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Shrek 2 part 4 little father son time

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KING: Sorry. I hope I'm not interrupting anything. SHREK: No, no. I was just reading a, uh, a scary book. KING: I was hoping you'd let me apologize for my despicable behaviour earlier. SHREK: Okay. KING: I don't know what came over me. Do you suppose we could pretend it never happened and start overDo you suppose we could pretend it never happened and start over.
SHREK: Look, Your Majesty, I just.
KING: Please. Call me Dad.
SHREK: Dad. We both acted like ogres. Maybe we just need some time to get to know each other.
KING: Excellent idea! I was actually hoping you might join me for a morning hunt. A little father son timeA little father son time? I know it would mean the world to Fiona. Shall we say, 7:30 by the old oak?
SHREK: Face it, Donkey! We're lost.
DONKEY: We can't be lost. We followed the King's instructions exactly. Head to the darkest part of the woods. Past the sinister trees with scary-looking branches. The bush shaped like Shirley Bassey!
SHREK: We passed that three times already!
DONKEY: You were the one who said not to stop for directions.
SHREK: Oh, great. My one chance to fix things up with Fiona's dad and I end up lost in the woods with youI end up lost in the woods with you!
DONKEY: Don't get huffy! I'm only trying to help.
SHREK: I know! I know. I'm sorry, all right?
DONKEY: Hey, don't worry about it.
SHREK: I just really need to make things work with this guy.
DONKEY: Yeah, sure. Now let's go bond with Daddy.
SHREK: Well, well, well, Donkey. I know it was kind of a tender moment back there, but the purring?
DONKEY: What? I ain't purring.
SHREK: Sure. What's next? A hug?
DONKEY: Hey, Shrek. Donkeys don't purr. What do you think I am, some kind of a.
PUSS IN BOOTS: Ha-ha! Fear me, if you dare!
SHREK: Look! A little cat.
DONKEY: Look out, Shrek! He got a piece!
SHREK: It's a cat, Donkey. Come here, little kitty, kitty. Come on, little kitty. Come here. Oh! Come here, little kitty. Whoa!
DONKEY: Hold on, Shrek! I'm coming!
SHREK: Come on! Get it off! Get it off! Oh, God. Oh! No!
DONKEY: Look out, Shrek! Hold still!
SHREK: Get it off!
DONKEY: Shrek! Hold still! Did I miss?
SHREK: No. You got them.
PUSS IN BOOTS: Now, ye ogre, pray for mercy from Puss in Boots!
SHREK: I'll kill that cat!
PUSS IN BOOTS: Ah-ha-ha! Hairball.
DONKEY: Oh! That is nasty!
SHREK: What should we do with him?
DONKEY: Take the sword and neuter him. Give him the Bob Barker treatment.
PUSS IN BOOTS: Oh, no! Por favor! Please! I implore you! It was nothing personal, Senor. I was doing it only for my family. My mother, she is sick. And my father lives off the garbage! The King offered me much in golderThe King offered me much in gold and I have a litter of brothers.
SHREK: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fiona's father paid you to do this?
PUSS IN BOOTS: The rich King? Si.
SHREK: Well, so much for Dad's royal blessing.
DONKEY: Don't feel bad. Almost everybody that meets you wants to kill you.
SHREK: Gee, thanks. Maybe Fiona would've been better off if I were some sort of Prince Charming.
PUSS IN BOOTS: That's what the King said. Oh, uh, sorry. I thought that question was directed at me.
DONKEY: Shrek, Fiona knows you'd do anything for her.
SHREK: Well, it's not like I wouldn't change if I could. I just, I just wish I could make her happyI just wish I could make her happy. Hold the phone. Happiness. A tear drop away. Donkey! Think of the saddest thing that's ever happened to you!
DONKEY: Aw, man, where do I begin? First there was the time that old farmer tried to sell me for some magic beans. Then this fool had a party and he have the guests trying to pin the tail on me. Then they got drunk and start beating me with a stick, going Pinata! Pinata! What is a pinata, anyway?
SHREK: No, Donkey! I need you to cry!
DONKEY: Don't go projecting on me. I know you're feeling bad, but you got to. Aaaahhh! You little, hairy, litter-licking sack of.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: What? Is it on? Is it on? This is Fairy Godmother. I'm either away from my desk or with a client. But if you come by the office, we'll be glad to make you an appointment. Have a happy ever afterif you come by the office, we'll be glad to make you an appointment. Have a happy ever after.
SHREK: Are you up for a little quest, Donkey?
DONKEY: That's more like it! Shrek and Donkey, on another whirlwind adventure! Ain't no stoppin' us now! Whoo! We're on the move!
PUSS IN BOOTS: Stop, Ogre! I have misjudged you.
SHREK: Join the club. We've got jackets.
PUSS IN BOOTS: On my honour, I am obliged to accompany you until I have saved your lifeOn my honour, I am obliged to accompany you until I have saved your life as you have spared me mine.
DONKEY: The position of annoying talking animal has already been taken. Let's go, Shrek. Shrek? Shrek!
SHREK: Aw, come on, Donkey. Look at him in his wee little boots. You know, how many cats can wear boots? Honestly. Let's keep him!
DONKEY: Say what? Ahh!
SHREK: Listen. He's purring!
DONKEY: Oh, so now it's cute.
SHREK: Come on, Donkey. Lighten up.
DONKEY: Lighten up? I should lighten up? Look who's telling who to lighten up!
FIONA: Shrek! Shrek?
QUEEN: They're both festive, aren't they? What do you think, Harold?
KING: Um. Yes, yes. Fine. Fine.
QUEEN: Try to at least pretend you're interested in your daughter's wedding ballTry to at least pretend you're interested in your daughter's wedding ball.
KING: Honestly, Lillian, I don't think it matters. How do we know there will even be a ball?
FIONA: Mom. Dad.
QUEEN: Oh, hello, dear.
KING: What's that, Cedric? Right! Coming.
FIONA: Mom, have you seen Shrek?
QUEEN: I haven't. You should ask your father. Be sure and use small words, dear. He's a little slow this morning.
CEDRIC: Can I help you, Your Majesty?
KING: Ah, yes! Um. Mmm! Exquisite. What do you call this dish?
CEDRIC: That would be the dog's breakfast, Your Majesty.
KING: Ah, yes. Very good, then. Carry on, Cedric.
FIONA: Dad? Dad, have you seen Shrek?
KING: No, I haven't, dear. I'm sure he just went off to look for a nice mud hole to cool down in. You know, after your little spat last night.
FIONA: Oh. You heard that, huh?
KING: The whole kingdom heard you. I mean, after all, it is in his nature to be well, a bit of a brute.
FIONA: Him? You know, you didn't exactly roll out the Welcome Wagon.
KING: Well, what did you expect? Look at what he's done to you.
FIONA: Shrek loves me for who I am. I would think you'd be happy for me.
KING: Darling, I'm just thinking about what's best for you. Maybe you should do the sameDarling, I'm just thinking about what's best for you. Maybe you should do the same.
SHREK: No, really? Shh!
DONKEY: Oh. Oh, no. That's the old Keebler's place. Let's back away slowly.
PUSS IN BOOTS: That's the Fairy Godmother's cottage. She's the largest producer of hexes and potions in the whole kingdom.
SHREK: Then why don't we pop in there for a spell? Ha-ha! Spell!
PUSS IN BOOTS: He makes me laugh.
SHREK: Hi. I'm here to see the
JEROME: The Fairy Godmother. I'm sorry. She is not in.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Jerome! Coffee and a Monte Cristo. Now!
JEROME: Yes, Fairy Godmother. Right away. Look, she's not seeing any clients today, OK?
SHREK: That's OK, buddy. We're from the union.
JEROME: The union?
SHREK: We represent the workers in all magical industries, both evil and benign.
JEROME: Oh! Oh, right.
SHREK: Are you feeling at all degraded or oppressed?
JEROME: Uh, a little. We don't even have dental.
SHREK: They don't even have dental. Okay, we'll just have a look around. Oh. By the way. I think it'd be better if the Fairy Godmother didn't know we were here. Know what I'm saying? Huh?
DONKEY: Huh? Huh? Huh?
SHREK: Stop it.
JEROME: Of course. Go right in.

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