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Broken Wing

watch part of Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Disney movie who teaches us to treat people and animals with respect and compassion Pictures and full quotes with: Belle, Beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Wardrobe, Chip
BEAST: Cogsworth. Where are you?! Co-o-o-ogsworth! COGSWORTH: You. Uh. Bellowed. Sir? BEAST: The girl will join me for lunch tomorrowThe girl will join me for lunch tomorrow. COGSWORTH: Excellent idea. Sir, perhaps a string quartet to provide m... BEAST: There should be music. COGSWORTH: Lovely touch. BEAST: And fresh flowers. COGSWORTH: If I have to grow them in my room overnight. BEAST: I want the best linens. COGSWORTH: Naturally. BEAST: The finest china. COGSWORTH: Goes without saying. BEAST: And matchless silver. COGSWORTH: Nothing less. De rigueur. Most certainly. BEAST: And my cape is still torn! COGSWORTH: But I sent the sewing basket up a week ago. I. I have no idea why. BEAST: Cogsworth. Are you losing control of your staffAre you losing control of your staff? COGSWORTH: Me. Sir? No. Sir. Heavens. No. BEAST: See that you don't. COGSWORTH: And. Uh! what does master wish for his luncheon? BEAST: Perfection, nothing less. WARDROBE: Really. Master's a lovely fellow if you car overlook a few things. Like his personality. His appearance, his manners. Personal hygiene. Taste in clothes. No sense of humor whatsoever. And that breath! Well. It. Ah-ah-choo! Oh. What brought that on? The only thing I'm allergic to is b-b-bi-bi-bi. BELLE: A bird. Look. WARDROBE: Oh. My! Oh. Me! Oh. Dear! Oh. The master. He will. Oh! He doesn't care for animals much. BELLE: But it's only a tiny birdit's only a tiny bird. WARDROBE: The master likes birds least of all. BELLE: You can't be serious. BEAST: Hello? Are you in there? WARDROBE: Oh! Oh. Do something with it. My dear. Quickly. Quickly. Dear! Oh. No. Not there. Of all places! BEAST: If you're there. Open the door! Oh. Um. What took you so longWhat took you so long? WARDROBE: OK. Who's wearing cashmere? There's cashmere in the room. Is it me. Or is it really hot in here? COGSWORTH: Ahem. Ahem. Uh. The invita... the invita-a... BEAST: Yes. COGSWORTH: The invitation. Master. BEAST: Oh. Yes. You're having lunch with me! BELLE: Am I? BEAST: You are. BELLE: I am not. COGSWORTH: Perhaps the master might be a bit more gracious. BEAST: Why should I? COGSWORTH: Precisely my point. You, well. You shouldn't. She's out of line. Where was she raised. In a barn? Ha ha ha. MRS. POTTS: She is new to the castle. Sire. Ahem, certain courtesy might be afforded her. BEAST: Hmm. As always, you're, hmm, right. Mrs. Potts. COGSWORTH: Heh. Apple polisher. BEAST: Perhaps you will join me for lunch if you have no other plansPerhaps you will join me for lunch if you have no other plans. BELLE: I hardly have plans. But since you put it that way. I accept. MRS. POTTS: You see? It's all in the asking. COGSWORTH: Mademoiselle, will be expected at exactly 12:00 sharp. On the dot. Precisely. BEAST: What is that smell? WARDROBE: Uh. Smell? Uh. What smell? Uh. I don't smell any bird. Did I say bird? I mean. Brr. Ooh! Is it me. Or is it really cold in here? BEAST: I know I smell somethingI know I smell something. WARDROBE: No. I'm. I'm afraid it's just the sock drawer. Yeah. I've been meaning to air it out. Ha ha. Oh. We are talking close. Ha ha. One more step from the big guy and I'd have been history. Firewood! Ha ha. Life flashing before my eyes heart pumping like mad. Whoo! What a rush! BELLE: What could he possibly have against a little bird like this? WARDROBE: Well. It's beautiful. Lovely. And sweet. Everything he's rot. BELLE: Oh. No. His wing it's brokenHis wing it's broken. MRS. POTTS: I thought something was amiss. Miss. WARDROBE: Mrs. Potts! I, that we MRS. POTTS: Don't get your drawers in an uproar, love. Your secret's safe with me. Oh. Dear thing. He has had a rough time. Hasn't he? How can we help? CHIP: He looks funny with a stick under his arm. BELLE: It's a splint, Chip, to hold the wing in place while it heals. CHIP: His feathers are tickling me.His feathers are tickling me. MRS. POTTS: Are you ready for me yet. Dear? BELLE: Not too warm. Is it? MRS. POTTS: I've given a bath or two in my time, love. CHIP: She makes me take one most every day, whether I need it or not. MRS. POTTS: All right then. Here we go. COGSWORTH: Attention. Straighter that lire out. That file is rank. Ahem. Hey. Hey. Hey. Settle down. Time is wasting. Now. I suppose you're all wondering why you're all here today. Well. You're here because I summoned you because. Heh heh. When Cogsworth speaks, people listen. But enough about me. Assuming. Of course. There could ever be enough about me. Now. As you know. The master has requested... LUMIERE: Oh ho ho ho. COGSWORTH: Lumiere. Will you stop chasing her? LUMIERE: That. Monsieur. Is my one goal in life. COGSWORTH: Ahem. As I was saying. Do you mind? Thank you. As I wa... That will do! As I. People! People. People. People! Hey! I simply do not understand. The cutlery's cutting up. The dishes won't heed my wishes. Even the goose pate won't obey. MRS. POTTS: There. There, love. Let me help you. All right. Then. My dears, we really must be getting on with our chores. The master's having Belle to lunch. And. COGSWORTH: And I will tolerate nothing less than perfection. Now. The first order of business. Again? MRS. POTTS: May I? Come on. Now. Let's get a move on. Shall we? Dishes to the kitchen for a scrubbing. Silverware. Off you go for a polish. Liners. Well. Let's get those wrinkles out. Everyone else. You know what to do. COGSWORTH: But, but, but I. Why did they do. What did you exactly? MRS. POTTS: It's all in knowing how to talk to them. Nice and sweet likeIt's all in knowing how to talk to them. Nice and sweet like. It's all in knowing how to talk to them. Nice and sweet like. COGSWORTH: Nice and sweet. Indeed. It's this mollycoddling which has made them such a discipline problem. They need to be brought back under control. That is what they need and I have the firm little hand that can bring that about. BEAST: Where is she? COGSWORTH: I don't know. Sir. BEAST: Um. What time is it? COGSWORTH: I don't know. Sir. BEAST: You don't know? COGSWORTH: Of course I know. Ha ha ha. I am. After all. The. Uh. Clock and it is exactly. Oh. 12:07 p.m. Per-ha-haps she's still. Uh. Dressing. BEAST: Best be a better reason than that. BELLE: Now then. Are you hungry? BEAST: I am hungry! COGSWORTH: Perhaps she thought I meant 12:00 midnight? BEAST: For lunch?! COGSWORTH: Might I suggest. Sire. That you sit patiently perhaps a quick game of solitaire and wait for the girl. BEAST: I'm going to go get her! COGSWORTH: No one. But no one pays the least bit of attention to a word I say! I'll show them. I shall sit here. Let them get by without me for a while. Maybe then they'll listen to a few.
BEAST: Are you coming or not?
COGSWORTH: Aah! Right behind you. Sire. Merely stopped to tie my shoes. And since I don't wear shoes it took a bit longer than I expected.

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