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video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Chihiro, Yubaba, Haku, Kamajii, Lin, Chichiyaku, Aniyaku, Sootballs Quotes
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HAKU: You called for me? YUBABA: This girl signed a contract. Set her up with a job. HAKU: Right. What's your name? CHIHIRO: What? Chih... Oh. It's Sen. HAKU: Okay, Sen. Follow me. CHIHIRO: Haku, uh... HAKU: Don't talk to me, and address me as Master Haku. CHICHIYAKU: I don't care if Yubaba gets angry with us. ANIYAKU: We're not taking humans. HAKU:  She's already under contract She's already under contract. CHICHIYAKU: What? CHIHIRO: I promise to work very hard. YUNA: We are not gonna take her in our department. HOUSEMAID: She'll stink up the whole place. FROG: We don't want her. HAKU: Three days of eating our food, and her smell will go away. If she doesn't work hard, roast her, boil her, do whatever you want. Now get back to work. Where is Rin? LIN: What? Don't you dump her on me. HAKU: You said you wanted an assistantYou said you wanted an assistant. CHICHIYAKU: That's perfect. Give the girl to Rin. LIN: Oh, great. HAKU: Sen, get going. CHIHIRO: Right. LIN: Why are you picking on me? You owe me one, Haku. You hear me? ANIYAKU: Have a nice day. LIN: Hmph. Come on. I can't believe you pulled it off. CHIHIRO: Huh? LIN: You're such a dope. I was really worried. Now, keep on your toes, and if you need anything, ask me. Okay? CHIHIRO: Okay. LIN: Hmm? What's wrong? CHIHIRO: I don't feel so good. LIN: So, this is our room. A little food and some sleep and you'll be fine. Here's your apron. You have to wash it yourself. Your pants. You're so puny. Way too big. CHIHIRO: Rin, you know Haku? LIN: What about him? CHIHIRO: There aren't two of him here, are there? LIN: Two Hakus? I can barely stand one. Too big. He's Yubaba's henchman. Don't trust anything he says. Let's see. Ah, here we go. What's wrong with you? Are you feeling okay? YUNA: Quiet down. What's your problem? LIN: It's the new girl. She doesn't feel so good. HAKU: Meet me at the bridge. I'll take you to your parents. CHIHIRO: My shoes are gone. Huh? Thank you. HAKU: Follow me. We don't have much time. If you're found here, you'll be turned into a pig yourself. You must never come here without mecome here without me. Understand? CHIHIRO: I understand. CHIHIRO: Mom, Dad, are you all right? It's me, Sen. Hey, wake up! Mom! Dad! What's wrong with them? What's wrong with them? Are they sick? HAKU: No. They ate too much. They're sleeping it off. They don't remember being humanThey don't remember being human. So look hard. It's up to you to remember which ones they are. CHIHIRO: Don't you worry, I promise. I'll get you out of hereI'll get you out of here. So just don't get any fatter or they'll eat you! HAKU: Here are your clothes. Hide them. CHIHIRO: I thought they'd been thrown away. HAKU: You'll need them to get home. CHIHIRO: My good-bye card's still here. Chihiro. Chihiro. That's my name, isn't it? HAKU: That's how Yubaba controls you by stealing your nameThat's how Yubaba controls you by stealing your name. So hold on to that card. Keep it hidden. While you're here, you must call yourself Sen. CHIHIRO: I can't believe I forgot my name. She almost took it from me. HAKU: If you completely forget it, you'll never find your way home. I've tried everything to remember mine. CHIHIRO: You can't remember your name? HAKU: No. But for some reason, remember yours. Here you go. Eat this. You must be hungry. CHIHIRO: No. HAKU: I put a spell on it so it'll give you back your strength. Just eat it. Have some more. You'll be all right. I've got to go now. I'll be back to help you soon. Just stay out of trouble. CHIHIRO: Thank you, Haku. You're a good friend. Haku. He's a dragon? KAMAJII: Huh? Pictures - to watch in high resolution, click on them