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The gold seal

video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Chihiro, Haku, Yubaba, Kamajii, Lin, Boh, Zeniba, Kashira, Sootballs Quotes
BOH: I'm not afraid of germs. If you don't play with me, I'll cry. CHIHIRO: Please don't cry. Just wait. BOH: Right now, or I'll start crying. CHIHIRO: Don't cry! Don't cry! ZENIBA: What a spoiled brat! Shut your big mouth! You're a bit of a porker, aren't you? Hmm. Still see-through. BOH: Mama? ZENIBA: You pea-brain. Can't you even tell me from your own mother? There, now. Your body matchesYour body matches your brain. Let's see. What else can we mess with? This is our little secret. You tell anyone else, and I'll rip your mouth out. CHIHIRO: Who are you? ZENIBA: Zeniba. I'm Yubaba's twin sister. It was nice of you to lead me straight to this dragon's hiding place. Now, hand him over to me. CHIHIRO: What do you want with Haku? He's badly hurt. ZENIBA: Too bad. He stole my solid gold sealHe stole my solid gold seal. It's magic and powerful, and I want it back! CHIHIRO: Haku wouldn't steal. He's a good person. ZENIBA: Huh! Do you know why he became my sister's apprentice? To steal her magic secrets, and now he's stolen my magic too. He's a greedy little thief. There's nothing good about him. Step aside little girlStep aside little girl. I'm going to take my seal back from him. There's a spell on the seal, and anyone who steals it will die. CHIHIRO: No, you can't! ZENIBA: You idiots! What's your problem? Keep quiet. I don't want my sister coming up here. Ow. A paper cut. CHIHIRO: Haku, we're falling! Haku! KAMAJII: What's going on here? Sen, be careful! Stay back! CHIHIRO: Haku! Are you okay? Haku! What's wrong with you? KAMAJII: This looks serious. CHIHIRO: Haku, don't give up! What do we do? Is he dying? KAMAJII: It looks like he's bleeding from the inside. CHIHIRO: From the inside? KAMAJII: I think so. Maybe he swallowed something. CHIHIRO: Haku, I got this gift from the river spirit. Eat it. Maybe it'll help. Come on! Open your mouth! Please, Haku! Eat it! See? It's okay. KAMAJII: Medicine from the river spirit. CHIHIRO: Open your mouthOpen your mouth. That's it. Got it. Now swallow. KAMAJII: Sen, look there! CHIHIRO: The gold seal! KAMAJII: Get that black slug! Over there! Get it! Get it! Get it! You killed it? Those things are bad luck. Hurry, before it rubs off on you! Put your thumbs and forefingers together. Evil, be gone! CHIHIRO: Haku stole this seal from Yubaba's sister. KAMAJII: Zaneba's solid gold monogrammed seal. That's as powerful as it gets. CHIHIRO: Look! He's changed back. Help me. What do we do? Haku! Haku, wake up! Zaneba put a curse on the seal. KAMAJII: That's strong magic. It's made him gravely ill. That should make him more comfortable. Poor Haku. He's had it hard ever since he got here. He just showed up out of nowhere, just like you did. But he got mixed up with Yubaba. He took a job as her apprentice. I warned him it was too dangerous. "Just quit. Go back home, "I told him. But he said for some reason he had no home to return to. Once Yubaba got control over him his face turned pale and his eyes turned steely. He's never been the same. CHIHIRO: Kamajii, what if I take the gold seal back to Zaneba? I could give back the seal and apologize to her for Haku. Can you tell me where Zaneba lives?Can you tell me where Zaneba lives? KAMAJII: You'd go to Zaneba's? It might help, but she's one dangerous witch. CHIHIRO: Please? Haku helped me before. Now I wanna help him. KAMAJII: Hmm. I know how you can get there, but you'll have to get back on your own. Wait here. Let's see, now. I know it's around here somewhere. CHIHIRO: Everyone, I need my shoes and clothes, please. I guess my parents will have to wait. LIN: Sen! I've looked everywhere for you. CHIHIRO: Rin! LIN: There's blood everywhere. What's going on here? Who are those guys? CHIHIRO: I picked up some new friendsI picked up some new friends. See? LIN: Everyone's looking for you. Yubaba is furious. CHIHIRO: Huh? LIN: The guy with all the gold turned out to be a monster called "No-Face." And he says that you let him into the bathhouse. CHIHIRO: I did let him in. LIN: Are you serious? CHIHIRO: Yeah. I thought he was a customer. LIN: What? He's a monster. He's already swallowed three people. KAMAJII: Found it! Here it is, Sen. LIN: Hey, we're busy, boiler man. KAMAJII: You can use this. LIN: You've got train tickets?You've got train tickets? Uh, how did you get a hold of them?
KAMAJII: I've been saving them for 40 years. Now, listen carefullylisten carefully. The train stop you want is called Swamp Bottom.
CHIHIRO: Swamp Bottom?
KAMAJII: That's where Zaneba lives. The sixth stop.
CHIHIRO: Sixth stop.
KAMAJII: Make sure you get it right. The train used to run in both directions but these days it's a one-way ride. Still want to go? CHIHIRO: Yep. I'll walk back along the tracks.
LIN: Sen, what about No-Face? CHIHIRO: I'll take care of that now. Haku, I'll be back soon. Just hold on. LIN: What's going on?
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