Broken Wing 2

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BELLE: Rest is what you need.
BEAST: What's keeping you?
BELLE: Oh. Yes. Heh. I forgot all about you.
BEAST: You forgot?
BELLE: Well. I. You see. I. Uh! The truth is. I found a bird today. And...

BEAST: You found a what?
BELLE: It's a bird. He was wounded.
BEAST: That makes no difference. There are no such creatures allowed in my castle. You will get rid of it immediately.
BELLE: I'll do nothing of the sort.
BEAST: You won't? Well. Of course. You...

BELLE: He needs me. I'm taking care of him. I bathed him. Bandaged him. Fed him. And...
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BEAST: You were supposed to eat with me. BELLE: He's had a serious injury. He needs my attention. BEAST: I want that bird out of my castleI want that bird out of my castle now! Come back here! Somebody catch that thing. COGSWORTH: Yes. Of course. Uh. Catching. Sir. BEAST: Get out! COGSWORTH: I'm getting it. No. To your left. No. No. No. Move away. Over there. Let me reach. I can't quite grab it. BEAST: Uhh! BELLE: Leave him alone! Oh. No! MRS. POTTS: Is he all right? BELLE: I think so. Please, please. Wake up. COGSWORTH: Oh. Let's don't gather too qu. Master. BEAST: That's beautiful. BELLE: Heh. I was trying to tell you. BEAST: Such a wonderful sound. The bird must never leave the castleThe bird must never leave the castle. I'll keep him in a cage in the parlor. BELLE: But he'll be well soon. BEAST: He's no longer your concern. BELLE: You can't keep him in a cage. He needs to be free. BEAST: He is free to sing for me. BELLE: I won't let you! BEAST: It is not your place to talk that way to me. The bird is mine. I've spoken. And there's no more to be said. I'll be taking lunch in the parlor. BELLE: He can't do this. MRS. POTTS: Don't lose hope, love. Once you've lost that. You've lost everything. COGSWORTH: Our luncheon is to be rescheduled for 1:00 in the. That's it. If you two cannot cut the mustard your services will not be required. LUMIERE: Oh. Cogsworth. They're only young children. A couple of. Uh. Cutups. COGSWORTH: I do not seek your adviceI do not seek your advice. To the silver drawer with the both of you. You are not castle caliber. Perhaps you'd like to join them? From now on. This is how things shall be for I. And I alone. Am in charge. BEAST: What's the matter with you? Why don't you sing? COGSWORTH: Look lively. Now. That's it. BEAST: I don't have all day. Now sing. COGSWORTH: Perhaps, ahem, if you sang. Sir. The bird might sing. Too. BEAST: Hmm. Yes. That's a good idea. You do it. COGSWORTH: You're jo... uh. Me? But I. I'm tone-deaf. I know absolutely nothing about music except. Obviously. How to keep time. BEAST: Sing. COGSWORTH: Yes. Singing. BEAST: That's, that's terrible. Enough. Enough! Go get Belle! COGSWORTH: Your wish is my command. Whatever your heart desires. I will always. BEAST: Go! COGSWORTH: I'm gone. BEAST: You're never gonna sing for me. Are youYou're never gonna sing for me. Are you? COGSWORTH: The master requests your presence in the parlor immediately. If not sooner. BELLE: I'm busy. COGSWORTH: You are? Well. Be that as it may. Madame and I doubt if it is. You are to come with me at this moment. BELLE: Oh. Very well. BEAST: Why won't you sing for me?! You're staying in my castle. The least you could do is sing! BELLE: Why do you yell at the poor thing as if you own him? BEAST: I command him to sing. Why won't he? BELLE: Because he isn't happy. Do you think you'd sing if you were in a cageDo you think you'd sing if you were in a cage? BEAST: He must obey me! BELLE: Why don't you let him out? BEAST: He'd get away. BELLE: Would you blame him? I would. Too. If. If only you'd treat him with respect. He'll be happy. If he's happy. He'll sing. BEAST: No! This bird shall sing for my pleasure and mine alone. It is my order. BELLE: Your orders. Sir. Are words and words alone. They have no meaning to the bird. Or me! BEAST: How dare she speak to me like that? MRS. POTTS: Oh! I can hardly see the spout in front of me face. My word, Dearie. What's become of your flame? LUMIERE: No light from me can brighten the black darkness which has befallen our castle. BELLE: Do you think you'd sing if you were in a cage? BEAST: The time has come. We must see if you've healed. All right. Then. You must go freeYou must go free. COGSWORTH: Quiet! Hush! Stop that now! Uh. Perhaps master should keep a tighter grip on the creature. Lest he fly off into the castle. BEAST: That isn't necessary. COGSWORTH: Ah. Knocked the fight right out of him. Eh. Have you? Ha ha. BEAST: No. He stays because he trusts me. Heh. Isn't it amazing? Come. Watch. Go on. Now. Fly. COGSWORTH: Oh. My heavens. No. BEAST: I must save him. COGSWORTH: Master! Uhh! I wonder. If you, heh, have the time. Might you be able to save us as well? BEAST: In a minute. Cogsworth. COGSWORTH: Oh. No. No, no problem. Really. I wasn't going anywhere I hope. BELLE: Mrs. Potts! BEAST: Hold on! COGSWORTH: I have no intention of disobeying. Ah. Now I remember. I had meant to have that cape mended. Aah! BEAST: Cogsworth! COGSWORTH: Can you forgive me. My friends? I thought I might demand your respect. Rather than earn it. Ah. I suppose it's fitting that I should end up this way alone. Helpless. And now it would seem my time has run out! LUMIERE: My. How time flies. COGSWORTH: Very good. Nicely done. You're looking wonderful. Ah, ah, ah. Let me give you a hand. BELLE: It's your friend. BEAST: He's come back. LUMIERE: Ah, love is most definitely in the air. COGSWORTH: And it begins. Uh. Lumiere, with trust. With mutual respect. As I have always said all relationships must be firmly based or that. Ore must build or a firm foundation of trust and respect in order to flourish and flow. Rourish and grow always attentive to the reeds of the other and honesty. Utter honesty is the key...

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