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Aladdin and the King of Thieves - A little late for the wedding

Full quotes and pictures MYSTERIOUS MERCHANT: In all my years, never have I seen the streets so full of bustle and hustle and assorted commotion. RAZOUL: Our princess is to wed. MYSTERIOUS MERCHANT: Ohh, wonderful! And who's the lucky prince? RAZOUL: Not a prince at all. Just a no-account street rat! GENIE: No way! Try it phonetically. It's Aladdin! Aw! Some of you don't believe. In colour!

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GENIE: Hello. Somebody's gonna be late for his own weddingSomebody's gonna be late for his own wedding! ALADDIN: Hold on, Genie. There's something I need. GENIE: I gotcha. It's a bachelor party, big boy! None for you. You're the designated flyer. ALADDIN: No. This is for the wedding. GENIE: Well, that's, that's a nice dagger. Interesting nuptial accessory. It's a bit sharp. ALADDIN: It belonged to my father. GENIE: Your father? You never said a word about your father. Oh, I've got to let the caterer know! Chicken or sea bass? ALADDIN: He's not coming to the wedding. He died a long time ago. GENIE: Sorry. ALADDIN: That's okay. I never knew him. Maybe if I did, I'd feel ready for this. GENIE: Al, are you getting cold feet? ALADDIN: No, Genie. It's just that... I've always been a street rat, stealin' what I need to survive, runnin' from the guards, ABU THE MONKEY: Uh-huh. ALADDIN: Livin' my life alone. ABU THE MONKEY: Ohh. ALADDIN: I'm takin' a big step today into a new world. GENIE: Today's topic: fears of the future family man. Al from Agrabah, share with usToday's topic: fears of the future family man. Aladdin from Agrabah, share with us. ALADDIN: I never had a father to show me how to raise a family. GENIE: No role model get a little deeperNo role model get a little deeper. ALADDIN: What do I know about families? Genie, what if I'm no good at it? Ah, if my father were here... GENIE: Al, little buddy, if your father were here, he'd be as proud of you as I am. ALADDIN: I just wish he could see this. GENIE: A party goin' on now! Gotta party! Gotta party! Help me! I can't stop myself! Somebody rub the lamp! Somebody rub the lamp! Ah, you know I feel it! That's enough. SA'LUK: Why do you walk in the open while I suffocate like an animal? CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: Someone has to keep a cool head, Sa'luk. SA'LUK: Someone will have no head if this is another wild goose chase. CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: The oracle is the real thing. This time I'm sure. GENIE: Hello, and welcome to Lifestyles of the Rich and Magical. That's right. We're taking you to the marriage of the millennium. And who's this coming on the lovely stretch camel? Oh, it's Cleopatra and Caesar, and they're bringing a salad. How wonderful! Oh, look, there's Osiris. Oh, Osiris! Osiris, can we have a word with you? Oh, no, the crowd is parting. Who's coming? It's Moses! And your name is? THOR: I'm Thor. GENIE: You're Thor? THOR: Well, it hurts. GENIE: Once again, this whole broadcast has been brought to you by sand! It's everywhere. Get used to it. ABU THE MONKEY: Come on. Come on. IAGO THE PARROT: I can see fine from back here. ABU THE MONKEY: It's Aladdin. IAGO THE PARROT: Look, there's one thing I get sentimental about... and I'm sittin' on it. ABU THE MONKEY: Huh? IAGO THE PARROT: The loot, monkey. The loot. GENIE: Bad news, Al. The boutonnieres clash with the cummerbunds. ALADDIN: Genie, isn't it a little late for that? GENIE: What? What are you trying to say? Out with it! What? What? They're here. Oh, no! I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. WEDDING GUESTS: Your Majesty. Your Highness. Your Majesty.
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