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Bambi | 4 | In the winter

THUMPER: Hiya, Bambi. Watch what I can do. Come on. It's all right. Look. The water's stiff. Some fun, huh, Bambi? Come on, get up. Like this. Kinda wobbly, aren't you? Got to watch both ends at the same time. Guess you better unwind it. Wake up. Wake up, Flower.

FLOWER: Is it spring yet? BAMBI: No. Winter's just started. THUMPER: What you doing? Hibernating? BAMBI: What do you want to do that for? FLOWER: All us flowers sleep in the winter. Well, good night. BAMBI: Winter sure is long, isn't it? BAMBI'S MOTHER: It seems long. But it won't last forever. BAMBI: I'm awful hungry, Mother. BAMBI'S MOTHER: Yes, I know. Bambi, come here. Look. New spring grass. Bambi. Quick. The thicket. Faster. Faster, Bambi. Don't look back. Keep running. Keep running. BAMBI: We made it. We made it, Mother. We... Mother. Mother, where are you? GREAT PRINCE OF THE FOREST: Your mother can't be with you anymore. Come. My son.
Bambi movie 4 picture - Watch what I can doWatch what I can do   Got to watch both ends at the same timeGot to watch both ends at the same time   Winter's just startedWinter's just started   Wake up, FlowerWake up, Flower
Winter sure is long, isn't it?Winter sure is long, isn't it?   I'm awful hungryI'm awful hungry
Bambi, don't look backBambi, don't look back   Mother, where are you?Mother, where are you?