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watch video from Thumbelina (1994) movie, song lyrics by Bruce Sussman and Jack Feldman, music by Barry Manilow, performed by Jodi Benson (Thumbelina), and Farm Animals Lyrics with pictures GOOSE: Who is the girl no bigger than a bumblebeeWho is the girl no bigger than a bumblebee? GOAT: Who is the angel with a funny nameWho is the angel with a funny name? COW: We don't know where she's from or how she came to be ALL: But happy was the day she came CHICKENS: Thumbelina! She's a funny little squirtThumbelina! She's a funny little squirt. CHICKENS: Thumbelina! Tiny angel in a skirt CHICKENS: Thumbelina First she's mending, then baking Pretending, she's making things up Thumbelina THUMBELINA: Who would believe the wonder of the world I see? / Each little minute brings a new surprise / There's only one peculiar thing that bothers me / Seems I'm the only one my sizeSeems I'm the only one my size ALL: Thumbelina GOAT: Think of all you'll save on meals ALL: Thumbelina GOOSE: Maybe if you had high heels ALL: Thumbelina! / If you stay here forever / We know that we'll never be glum GOAT: By gum ALL: Thumbelina! / She is always in the thick ALL: Thumbelina, THUMBELINA: But I get out in the nick ALL: Thumbelina / Fortune sometimes / Has tricked us / But this time it's picked us THUMBELINA: Oh, a plum's so big ALL: A plum THUMBELINA: And a fig's so big / And they call it a twig / But a twig's so big ALL: It's a great big world / Thumbelina! THUMBELINA: That's me! NOTE: To watch the pictures in high resolution, click on them

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