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You give me a job

video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Chihiro, Yubaba, Lin, Aogaeru, Yuna, Kashira, Shikigami, Ootori, Ushioni Quotes
LIN: We have to go all the way to the top floor. That's where Yubaba lives. Get over here. You wanna lose your nose? FROG #1: More appetizers. FROG #2: Not spicy enough. LIN: We're halfway there. Just stay close. CHIHIRO: Okay. LIN: Here we go. The radish spirit. Sorry, sir. This elevator doesn't go any higherelevator doesn't go any higher. You'll have to take another one. Thank you. CHIHIRO: He's following us. LIN: Just don't look at him. FROG: Step out to the right, please, gentlemen. USHIONI: I don't think they're big enough. FROG: Your rooms are right this way. Hmm. Rin? LIN: What? FROG: What's that smell? It's human. You smell just like a humansmell just like a human. LIN: Oh, really? FROG # : Where's it coming from, Rin? Come on. You're hiding something, aren't you? Show it to me. LIN: Is this what you smell? FROG: Roasted... newt! LIN: No way, frog. I'm saving every last bite for myself. FROG: Please, just a little bit. Just give me a leg. LIN: If you wanna go up, pull the lever on your right. FROG: Gimme, gimme, gimme. How could you be so cruel? Can't you share? Let me suck on the tail. Please! Let me. LIN: Mmm. YUBABA: Aren't you even going to knockeven going to knock? You're the most pathetic little girl I've ever seen. Well, come in. I said, come in. Quiet down. You're making a racket. CHIHIRO: Excuse me. I was wondering if you could give me a jobI was wondering if you could give me a job?? YUBABA: I don't want to hear such a stupid request. You're just a stinking, useless weakling. And this is certainly no place for humans. It's a bathhouse for the spiritsa bathhouse for the spirits. It's where they come to replenish themselves. And you humans always make a mess of things. Like your parents, who gobbled up the food of the spirits like pigs. They got what they deserved, and you should be punished too. Hmm. You could be a piglet. Or, maybe you'd prefer a lump of coal? I can see you shaking. Actually, I'm impressed you made it this far. But I'm sure you didn't do it on your own. Let's thank whoever helped you. Just who was it, dear? Why don't you tell me. CHIHIRO: Please! Can't you give me a job? YUBABA: Don't start that again. CHIHIRO: Please, I just want to work. YUBABA: Don't say that! Why in world do you think I should give you a job? Anyone can seeAnyone can see you're a lazy, spoiled crybaby and you have no manners. This is a high-class place I'm running here. So there's no job for you. Now get out. I've got all the lazy bums I need. Or maybe I'll give you the most difficult job I've got and work you until you breathe your very last breath. YUBABA: Oh, dear, you woke up the baby. Mommy's here. Be a good boy now. Why are you still here? I told you to leave. CHIHIRO: I want you to give me a job, please! YUBABA: Quiet down! You're scaring the baby. Ooh! Hi, sweetie. Don't be angry. That's a good boy. CHIHIRO: I'm not leaving till you give me a job. YUBABA: Okay. Okay. Just be quiet. Here comes Mommy. I'm coming to get you. That's your contractThat's your contract. Sign your name away, and I'll put you to work. If I hear one little complaint out of you you'll be joining your parents in the pigpen.
CHIHIRO: So I... Do I sign my name here?
YUBABA: Just sign it. Do you want the job or not? I can't believe I took that oath. Give a job to anyone who asks. Ridiculous. I hate being so nice all the time. Ha! Are you done yet? So, your name's Chihiro. CHIHIRO: Yes, ma'am. YUBABA: What a pretty name. And it belongs to me now. From now on, your name is Sen. You got that? Answer me, Sen! CHIHIRO: Yes, ma'am.

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