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Titanic 8 soundtrack where the ship will sink and will be at the bottom of the Atlantic

James Horner had tried twenty-five or thirty singers before he finally chose Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjeb° as the voice to create specific moods within the film. Horner additionally wrote the song My Heart Will Go On (won Oscar for Original Song and three Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television) in secret with Will Jennings because Cameron did not want any songs with singing in the film. CÚline Dion agreed to record a demo with the persuasion of her husband RenÚ AngÚlil. Horner waited until Cameron was in an appropriate mood before presenting him with the song. After playing it several times, Cameron declared its approval, although worried that he would have been criticized for "going commercial at the end of the movie". Cameron also wanted to appease anxious studio executives and "saw that a hit song from his movie could only be a positive factor in guaranteeing its completion".
Pictures from film part 8
You remember what I told you about the boats Thomas Andrews: I don't want to be responsible for a panic. And get to a boat. Quickly. Don't wait. You remember what I told you about the boats? Rose DeWitt Bukater: Yes. I understand.   Carpathia says they're making 17 knots Bride: Sir! Carpathia says they're making 17 knots. Full steam for them, sir. Captain Smith: She's the only one who's responding? Bride: The only one close, sir. Says they can be here in four hours. Captain Smith: Four hours! Thank you, Bride. My God.
Women and children first Officer Lightoller: We are swung out and ready, sir. Hadn't we better get the women and children into the boats, sir? Captain Smith: Yes. Lightoller: Sir? Captain Smith: Women and children first, yes.   Lower it away left and right together Officer Murdoch: Lower it away, left and right together! Both sides together! Steady! Steady! Stop! Hold the left side! Right side only! Right side only. Hold the left side! Lower away together! Steady, lads!
I do believe this ship may sink Spicer Lovejoy: You know, I do believe this ship may sink. I've been asked to give you this small token of our appreciation. Compliments of Mr. Caledon Hockley.   The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats Ruth: Will the lifeboats be seated according to class? I hope they're not too crowded. Rose: Oh, Mother, shut up! Don't you understand? The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats. Not enough by half. Half the people on this ship are going to die. Cal: Not the better half.
I'm doing this with or without your help Rose: Mr. Andrews? Thank God. Where would the master-at-arms take someone under arrest? Thomas Andrews: You have to get to a boat right away. Rose: No! I'm doing this with or without your help, sir. But without will take longer.   You're gonna have to go find some help Jack Dawson: All right, Rose, listen. You're gonna have to go find some help. It'll be all right. Rose: I'll be right back. Jack: I'll just wait here!
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Keep lowering! Steady! Make it taut! And winch out! Uncover this boat! Uncover all the boats aft! Release those ties! Roll back that cover! Smartly now! Mr. Wilde, where are the passengers? They've all gone back inside. Too damn cold and noisy for them. You there! Get down here and help with these lines! Care for a drink, sir? Please put your lifebelts on. Sonny, what's doing? You got us all trussed up here and now we're cooling our heels. Sorry, ma'am. Let me go find out. I don't think anybody knows what the hell's going on around here. It's just the goddamned English, doing everything by the book. There's no need for language, Mr. Hockley. Go back and turn the heaters on in our rooms. I'd like a cup of tea when I return. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. Mr. Andrews I saw the iceberg. And I see it in your eyes. Please tell me the truth. The ship will sink. You're certain? Yes. In an hour or so all this will be at the bottom of the Atlantic. What? Please, tell only who you must. Yes, madam, please put it on immediately. Over here, son. Sir, they need you up at the second-class purser's office. There's a big mob up there. Go on. I'll keep an eye on him. Aye. Right. Yes, sir. Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please! Step this way, please. That's right. Come towards me. Thank you. Good. For the time being, I shall require only women and children. Gentlemen, please. Right here. All right, boys. Like the Captain said, nice and cheery, so there's no panic. Wedding Dance. Lifebelts on. Put your lifebelts on. Here, put your lifebelt on. Yeah, come on. Put your lifebelt on. Turn that around. Please. It isn't time to go up to the boats yet! Please stay calm. Make sure, everybody, you've got your lifebelts on. And, gentlemen, allow the women and children through to the front. What are we doing, Mommy? We're just waiting, dear. When they finish putting first-class people in the boats they will be starting with us and we'll want to be all ready, won't we? Everybody, not just right yet. Don't push on the gates. You won't get out any faster. Someone help. Go and get some help. Come on, sister. You heard the man. Into the boat. Any room for a gentleman, gentlemen? Only women at this time, sir. Come on, Ruth, get in the boat. First-class seats are right up here. You know, it's a pity I didn't keep that drawing. It'll be worth a lot more by morning. Women and children towards the front, please. You unimaginable bastard. Come on, Rose, darling. There's plenty of room for you. Right this way, miss. Come on, Rose. You're next, darling. Come into the boat, Rose. Come. Rose? Get into the boat. Rose? Goodbye, Mother. Rose, come back here. Where are you going? To him? What, to be a whore to a gutter rat? No, wait. I'd rather be his whore than your wife. No! I said, no! Rose, please stop! Lower away! No, stop! All together. No, wait! Lower away! Rose! Help! Can anybody hear me? Hello! Help me! Mr. Andrews! Steward, check the starboard corridor. Yes, Mr. Andrews. Madam, please, put on a lifebelt. Get to the boat deck immediately. Lucy, for God's sake, put on a lifebelt and set a good example. Yes, sir. Anyone in here? Take the elevator to the very bottom. Go to the left. Down the crewmen's passage, then go right and left again at the stairs. You'll come to a long corridor. This could be bad. Oh, shit! Excuse me. Thank you. I do not care what you think, sir. Lifts are closed. I'm sorry, miss, but the lifts are closed. I'm through being polite, God damn it! Now, take me down! E deck. Come on. I'm going back up. No. Come back! I'm going back up! Crew passage. Jack! Rose, I'm in here! Rose! Jack, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. That guy, Lovejoy, put it in my pocket. I know. I know. Listen, Rose you're gonna have to find a spare key, all right? Look in that cabinet right there. It's a little silver one, Rose. Silver. These are all brass ones! Check right here, Rose. Rose how'd you find out I didn't do it? I didn't. I just realized I already knew. Keep looking. No key. There's no key! Hello? Is there anyone here? Hello? Is there anybody down here? We need help! Hello? Damn it. Can anybody hear me, please? Hello? Oh, thank God. Wait, I need your help. There's a man back here. Wait! Hello? Hello? Miss, you shouldn't be here now. I need your help. We'll get you topside. This way, quickly. There's a man down here. He's trapped. This way. There is no need to panic. Please! No, I'm not panicking! You're going the wrong way! Let go of me! Listen! The hell with you. Oh, my God.