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Gold from guest

video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Yubaba, Chichiyaku, Chihiro, No-Face, Lin, Aogaeru, Haku, Foreman Quotes
YUBABA: Ahh, gold!Ahh, gold! ALL: Gold! CHICHIYAKU: Hey, wait! That's company property! Stop! YUBABA: Back off! Our guest is still hereOur guest is still here you idiots! Sen, you're in our guest's way. Step aside. CHIHIRO: Yes, ma'am. YUBABA: Open the main gates! Make way! YUBABA: Sen, you did great! We made so much money! That spirit is rich and powerfulThat spirit is rich and powerful. Everyone, learn from Sen. Sake's on the house tonight. But first, hand over all the gold you picked up. FROG: That's not fair! YUNA: How stingy! That's no fair! LIN: Here. I swiped a dumpling for you. CHIHIRO: Thank you. LIN: What a day. Mmm. CHIHIRO: Rin, have you seen Haku? LIN: Not Haku again. He just disappears sometimes. Rumor has it he runs around doing Yubaba's dirty work. CHIHIRO: Does he really? YUNA: Lights out, Rin. LIN: Fine. CHIHIRO: There's so much water. It looks like a seaIt looks like a sea. LIN: What'd you expect after all that rain? I've gotta get out of this place. Someday, I'm getting on that train. CHIHIRO: Mmm. LIN: What's wrong? AOGAERU: Ah! Hmm. Uh-uh. Huh? Ahh! NO-FACE: It's gold! AOGAERU: Huh? What do you think you're doing? You're not allowed in there. The bath's closed. Get out, you! Get out of there! Ooh! Oh! More gold! Are you... Are you...Are you giving them to me? Wait. You can make gold? NO-FACE: Ahh. AOGAERU: Uh, gimme! Ahh. ANIYAKU: What's going on in there? It's way past bedtime. Come on! Wh... NO-FACE: Hey, boss, up here. I'm hungry. Starving! And I want you to serve me. ANIYAKU: I know that voice. NO-FACE: Here, I'll pay you up front. And... I wanna take a bath too. Why don't you wake everyone up? CHIHIRO [dreaming]: Mom, Dad, I got a gift from the river spirit!I got a gift from the river spirit! Maybe if you eat it, it'll break the spell. Which ones are you? Mom, Dad! CHIHIRO: Bad dream. Rin? Where is everybody? CHIHIRO: Wow. It really is a sea. There's Mom and Dad's pigpen. I sure hope they're doing all right over there. Kamajii lit the boiler already? How long was I asleep? FOREMAN: Hurry up! CHICHIYAKU: Come on, he's starving! Can't you cook any faster? Serve everything you've got, even leftovers if you have to. Hurry up! He's starving! LIN: Hey, Sen. CHIHIRO: Oh, Rin. LIN: I was just coming to wake you up. Look. It's real gold. There's a new guest here who's loaded. He's giving gold away by the handfuls! NO-FACE: Just keep the food comingJust keep the food coming. I wanna eat everything! CHIHIRO: Hmm. Who is the guest? LIN: Oh, who cares? Come on, before Yubaba wakes up. CHIHIRO: I'm going to go look for Haku. LIN: Oh! Would you quit worrying about Haku? Come on, Sen. Let's go get some gold. YUNA: Come on, Rin! Let's go get some more! LIN: You bet! YUNA: Hey, wait for me! CHIHIRO: Where is Haku? He better get here before I forget what my parents look like. I sure hope Dad hasn't gotten too fat. Hmm? Haku? It's Haku! He's back! Are birds chasing him? Haku! Fight 'em! Come on! He's hurt! Haku, this way! Aah! Huh? It's just paper. Haku, you're bleeding. Hold still. Those paper things are gone now. You're going to be all right. He went in that top window. I've got to get there before he bleeds to death!
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