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The Perfect Word

watch part of Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Disney movie about how easy it'is to forgive and apologizing every time you're wrong. Pictures and full quotes with: Belle, Beast, Webster, Crane, LePlume, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Chandeleria, Mrs. Potts and Witherspoon
COGSWORTH: Chandeliera. You look radiant. Together. You and Lumiere will be the perfect lightwill be the perfect light. CHANDELERIA: "Height." you say? And what has our height got to do with anything? COGSWORTH: "Light." Chandeliera. The perfect light. CHANDELERIA: What? Well. Why didn't you say that in the first place? So it's to be the two of us. Eh? Won't that be marvelous? LUMIERE: Of course. Madame. BEAST: And send twenty cords of wood to the castle. Send it now because. LEPLUME: Because you say so. Yes. That's it! No. No. No. Wait. Wait. Ah. Because you need it. BEAST: Yes. Because I need it. "Sincerely" and so forth. CRANE: Witherspoon! You know the way! LUMIERE: Dinner is served, a meal exquisite in every detailDinner is served, a meal exquisite in every detail as is our company. BEAST: She makes me nervous. Lumiere. Why is that? LUMIERE: She is a woman. Master. BEAST: Mmm. Tell me how to impress her. LUMIERE: A kiss of the hand should serve you well. Done properly. It will have a most charming effect. BELLE: I've been reading the most wonderful bookI've been reading the most wonderful book. COGSWORTH: Well. Perhaps you can tell us all about it at dinner. Things have been pleasantly tranquil with him of late. BELLE: "Tranquil"? COGSWORTH: Well. I meant only to refer to how well you and his grace have been getting along. BELLE: Hmm. Yes. We have. COGSWORTH: Perhaps. Well. "tranquil" that isn't quite the right word. WEBSTER: Calm. Serene. In a word. HarmoniousCalm. Serene. In a word. Harmonious. BELLE: That is a good word. You're a very smart dictionary. WEBSTER: Allow me to present myself. Webster. At your service. BELLE: Nice to meet you. Webster. Won't you join us? WEBSTER: But of course. For. I am. After all. Indispensable. Irreplaceable. Essentially. BEAST: Mademoiselle. Your presence here this evening warms my heat... heart. Huh? Mademoiselle. Your presence here this evening warms my heartYour presence here this evening warms my heart. BELLE: Why. Thank you. I was just telling Cogsworth about the most wonderful book. It's about a girl who lives with her stepmother a wicked woman who makes her stay inside and work day and night. Of course. She becomes terribly lonely. LUMIERE: Chandeliera. You're bright! CHANDELERIA: But of course! I'm exceptionally intelligent. Doesn't take a genius to tell you that! LUMIERE: Your light is too bright! You'll spoil the mood. CHANDELERIA: "Boil the food"? Oh! Goodness. No. That's the cook's job. BELLE: But the evil stepmother forbids it rot until her work is finished. Isn't that terrible? BEAST: Uh! Uh! BELLE: Is something wrong? BEAST: Oh. Uh. It's a little warm in here that's all. Please continue. LUMIERE: I can see my own shadowI can see my own shadow! Rise up! CHANDELERIA: Uh! "Wise up"?! Oh. I won't stand for such insults! I deserve respect! COGSWORTH: Shush. Sh-shh. Both of you. You're creating a spectacle. A Little Thought! Hmm. BELLE: Telles her fairy godmother her predicament about the ball, how she can't possibly finish her work and how she has nothing to wear and no way to get there. BEAST: Excuse me. Open the window. COGSWORTH: But. Your eminence. The air could cause a chill. BEAST: Very well. Please. Continue. BELLE: So you won't believe what the fairy godmother does. She casts a spell that solves all the girl's problems. But there's a catch. It only lasts until midnight. BEAST: Enough! The window, open the window! COGSWOTH: But... BEAST: Now! COGSWORTH: Opening the window. LUMIERE: Oh! BELLE: Are you still warm? BEAST: Mm-hmm. BELLE: Others are getting cold. BEAST: Well. Perhaps they should leave the room. BELLE: That's not very congenial. BEAST: What? WEBSTER: Congenial. cordial. Pleasant. Agreeable. And for a definitive definition... BEAST: I don't have to be con-con. Well. It's my castle. And I make the rulesIt's my castle. And I make the rules. BELLE: Just because it's your castle doesn't mean you should be rude. WEBSTER: Rude. offensive. Primitive. Abrupt. BEAST: I know what it means. BELLE: Webster! Oh. Ro! Oh. You poor thing. WEBSTER: Uh. Dazed. Disoriented. Uhh. BELLE: That was an awful thing to do. You're acting rude and foolish. MRS. POTTS: Belle simply refuses to leave her room. COGSWORTH: Well. I'll tell you what we must do. We must solicit an apology. The master's conduct last night was. Well. Less than exemplary. LUMIERE: He is not the only one. Did you see her last night? The way she hovered? CHANDELERIA: Lumiere. It was not my intention to outshine you. I simply couldn't hear you. My dear. LUMIERE: Couldn't hear, ha! She's been using that excuse for years. BEAST: Apologize? She should apologize to meApologize? She should apologize to me! COGSWORTH: Yes. Master. Of course. Master. COGSWORTH: Down here. BELLE: You want me to apologize to him? I suppose I do owe him an apology for calling him rude. I mean. COGSWORTH: So you'll do it? BELLE: Yes. Right after he apologizes to me first. LUMIERE: This must be put delicately. Leave it to me. COGSWORTH: So. You see. She has agreed to apologize. Yet there's one minor catch. However. BEAST: I will never apologize! MRS. POTTS: I'm beginning to wonder if they'll ever speak to each other again. LUMIERE: If she does not love him before the last petal falls we will all be enchanted forever. COGSWORTH: I say we give it more time. LUMIERE: Easy for a clock to say. MRS. POTTS: There's certainly no point in fretting about it here. LEPLUME: It is up to us. Mes amis! We must act, act now and act fast! So... any ideas? CRANE: Well. The boss ought to apologize. WEBSTER: In a word. Yes. But we can't do it for him. LEPLUME: Why not? WEBSTER: With deep regret for my heedless conduct I therefore offer my apology and beg your forgivenessI therefore offer my apology and beg your forgiveness. CRANE: Short. WEBSTER: Sweet. LEPLUME: Sincere. CHANDELERIA: Cogsworth. Have you seen Lumiere? COGSWORTH: Yes. But I'm sorry to report he's avoiding you. He just can't find it in his heart to forgive. I'm afraid. CHANDELERIA: And all my own fault. COGSWORTH: No. No. No. No. Don't punish yourself. He's too proud for his own good. MRS. POTTS: Heavens! BELLE: Oh! A letter? Who could it be from? MRS. POTTS: Hmm. I haven't the foggiest. COGSWORTH: Witherspoon! It came from within the castle. LUMIERE: It must be from the master. BELLE: It is from him. The trouble between us is over. LEPLUME: Just look. Mes amis. What did I tell you? WEBSTER: Now they will forgive and forget. CRANE: Oh. What if they found out it was us? WEBSTER: Mum's the word. BELLE: No. Don't say a word. BEAST: Huh? BELLE: It's my turn to speak. I'm here to apologize. BEAST: You are? BELLE: Your graciousness has put me to shame. BEAST: It has? BELLE: I'm only sorry that it took me so long. I want you to know that I never meant to call you a fool. I'm the ore who's beer foolish and stubborn and petty and unwilling to forgive. BEAST: I'm so happy you came. BELLE: Then you'll forgive me? BEAST: Of course. BELLE: As the carriage rolled forward the girl looked back at the flowering farm then drew herself up courageously for the journey ahead. Do you like it so far? BEAST: Mm. Yes. Keep reading. BELLE: Her childhood held such sweet memories. Which she would cherish like precious gems. I'm sorry. It's hard to read while you eat those. BEAST: But they're my favorite. BELLE: I can read later. If you like. BEAST: You're leaving? BELLE: No. I just can't read while you eat. Of course. You could eat them later.

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