Casablanca quote - You will get along beautifully in America.

Quote from Casablanca with S.Z. Sakall as Carl, Ludwig Stössel as Mr. Leuchtag, Ilka Grüning as Mrs. Leuchtag, and his quote snapshot picture
Casablanca - You will get along beautifully in America - snapshot picture quote Mr Leuchtag: Thank you, Carl Mrs. Leuchtag: Thank you, Carl Mr. Leuchtagl: Carl, sit down. Have a brandy with us Mr. Leuchtag quote: To celebrate our leaving for America tomorrow. Carl: Thank you very much. Mr Leuchtag: I thought you would ask me, so I brought the good brandy and a third glass. Mrs. Leuchtag: At last the day's came! Mr Leuchtag: Frau Leuchtag and I are speaking nothing but English now. Mrs. Leuchtag: So we should feel at home when we get to America. Carl: A very nice idea. Mr. Leuchtag: To America. Carl: To America. Mr Leuchtag: What watch? Mrs. Leuchtag: Ten watch. Mr Leuchtag: Such much? Carl quote: You will get along beautifully in America. >>> more quotes from Casablanca