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Get the big tub

video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Chihiro, Yubaba, Lin, Foreman, Unnamed River Spirit, Radish Spirit Quotes
LIN: Where were you, Sen? I was really worried. CHIHIRO: I'm sorry. YUNA: Out of my way. LIN: Gee, Sen haven't you ever worked a day in your life? ANIYAKU: Rin and Sen, you get the big tub todayRin and Sen, you get the big tub today. LIN: What? Hey, that's frog work. ANIYAKU: Orders from the top. So quit your complaining. CHIHIRO: Hello. Aren't you getting wet out there? LIN: Sen, hurry up. CHIHIRO: Coming. I'll leave the door openleave the door open for you. HOUSEMAID: Heard you got the big tub, Rin. LIN: Leave me alone. Those jerks. They haven't cleaned this tub in months. We only use this tub for our really filthy guests. Disgusting. This sludge is so caked on, it'll take days to scrub off. ANIYAKU: Rin, Sen, you've got some customers on the way. LIN: Wait! Give us a minute. This is clearly harassment. We'll have to soak it off. Get an herbal soak token from the foreman. CHIHIRO: A what? LIN: An herbal soak token. LIN: All right. CHIHIRO: Hey, Rin, what's a foreman?what's a foreman? YUBABA: Hmm. Something's coming. I wonder what? What useless scum is sleeking around in the rain? FOREMAN: I can't waste a token on you. Relax. Good morning. Enjoy. Have a nice bath. HOUSEMAID: For the radish spirit. FOREMAN: One sulfur soak. Why are you still standing here? Scrub it yourself. I'm not giving you a token. Relax. Good morning. I said scrub it yourself. CHIHIRO: But I was told it has to have an herbal soak. FOREMAN: Well, that's too bad. Mugwort bath? Relax and enjoy it. Hmm? Foreman speaking. Oh, yes. What? CHIHIRO: Thank you very much. FOREMAN: Get back here! Hey! Wait a minute. YUBABA: What's going on? FOREMAN: Nothing. Everything's fine. YUBABA: We have an intruderWe have an intruder. FOREMAN: Is it a human? YUBABA: I'm not quite sure. Figure it out and report back. LIN: Wow, Sen. You got a really good one. Clip this on, then let go. It goes straight to Kamajii, then he sends us our water. You pull on this to start the water flowing. Give it a try. Uh, you're such a klutz. CHIHIRO: Yuck! What's in this water? LIN: Dried worm salt. It's supposed to be good for you. And with water this murky, you can't see all the sludge in the tub. Yank it again when the bath is full, it'll stop. You can let go of the rope now. I'll get us some breakfast. CHIHIRO: Okay. CHIHIRO: Ow! Uh, sir. The bath's not ready yet. There's so many. What? They're all for me? NO-FACE: Uh... Uh... CHIHIRO: Thanks, but I don't need any more. NO-FACE: Uh... CHIHIRO: No. I only need one. CHICHIYAKU: Oh, Yubaba. YUBABA: It's a stink spirit.It's a stink spirit. CHICHIYAKU: And apparently, it's an extra smelly one. FROG: He's headed for the bridge. FOREMAN: We're closed. AOGAERU: Go away. We're not open. FOREMAN: Go! Please, go. Leave us. FROG: There's no one here. YUBABA: Hmm. Something's fishySomething's fishy . That doesn't seem like a stink spirit to me. But we have no choice. Go greet him. Just give him a bath and get him out of here as fast as you can. FOREMAN: Everybody go back to your rooms. Back to your rooms. Don't worry about a thing. Everybody just be calm. ANIYAKU: Sen, Yubaba wants to see you. CHIHIRO: Yes, sir. YUBABA: Sen, don't mess this up. Take this guest to the big tub and take care of him. CHIHIRO: But-But, I... YUBABA: No buts, or I'll turn you into coal. You hear me? CHICHIYAKU: It's here. YUBABA: Hands down. You'll insult our guest.
YUBABA: Look about you, customer. Welcome to our baths. Oh, it's money. Sen, take the nice customer's money. CHIHIRO: Yes, ma'am. YUBABA: Don't make him wait. Get him to the bath. CHIHIRO: This way. FROG: Get out of my way! LIN: Sen! Our food! YUBABA: Open your windows, all of them! Quickly!
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