100,000 francs? Rick Blaine: I appreciate it, but I don't accept it. Victor Laszlo: 200,000 Rick Blaine: My friend, you could make it a million francs or three. My answer would still be the same. Victor Laszlo: There must be some reason why you won't let me. Rick Blaine: There is. I suggest that you ask your wife. >>> more quotes from Casablanca