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Lester's Possum Park A Goofy Movie

video song from A Goofy Movie (1995) written by Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn, performed by Kevin Quinn (Lester) and Chorus Lyrics with pictures LESTER: Oh, howdy there, folks. Lester's is proud to present the awesome possum jamboree. Here it is. GOOFY: Oh, boy. Just in time. LESTER: Howdy, folks. Who's your favourite possumWho's your favourite possum?
GOOFY: Got us a seat right up front.
LESTER: Let me introduce you to the posse. Here's Beuford, Beulah and MordachaiHere's Beuford, Beulah and Mordachai.
Hey, Lester. Ready for yodelin'? Sure am, Beuford.
Now gather round my possum pals
Join the jamboree, come hoot and howl and holler from the heart.
MAX GOOF: This is pathetic.
LESTER: Join in, folks, it's yodelin' time, Lester's Possum ParkJoin in, folks, it's yodelin' time, Lester's Possum Park

Don't you wanna be, mm-hmm
A-hangin' from a tree, uh-huh
We're mighty glad to see ya
And the parking's always free
Here at Lester's
Po-Po-Po-Possum Park

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