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Shrek 2 part 6 don't take the potion

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KING: There you are! We missed you at dinner. QUEEN: What is it, darling? FIONA: Dad. I've been thinking about what you said. And I'm going to set things rightI'm going to set things right.
KING: Ah! Excellent! That's my girl.
FIONA: It was a mistake to bring Shrek here. I'm going to go out and find him. And then we'll go back to the swamp where we belong.
QUEEN: Fiona, please!
KING: Let's not be rash, darling. You can't go anywhere right now.
QUEEN: Fiona!
MAIDEN 1: Look, I told you he was here. Look at him! Quiet. Look at him.
JILL: Good morning, sleepyhead.
ALL: Good morning!
MAIDEN 2: We love your kitty!
SHREK: Oh! My head.
JILL: Here, I fetched a pail of water.
SHREK: Thanks. Uhh! Aahh! Oh! A cute button nose? Thick, wavy locks? Taut, round buttocks? I'm. I'm.
JILL: Gorgeous!
MAIDEN 1: I'll say.
JILL: I'm Jill. What's your name?
SHREK: Um. Shrek.
JILL: Shrek? Wow. Are you from Europe?
MAIDEN 1: You're tense. JILL: I want to rub his shoulders. MAIDEN 1: I got it covered. MAIDEN 2: I don't have anything to rub. JILL: Get in line. SHREK: Have you seen my donkey? DONKEY: Who are you calling donkey? SHREK: - Donkey? You're a. DONKEY: A stallion, baby! I can whinny. I can count. Look at meI can whinny. I can count. Look at me, Shrek! I'm trotting! That's some quality potion. What's in that stuff?
PUSS IN BOOTS: Oh, don't take the potion, Mr. Boss, it's very baddon't take the potion, Mr. Boss, it's very bad. Pah! Warning: Side effects may include burning, itching, oozing, weeping. Not intended for heart patients or those with nervous disorders.
DONKEY: I'm trotting, I'm trotting in place! Yeah! What?
PUSS IN BOOTS: Senor? "To make the effects of this potion permanent, the drinker must obtain his true love's kiss by midnight.
SHREK: Midnight? Why is it always midnight?
MAIDEN 1: Pick me! I'll be your true love!
JILL: I'll be your true love.
MAIDEN 2: I'll be true enough.
SHREK: Look, ladies, I already have a true love.
ALL: Ohhh!
PUSS IN BOOTS: And take it from me, Boss. You are going to have one satisfied princessYou are going to have one satisfied princess.
DONKEY: And let's face it. You are a lot easier on the eyes. Inside you're the same old mean, salty.
SHREK: Easy.
DONKEY: cantankerous, foul, angry ogre you always been.
SHREK: And you're still the same annoying donkey.
SHREK: Well. Look out, Princess. Here comes the new me.
DONKEY: First things first. We need to get you out of those clothes.
SHREK: Ready?
DONKEY: Ready!
NOBLEMAN: Driver, stop!
DONKEY: Oh, God! Help me, please! My racing days are over! I'm blind! Tell the truth. Will I ever play the violin again?
NOBLEMAN: You poor creature! Is there anything I can do for you?
DONKEY: Well, I guess there is one thing.
PUSS IN BOOTS: Take off the powdered wig and step away from your drawers. Not bad.
DONKEY: Not bad at all.
NOBLEMAN'S SON: Father? Is everything all right, Father?
SHREK: Thank you, gentlemen! Someday, I will repay youThank you, gentlemen! Someday, I will repay you. Unless, of course, I can't find you or if I forget.
GUARD: Halt!
SHREK: Tell Princess Fiona her husband, Sir Shrek, is here to see her.
SHREK: Fiona!
FIONA: Shrek?
SHREK: Fiona?
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Hello, handsome.
FIONA: Shrek!
DONKEY: Princess!
FIONA: Donkey?
DONKEY: Wow! That potion worked on you, tooThat potion worked on you, too?
FIONA: What potion?
DONKEY: Shrek and I took some magic potion. And well. Now, we're sexy!
FIONA: Shrek? PUSS IN BOOTS: For you, baby, I could be.
DONKEY: Yeah, you wish.
FIONA: Donkey, where is Shrek?
DONKEY: He went inside looking for you.
FIONA: Shrek?
SHREK: Fiona! Fiona!
DRESSER: You want to dance, pretty boy?
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Are you going so soon? Don't you want to see your wife?
FIONA: Shrek?
PRINCE CHARMING: Aye, Fiona. It is me.
FIONA: What happened to your voice?
PRINCE CHARMING: The potion changed a lot of thingsThe potion changed a lot of things, Fiona. But not the way I feel about you.
QUEEN: Fiona?
KING: Charming?
PRINCE CHARMING: Do you think so? Dad. I was so hoping you'd approve.
QUEEN: Um. Who are you?
PRINCE CHARMING: Mom, it's me, Shrek. I know you never get a second chance at a first impression, but, well, what do you think?
SHREK: Fiona! Fiona! Fiona! Fiona!
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Fiona, Fiona! Ho-ho-ho! Oh, shoot! I don't think they can hear us, pigeon. Don't you think you've already messed her life up enough?
SHREK: I just wanted her to be happy.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: And now she can be. Oh, sweetheart. She's finally found the prince of her dreamsShe's finally found the prince of her dreams.
SHREK: But look at me. Look what I've done for her.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: It's time you stop living in a fairy tale, Shrek. She's a princess, and you're an ogre. That's something no amount of potion will ever change.
SHREK: But, I love her.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: If you really love her you'll let her go.
DONKEY: Shrek?
DONKEY: What's going on? Where are you going?
QUEEN: You wouldn't have had anything to do with this, would youYou wouldn't have had anything to do with this, would you, Harold?
CAPTAIN HOOK: People just ain't no good. I think that's well understood.
DORIS: There you go, boys.
SHREK: Just leave the bottle, Doris.
DORIS: Hey. Why the long face?
SHREK: It was all just a stupid mistake. I never should have rescued her from that tower in the first place.
PUSS IN BOOTS: I hate Mondays.
DONKEY: I can't believe you'd walk away from the best thing that happened to you.
SHREK: What choice do I have? She loves that pretty boy, Prince Charming.
DONKEY: Come on. Is he really that good-looking?
DORIS: Are you kidding? He's gorgeous! He has a face that looks like it was carved by angels.
PUSS IN BOOTS: Oh. He sounds dreamy.
SHREK: You know, shockingly, this isn't making me feel any better. Look, guys. It's for the best. Mom and Dad approve, and Fiona gets the man she's always dreamed of. Everybody wins.
DONKEY: Except for you. I don't get it, Shrek. You love Fiona.
SHREK: Aye. And that's why I have to let her go.
KING: Excuse me, is she here?
DORIS: She's, uh... in the back.
KING: Oh, hello again.

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