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COGSWORTH: Then. For the last repeat. Descend in half steps still playing pizzicato. To E-sharp ending with a flourish on the harp.

LEPLUME: We don't have a harp.

COGSWORTH: Well. Flourish on the tuba. Then. Now. For my fifth movement

BELLE: Get those roses to the parlor before Mrs. Potts sees you. She's up and about now.

COGSWORTH. Ah. But it's too late. She's coming. Hide. Hide. If she sees those you'll have to take them to the master.

BELLE: Why would he have to do that?
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COGSWORTH: It's a long storyIt's a long story. MRS. POTTS: Hello. Everyone. COGSWORTH: Good day. Mrs. Potts. BELLE: Sorry the weather hasn't changed. MRS. POTTS: I'm trying to keep me chin up. But. Is that a rose? BELLE: Indeed. MRS. POTTS: Why. There's another and another. Lumiere. What are you doing with all those flowers? LUMIERE: W-what do you think I'm doing? MRS. POTTS: More flowers for the master? LUMIERE: Why. Uh. Yes. MRS. POTTS: Oh. I hope that'll make him happy. COGSWORTH: Yes. And thanks very much for your. Ha ha. Help. Mrs. Potts. MRS. POTTS: Oh. You're most welcome. I'm glad to be able to do something to help around here. Come along. Chip. Time for your bath. BELLE: Someone want to explain to me what's going on? COGSWORTH: He started it. LUMIERE: He started it. BELLE: Oh! COGSWORTH: Roses were too obvious a choice. LUMIERE: Roses say. 'I love you' in a way lilies can only dream ofRoses say. "I love you" in a way lilies can only dream of. BELLE: Well. Because of your bickering. Mrs. Potts won't have either. Oh. I can only imagine what he's going to think. COGSWORTH: Because my music is superior. Lumiere's has no sense of time! LUMIERE: And yours. My friend. Has no emotion. BELLE: All the more reason you two should work together. You each have something to offer the other. LUMIERE: Yes. For example. I have talent. COGSWORTH: Keep it. I wouldn't want to take the little that you have. BELLE: I have heard enough. This party isn't about either of you. It's about our dear friend Mrs. Potts and fighting isn't going to make her feel any betterfighting isn't going to make her feel any better. COGSWORTH: And here.As the cake enters the parlor it builds majestically. LUMIERE: Perhaps I could offer a slight suggestion with the melody. COGSWORTH: Witherspoon! Our weather prediction. LUMIERE: Aha! COGSWORTH: No. Wait! No! Not the music! Oh. Ro! My masterpiece! That was deliberate! LUMIERE: No. I swear! Cross my heart and hope to melt. COGSWORTH: You'll be sorry for this! LUMIERE: But it was an accident. Aah! CHEF BOUCHE: Enough! Now the devil's food. BELLE: My. You all look so efficient. CHEF BOUCHE: Chef Bouche has things under control. Soon the batters will be ready to bake. Warm the oven. BELLE: I'm so glad to see you all working together. Keep it up. COGSWORTH: Tres. We both wanted this cake to be angel's food. Right? TRES: Oh. But yes! A heavenly taste for a heavenly creature. COGSWORTH: Yes. But we compromised for Lumiere and Chaud. Thus. The unfortunate devil's food layer. But what if the angel's food half were larger than the devil's foodBut what if the angel's food half were larger than the devil's food? CHAUD: What? You want to make our side of the cake larger? LUMIERE: Shh. Yes. Think how grand it would be especially next to that bland angel food catastrophe Cogsworth and Tres forced upon us. CHAUD: Tres may be my husband. But he has no taste. LUMIERE: I couldn't agree more. All I'm saying is. Add a few extra eggs. COGSWORTH: Some baking soda. Hmm? Little yeast. Perhaps. TRES: Ahh! It would be huge! BELLE: Have you seen Mrs. Potts? WARDROBE: The coast is clear. Dearie. BELLE: I've got a problem, the flowers. Somehow they ended up with the beast in his room. WARDROBE: Oh. Dear me! No telling how the master will react... though I'm sure you've noticed things he doesn't understand have a tendency to enrage him. BELLE: That's the last thing Mrs. Potts needs right now. WARDROBE: Goodness. Child! You look like you've just seen a ghostYou look like you've just seen a ghost. or a beast. Ha ha. BELLE: That was foolish. I almost woke him. WARDROBE: Well. Did you get the flowers? BELLE: Almost. WARDROBE: Oh! Dear! BELLE: Well. Maybe we won't have any flowers for the party, but I'm sure Chef Bouche's cake will turn out beautifully. WARDROBE: Hope springs eternal. Heh heh. CHEF BOUCHE: Help. Someore! The cake, she has gore terribly wrong! TRES: Oh. No! I think I overdid it! CHAUD: I think I overdid it. Too! TRES: You mean... CHAUD: Uh-oh. TRES: Typical. The left hand has no idea what the right hand is doingThe left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. Help! Someone. Help! CHAUD: Cogsworth. Lumiere. Hurry! Hurry! TRES: It won't budge. CHAUD: Pull harder! TRES: Look out! MRS. POTTS: What on earth happened? CHEF BOUCHE: Chef Bouche's cake was destroyed by saboteurs! BELLE: Why am I not surprised? LUMIERE: It's all his fault! He and Tres ruined my exquisite cake with the blasphemous angel's food. COGSWORTH: After you and Chaud destroyed my masterpiece by insisting on that infernal devil's food. CHEF BOUCHE: That is it! There shall be no cake! CHIP: What? No cake for mama's party? MRS. POTTS: What? CHIP: Oops. BELLE: We wanted to cheer you up. But... MRS. POTTS: I'm afraid this doesn't cheer me up one bit. If anything. I feel worse. BELLE: Here. Let's get you by a fire. CHIP: But, but what about the party? BELLE: I'm afraid there won't be one. Chip. CHIP: I don't understand. Why no party? BELLE: I'm the one responsible. I'm so. So sorry. MRS. POTTS: Don't fret. Dear. Your intentions were good. It just pains me to see such fighting among those so dear to meIt just pains me to see such fighting among those so dear to me. BELLE: I know. Please try not to think about it now. Try to relax. MRS. POTTS: I hope you're not too disappointed. Chip, but a party should be a happy occasion not one that turns friends against each other. CHIP: I understand. LUMIERE: Once again. We've made fools of ourselves. COGSWORTH: And disappointed a good friend. TRES: We must show Belle we can do it. CHAUD: We must show her that we can throw a party without arguing. EGG BEATER: Or blowing anything up. Ha ha ha. COGSWORTH: Perhaps. If we give our most sincere apologies to Chef Bouche, he might bake us another cake. TRES: It's worth a try. CHAUD: Even he can't stay mad forever. LUMIERE: Then it is settled. The party must go on! MRS. POTTS: What in heaven's name? CHIP: Surprise! MRS. POTTS: Oh. My! LUMIERE: Mesdames et messieurs, it is a pleasure for me to stand before you with my good friend and colleague in honor of this great lady. COGSWORTH: Mrs. Potts has given us the most important gift anyone can offer: true friendship. BELLE: We want you to know how much we all love you. Mrs. Potts. MRS. POTTS: I'm speechless! LUMIERE: Your good cheer is priceless. COGSWORTH: Timeless. Too. Heh. We're lost without you. MRS. POTTS: Thank you. Thank you all. And this is so wonderful. All the more so because you did it together. ALL: Look! COGSWORTH: Look how beautiful. MRS. POTTS: The sun. BELLE: That should cheer you up. MRS. POTTS: Oh. But you already have. Each and every one of you.

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