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Aladdin's father, the King of Thieves look for The Magic Oracle

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Full quotes and pictures SULTAN OF AGRABAH: Don't look so solemn, boy. This is a happy day. GENIE: Oh, look. It's a Kodiak moment. Put that bear outta here. SULTAN OF AGRABAH: Ohh! Hmm. ALADDIN: Wow! GENIE: Oh, yeah! SULTAN OF AGRABAH: I never thought this day would come. Now I'm afraid that it has come all too soon. PRINCESS JASMINE: Oh, Father. CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: You distract the guards. SA'LUK: Part of your plan? CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: A large part. It's time. GENIE: It's all so magical. I'm not gonna cry. I'm not. Oh, sorry. ALADDIN: Well, we're here. PRINCESS JASMINE: Together forever. SA'LUK: Let me be the point man.

GENIE: I thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon. SULTAN OF AGRABAH: Whoa! Oh, my word! GENIE: Stampede! IAGO THE PARROT: What is going on here? GENIE: Come here, monkey boy! You were almost Dumbo toe jam.Come here, monkey boy! You were almost Dumbo toe jam. Oh, they trampled the carpet! That's a little redundant. So this isn't a bad day for you, really, is it? GUARD: It is an attack. RAZOUL: Not in this palace! GENIE: I think we're gonna have a little problem with leaks. CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: It must be here somewhere. IAGO THE PARROT: Meet your match, Zorro! CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: Good birdie. Polly want a little... IAGO THE PARROT: Say "cracker" and I'll let you have it on principle! CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: You have a lot of spirit. IAGO THE PARROT: Ow! Ow! Ow! CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: And a lot of mouth. GUARD: They fight like demons. GUARD: Worse than demons. These are the Forty Thieves. GENIE: Really? I get 39. ALADDIN: Forty. CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: Where is it? Ah, at last. ALADDIN: Can I see your invitation? CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: Stay out of my way, boy, and you won't get hurt! Fool! You don't stand a chance against the King of ThievesYou don't stand a chance against the King of Thieves! ALADDIN: When I get up, I'll bow to you! Mmm. THIEF: Huh? Ohh! PRINCESS JASMINE: That was for ruining my wedding. THIEVES: Huh? Aah! GENIE: I guess there's really no point to this now. Freeze, sandbags! Don't make me use the other endDon't make me use the other end! Mama always said, "Magic is as magic does." SA'LUK: Cassim said nothing about facing the powers of a genie. Get the others out of here. We'll leave the "king" to his plans. ALADDIN: Where's the King of Thieves? CASSIM THE KING OF THIEVES: I'll see you again, boy. GENIE: Ooh! This is not my fault. This was not built to code. IAGO THE PARROT: Good luck gettin' back the catering deposit. SULTAN OF AGRABAH: Oh, my! GENIE: Fear not, father of the bride. We can rebuild! SULTAN OF AGRABAH: Oh, please do. We can't have a wedding without a pavilion. GENIE: All right, a wedding pavilion it is, my man. Hey, I wanna see some resumes on these guys. And don't let the one with the beak near any power tool. SULTAN OF AGRABAH: Uh, yes, yes, Genie, whatever it takes. I am sorry about all this, Jasmine. Daughter? PRINCESS JASMINE: What were they after, the gifts? ALADDIN: Not all the gifts. This is what the King of Thieves wanted. IAGO THE PARROT: With all the other great stuff, why go for this thing? THE MAGIC ORACLE: Your question is mine to answer. The King of Thieves sought my sight to find the ultimate treasure. IAGO THE PARROT: Did someone say "treasure"? ALADDIN: Genie? GENIE: Oh, it looks like an oracle. THE MAGIC ORACLE: I see all that has been and all that will be. GENIE: Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Definitely an oracle. Tells the future. Uh-oh. Girlfriend, where were you registered? IAGO THE PARROT: Okay, you know all, so tell all. Where is the treasure? You know, the ultimate one? THE MAGIC ORACLE: I am bound by the rule of one. One question, one answerTHE MAGIC ORACLE: I am bound by the rule of one. One question, one answer.
IAGO THE PARROT: I only want one answer! Where is the ultimate treasure?
THE MAGIC ORACLE: You have already asked your one question.
IAGO THE PARROT: You mean before?
Oh, that wasn't a question.
That was, uh, thinkin' out loud.
GENIE: Very loud.

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