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PUNCH BOWL: Highly irregular. Old chap. I've never heard of such nonsense.
LUMIERE: I beg your assistance.
PUNCH BOWL: I have a post to man. Sir. Can't just abandon it for some, some frivolity! Goes against everything in the book. Don't you know?
BELLE: Sir. This is for a higher cause and this time the book is the book of love.

PUNCH BOWL: Oh. Heavens. Sentimental hogwash.

LUMIERE: So it shall be. I only thought that this might serve as a grand last gesture on your part seeing as how the master is looking to downsize his collection of silver.

BELLE: Lumiere.
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LUMIERE: It's something I heardIt's something I heard. I know people in cutlery. PUNCH BOWL: How's that again? Mothballing the fleet. You say? LUMIERE: It's true. I have certain connections. Perhaps certain strings might be pulled. PUNCH BOWL: Oh. I am at your service. Sir! LUMIERE: Magnifique. Now. What we must do is. COGSWORTH: Lumiere! What's all this dilly-dallying and why hasn't the master's. oh. FIFI: Hello! COGSWORTH: Why hasn't the ma. hmm? FIFI: Mr. Cogsworth. LUMIERE: Her again. Pretend you do not see. FIFI: I have been looking all over for you. You big hunk of clock. You. COGSWORTH: Have you? I mean, ahem, you have? Uh. But why. Young woman? FIFI: Because you are so. So. So. COGSWORTH: I'm so-so? FIFI: Oh. No. Heh. You are magnifique. Oh. So. Uh. How you say. Full of life. Heh heh. The fashions. They come. The fashions. They go. LUMIERE: Shh. We must ignore her. FIFI: But you. Mon cher. Are always up to the minute. No? Heh heh heh heh. COGSWORTH: Well. Yes. I do. It's true. I try to keep up with the timesI try to keep up with the times. BELLE: This is getting embarrassing. We should leave. FIFI: So in control. So in charge and yet also with the devilish sense of humor. What is your secret? COGSWORTH: Well. The. The secret of my comedy. Madame. Is. Timing. Ha ha ha. Clock humor. BELLE: What is Fifi trying to do? LUMIERE: She's probably just trying to get out of her duties. Let's go now. COGSWORTH: Well. Then, ahem, this is all very interesting. Madame, I assure you. But I really must insist. FIFI: Oh! He is impossible! COGSWORTH: That you return to your duties this minute. Well. Yes. Much better. LUMIERE: Hold still. My friend. Just a bit more. PUNCH BOWL: Really. This is quite unusual. I can assure you. It's not found in the code anywhere. LUMIERE: It's almost done. Only one more minor adjustmentOnly one more minor adjustment. Trust me. You will not feel a thing. BELLE: Tomorrow night. Lumiere shall proclaim his love as he's never done before. Oh. Doesn't it sound romantic. Sultan? SULTAN: Arf! Arf! LUMIERE: Ah. Yes. It shall be a night to remember, a night of nights. The most perfect and most romantic of all rights ever. BELLE: Think of it. Sultan. If you help us with this you shall be part of historyyou shall be part of history. LUMIERE: No longer will you be treated like a footrest even though you are a footrest. BELLE: Oh. Thank you. Sultan. You don't know how happy this makes us. FIFI: And so. She has triumphed. Eh? And this flirt not only steals my love she steals him on the most important of all nights! The night which should have been mine! If I cannot have that joy, no one shall. Yes. Oui. That's it. Carefully. Now. Don't cut all the way through. Yes. Perfect. Now I have done all I can doNow I have done all I can do. There is nothing left for me here. BELLE: Fifi. Where are you going? FIFI: Oh. Nowhere. Heh! Vixen. BELLE: I beg your pardon? FIFI: Oh. Nothing. Backstabber. LUMIERE: Ah. There you are. My love. FIFI: Lumiere. LUMIERE: Are you ready? FIFI: For what? LUMIERE: For the wonderful evening I have planned for the two of us. FIFI: Uh. Um. Uh. Which two? LUMIERE: You and me. Of course. FIFI: Heh. Oh. LUMIERE: It's our anniversary. FIFI: Is it? Why. Uh. I'd totally forgotten. LUMIERE: Shall we begin? FIFI: Oh. Lumiere. MRS. POTTS: This'll be a night to rememberThis'll be a night to remember. BELLE: It sure will. LUMIERE: Look at my nervous little dear fluttery as a sparrow. FIFI: You've always done that to me. Heh. Oh! LUMIERE: Snow is on the ground a frigid winter chill is in the air and still my sweet feels warm. FIFI: You set my very heart aflame. Heh. Ahh. LUMIERE: Relax. My love. Everything will be all right. FIFI: Yes. I believe it will. Ah. Lumiere. What a fool I've been. LUMIERE: But a fool for love. And there is no better kind. And now. My Fifi. There is something I wish to tell youThere is something I wish to tell you. FIFI: Yes. Lumiere? LUMIERE: On this most perfect of evenings, this. Uh. This wonderful night with you and me and the moon and the sleigh. FIFI: Ohh! LUMIERE: And the, the, and the moon. Did I say the moon? FIFI: Oh! LUMIERE: And Sultan? Where is Sultan? Who's driving this thing? PUNCH BOWL: I was rather hoping you'd know the answer to that. Old chap. LUMIERE: You must stop us at once! PUNCH BOWL: Well. Sir. I was designed to serve punch not ferry people about in the snow. Rather new to this. You know! FIFI: Oh. My brave one! What shall we do? LUMIERE: There is only one thing to do. We must scream like bloodless cowardsWe must scream like bloodless cowards. Help! Help! FIFI: Aah! BELLE: Listen. It sounds like Lumiere calling for help. MRS. POTTS: I believe it is. Hmm. Fancy that. I shouldn't think he'd need help. BELLE: But. Mrs. Potts. He's in trouble. They're all in trouble. Come quickly! PUNCH BOWL: Not that way. Mon ami! Any way but that way! I say. This isn't likely to end well at all. Is it? LUMIERE: Lean to the left. My love. MRS. POTTS: Oh. My word! That doesn't look safe at all. FIFI: What shall we do now? LUMIERE: Now? I believe we shall perish. BELLE: Fifi. Lumiere! Hold on. Lumiere! LUMIERE: Considering the option I have no intention of doing otherwise. FIFI: Lumiere. Save us! LUMIERE: I would if I could! FIFI: Aah! Lumiere! LUMIERE: Don't let go. My love! BELLE: I have an idea. FIFI: Oh! This is all my fault. If only I had trusted you. You must know I love you from the very bottom of my heart. Mon cher. LUMIERE: Yes. And l. FIFI: Yes? LUMIERE: L. FIFI: I'm listening! LUMIERE: I. FIFI: I am not going anywhere! BELLE: Get a tight hold and don't let go. LUMIERE: One moment. If you will. I l. oh!. oh. No! Oh. My. no. No. No! Well. The words, they escape me. FIFI: Tell me. Lumiere! LUMIERE: You, you are my one. My only. Uh, you are heaven-sent. A beautiful angel. Oh. Fifi. Plainly and simply. I love you. FIFI: You do? LUMIERE: I do. BELLE: Oh. I'm so glad you're safe. LUMIERE: I'm afraid our anniversary was far from perfect. FIFI: It has been an evening I shall never forget. MRS. POTTS: Do you suppose things will be all right now? I mean. She seems happy.

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