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video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Aniyaku, Foreman, Chihiro, No-Face, Yubaba, Boh Quotes
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ANIYAKU: Oh, hey, everybody, bow down. ALL: Welcome, rich man. Give me some dough! Give me some tips!Give me some tips! I'll do anything for you! Just give me some tips! FOREMAN: Hey, what are you doing? CHIHIRO: Going upstairs. FOREMAN: No, you're not. Huh? Aah! Blood! ANIYAKU: Get out of the way!Get out of the way! Our guest is coming through here! CHIHIRO: Thank you for helping me earlier. ANIYAKU: Don't talk to him, you stinking hum... NO-FACE: Hey! CHIHIRO: I don't want any, but thanks. I'm sorry, but I'm in a really big hurry. ANIYAKU: Hey, there! Hey! Get back! Get back now! FROG: Ow! ANIYAKU: Everybody, out! Oh, I'm terribly sorry, sir. You'll have to excuse the little girl. She's just a human. NO-FACE: Wipe that smile off your face. ANIYAKU: What? NO-FACE: You're still smiling. ANIYAKU: No, I'm not. CHIHIRO: Aah! Huh? It's Yubaba!It's Yubaba! YUBABA: We're in a big mess. I found out who our rich customer is. He's a No-Face! It's all your fault. You're so greedy. You attract terrible guests. All right, I'm on my way. Don't let him eat anyone else till I get down there. Haku is bleeding all over the carpet. Get him out of here. He'll be dead soon anyway. CHIHIRO: Ahh. YUBABA: Hi, sweetie. Hiding under the cushions again? Oh, I woke you, and you were sound asleep. I'm sorry. Let me give you a kiss. Go back to sleepGo back to sleep, now. CHIHIRO: Ow! Let go of me! Wow, you're a big baby. Would you mind letting go of me? I'm in a really big hurry. BOH: You came in here to make me sick. CHIHIRO: Huh? BOH: You're a bad germ from outside, aren't you? CHIHIRO: I'm not a germ, I'm a human. Now, would you please let go of me? BOH: You'll get sick if you go outside. So stay here and play with meSo stay here and play with me. CHIHIRO: You won't get sick. BOH: Yes, you will. That's why I've never left this room. CHIHIRO: Staying in this room is what'll make you sick. Listen, someone very important to me is terribly hurt. I've got to go right now, so please let go of me. BOH: If you go I'll cry, and Mama will hear me and Mama will come in here and kill you. Play with me, or I'll break your arm. CHIHIRO: That hurts! Please! I'll play with you later, okay? BOH: No, I wanna play now! CHIHIRO: Germs! I've got germs, see?
CHIHIRO: Haku! What are you doing? Get away! Get back! Haku, are you okay? Can you hear me? Shut your mouth! Haku! Get back! Stop it!
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