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Get my baby back

video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Yubaba, Aogaeru, Aniyaku, Haku, Chichiyaku, Boh, Zeniba, Chihiro Quotes
YUBABA: This gold doesn't even come close to covering the damage that stupid No-Face caused. Sen didn't get nearly enough. She'll have to be punished. AOGAERU: Madam you seeMadam you see, Sen was the one that saved us from No-Face. ANIYAKU: Yes, yes. YUBABA: So what? This whole mess is her fault. And now she's run away from here. She's even abandoned her own parents! Those pigs must be ready to eat by now. Turn them into bacon. HAKU: Wait a minute. ANIYAKU: Huh? AOGAERU: Master Haku? YUBABA: You're still alive? What is it you want? HAKU: You still haven't noticed that something precious to you has been replacedsomething precious to you has been replaced. YUBABA: Don't get fresh with me, young man. Since when do you talk that way to your master? CHICHIYAKU: Huh. YUBABA: My baby! No! My baby! AOGAERU: It's just dirt. YUBABA: Where's my baby? Where are you, sweetie? Come out! Please, come out! Where are you? Sweetie! Sweetie pie! You! Where is he? What did you do with my baby? HAKU: He's with your sister.
YUBABA: Zeneba? Uh! Very clever, Haku. I get it. You'll get my baby back for me, but at a priceYou'll get my baby back for me, but at a price. So, what do you want?
HAKU: Tear up Sen's contract. And then I want you to return Sen and her mother and father back to the human world.
YUBABA: Fine, but on one condition. I get to give Sen one final test.
CHIHIRO: I hope this is the right stop. Let's go. You can ride on my shoulder if you're tired.
BOH: Hmm?
ZENIBA: Come in.

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