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BEAST: Very well.
COGSWORTH: I must say. His highness is most considerate this evening.
BEAST: Not at all.
LUMIERE: And his temper. So controlled.
BEAST: Thank you.
COGSWORTH: We wouldn't want you to have to write another letter of apology. Would we?
BEAST: Huh? What do you mean?
COGSWORTH: I was merely referring to your letter to Belle. Master.
LUMIERE: And I must say. Never have I heard an apology so eloquently worded.
BEAST: I wrote no such letter!
BELLE: I don't understand. Are you taking back your apology?
BEAST: It wasn't my letter!
BELLE: But I have it.
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BEAST: Show it to me. BELLE: If you insist. It's in my room. MRS. POTTS: Webster? WEBSTER: Hmm? MRS. POTTS: For goodness sake. Come down here. WEBSTER: Unh. MRS. POTTS: La Plume. Surely you car do better than that. And, Crane. You're much too short to be a map. Come over here. CRANE: Unh. MRS. POTTS: I want you to know that I knew of your scheme from the startI knew of your scheme from the start. Gentlemen. You're in hot water. I suggest you boys confess to what you've done. Unless the truth is revealed he and Belle will forever eye each other with distrust. BELLE: There, written on your stationery. BEAST: With my pen, it's a forgery. BELLE: Surely you're rot suggesting I would do such a thing. BEAST: Uh. LEPLUME: Master. Um. We have a confession to makeWe have a confession to make. The. Um. Letter. Ha ha. Was. A. Uh. A fr... WEBSTER: Fraud. Counterfeit. Sham. Fake. A forgery. I worded it. LEPLUME: And Crane here... BEAST: Where are you?! MRS. POTTS: Come out. Boys. We know you're in here. BELLE: I won't hurt you. Explain to me. Why would you do such a thing? WEBSTER: We merely wanted yourself and our master to speak again. BEAST: Stand aside. BELLE: Let them go. I beg you. BEAST: They betrayed me. BELLE: Please! I can't bear to see them harmed. BEAST: Very well. I will spare them. But if they ever step foot in this castle again they will have to answer to meif they ever step foot in this castle again they will have to answer to me. BELLE: Please! But they didn't mean. BEAST: Silence! And anyone found giving them comfort will be sorry! WEBSTER: Now where do we go? LEPLUME: Let us march forth into town! CRANE: And beg for help. MRS. POTTS: This is more than I can bear. They can't survive out there. COGSWORTH: There's nothing we can do about it now. CRANE: Oh. Me pages are turned. LEPLUME: Look. Just up there! We made it! We made it! Ha ha ha! Hooray! CRANE: Oh. We're there! How could we ever have doubted you? It's town. It's really town? COGSWORTH: Yes. It is a pity. But one can hardly blame the master. After all. Forgery is a crime. BELLE: If anyone committed a crime. It was me. None of this would've happened if I'd apologizedNone of this would've happened if I'd apologized. MRS. POTTS: I'm the one who should apologize. Dear. I knew about the forgery. But I wanted so desperately for you and the master to forgive each other. BELLE: I must find them. I'll ride after them. Bring them back and. There they are! Oh. They look awful. COGSWORTH: No! You can't help them! The master specifically stated. CRANE: Can you beat that? Town looks just like the castle. LEPLUME: It is the castle. And after we walked so far. BELLE: La Plume. Crane! Oh. Webster. Come with me. We must get you by the fire. LEPLUME: Oh. No. No. No. I'd rather freeze to death in a wolf's stomach. Thank you. I'm not going to face the master. That guy is a beast. He'll hurt us. BELLE: I don't think so. I'll speak to him. He'll let you stay. I'm sure of it. Because deep down he has a good heart. We let things get so far out of hand. You're the ones who suffered the most. Please forgive me. CRANE: Oh. We'd be sorry friends if we didn't forgive youWe'd be sorry friends if we didn't forgive you. BELLE: Oh. Thank you. If only I could've said those same words to him. Oh. You poor things. Let's get you inside right away. MRS. POTTS: That fire should have you warm and toasty in no time. Gentlemen. COGSWORTH: Yeah. Good. Still no sign of the master. BELLE: Hopefully. He won't be too upset. COGSWORTH: Upset? Ha ha ha. I dare say the master could react far worse than that. There. And you won't see me around when he gets here. No. Sir. I'll be so far gone. BEAST: I have something to say. I've been difficult. I know. And I'm sorry. Please. Forgive meI'm sorry. Please. Forgive me. BELLE: I forgive you. BEAST: And you, will you forgive me? LEPLUME: Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes! BELLE: We all forgive you. BEAST: That was so easy. I feel happy now, happier than I can remember. LUMIERE: Oh. Everyone has been able to forgive but me. MRS. POTTS: It's not too late to do something about it. Dear. We're in for a treat, Chandeleria! CHANDELERIA: Oh. You don't say. MRS. POTTS: La Plume. Crane. And Webster have agreed to tell us all about their adventures in the forest. And I'm pleased to say you'll be seeing an old colleague. CHANDELERIA: W-w-why would I want to see an old collie? MRS. POTTS: "Colleague." dear. "Colleague." LEPLUME: We could see the whites of their eyes. WEBSTER: Hear the ferocious panting of their fetid. Carnivorous. Lupine breath. CRANE: Still we ventured forward into the night for nothing could scare us. Not even vicious wolves. MRS. POTTS: Ah-choo! CRANE: Aah! WEBSTER: Aah! MRS. POTTS: Oh. Excuse me. COGSWORTH: Well. Go on. Go on. You said you wanted to forgive. LUMIERE: Give me time. Ow! Don't tell me. You've come down to hear better. CHANDELERIA: No. Lumiere. I have not. LUMIERE: So you admit it. You lower yourself to burn brighter. CHANDELERIA: I lower myself to work more closely with you. LUMIERE: Oh? Hmm. We do work well together. Don't we? Heh. Chandeliera. Please forgive me. CHANDELERIA: Oh. Lumiere. All you had to do was ask. BELLE: Everything is so peaceful. MRS. POTTS: It just goes to show for every problem there's a solution, a solution often expressed in just a single word. WEBSTER: Forgiveness LUMIERE: To put past differences aside. It's quite a lovely evening. Perhaps you two would like to verture onto the verarda while the rest of us prepare the hors d'oeuvres? COGSWORTH: Hors d'oeuvres? What hors d'oeuvres? Uhh! Oh. Yes. The hors d'oeuvres! How silly of me. Ha ha. Let's go. BEAST: It's warm now. BELLE: Soon it will be spring. BEAST: Beautiful.

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