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The Black Cauldron | 2

Quotes CREEPER: Welcome, Your Majesty. We're just celebrating our success. Oh, I mean your success. We've made no mistakes, this time. Bring in the prisoner!
TARAN: Oh, no.
CREEPER: There, sire. This is the pig that creates visions. All right, pig, show His Majesty where the Black Cauldron can be found! Go on! Show it! Stubborn little thing, isn't she? Yes, sire. You're quite right. I'll take care of it at once. The Black Cauldron. Where is it? Show us, swine! I warn you. The King's patience is short.
TARAN: No! Get him! The sneaking, no-good. Get back, or I'll. Oh. Release him. What? Well, here. Hen Wen. Oh, Hen Wen. There, there.
THE HORNED KING: I presume, my boy, you are the keeper of this oracular pig.
TARAN: Yes, sir.
THE HORNED KING: Then instruct her to show me the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron.
TARAN: Oh, sir, I can't. I promised. THE HORNED KING: Very well. In that case, the pig is no use to me. TARAN: What are you going to do? No! You can't! Don't! No! Stop! I'll make her tell you. THE HORNED KING: That's better. CREEPER: Now, get on with the vision, pig. TARAN: Hen Wen, from you, I do beseech knowledge that lies beyond my reach. CREEPER: Look! Look, sire! It's working! THE HORNED KING: The Black Cauldron. So it does exist. Go on. Yes, yes. Where is it? Show me. Show me. TARAN: Come on, Hen! CREEPER: After them! Get them! After them! Gotcha, pig boy! TARAN: The moat. It's our only chance. Come on, Hen. Swim, Hen! Swim! I'm coming! CREEPER: Gotcha, pig boy! I caught him, Your Majesty! I caught the boy. THE HORNED KING: But you let the pig go, didn't you? CREEPER: It wasn't my fault. THE HORNED KING: Throw the boy into the dungeon! DALLBEN: You must make sure he never uses Hen Wen to find the Black Cauldron. TARAN: I won't fail you, Dallben. Look at me, Hen! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it. I can do it. EILONWY: Hmm, I thought I heard a noise in here. Oh! Was that you? TARAN: Yeah. Yes. EILONWY: You're being held a prisoner, aren't you? TARAN: Yes. EILONWY: I'm being held against my will too. TARAN: It lights up. EILONWY: Of course. It's magic. Oh, I hate this place. I do hope there aren't any rats in here. Not that I really mind them, you know, but they do jump out atone so. I'm Princess Eilonwy. Are you a lord or a warrior? TARAN: No. I'm an assistant pig keeper. EILONWY: Oh, what a pity. I was so hoping for someone who could help me escape. Oh, well, if you want to come with me, you may. TARAN: Can I? EILONWY: Yes. I said you could. Oh, that wicked, wicked king. You know he stole me. He thought my bauble could tell him where some old cauldron was. TARAN: That's what he wanted my pig for. EILONWY: Oh, yes. Your pig. TARAN: But my pig can tell the future. EILONWY: Ooh, how interesting. Well, you'd better stay close to me, or you'll get lost. TARAN: Your bauble. EILONWY: It's always chasing those rats. A burial chamber. This could be the tomb of the great king who built this castle before the Horned King took it over. Are you all right? Well, come on, then. Help me look around. TARAN: He must have been a great warrior. A sword. CREEPER: This will please him. It's a good lot this time. Hurry! In with it! Finally, he'll reward me for this. Don't stop, you weakling! Put some muscle into it. EILONWY: Let's get out of here before they come back. Where did you get that sword? TARAN: Back there. EILONWY: You mean. FFLEWDDUR: You're making a horrendous mistake. I'm not a spy. I'm a bard. I sing. I entertain. I Careful, sir. These are the hands of an artist. This will hold you. Look, you seem an intelligent sort of chap to me. Eh? I assure you, I had no idea who owned this castle. I just happened to be passing. He's nice, isn't he? What's his name? Down, boy! Down! Come on. You don't realize who I am. I shall sing of your dastardly deed. I'm Fflewddur Fflam, minstrel of minstrels! Balladeer to the grandest courts in all the land! And I... Well, have you forgotten? I havesung in some of the finest courts. I'm only waiting for an invitation. Oh, shush. Why do you have to judge every word I say? Who's that? Help! EILONWY: Oh, hello. We'll have you untied in a moment. I'm Princess Eilonwy and you're in bad trouble, aren't you? FFLEWDDUR: Trouble? Don't you know where you are? Haven't you seen him? CREEPER: Pig boy has escaped. Look in there. TARAN: We've been discovered. FFLEWDDUR: That's you? Oh, great beelin. Run! Run! Make haste! Make haste? I must save myself. I think he went through the passage! All right. TARAN: Let's try down here. Princess? Princess Eilonwy? HENCHMAN: Pig boy! You little scut! Hey. No, no, no. EILONWY: Are you all right? TARAN: Oh, good. You're safe. EILONWY: Why, of course. I. TARAN: Come on. I'm going to get you out of here. There they are! Quick! Up here. EILONWY: Taran, the sword. FFLEWDDUR: Help! Murder! Don't! TARAN: Keep going, Princess. HENCHMAN: There he is! There he is! Over there! THE HORNED KING: Stop him! EILONWY: Taran! CREEPER: There they are! Come on! Get them! EILONWY: Oh, no! Taran! CREEPER: We've got you now, pig boy! EILONWY: Taran, do something! Use the sword! CREEPER: Make way! Make way! Stand aside. I command you! FFLEWDDUR: Get out from under my feet! Let me go, you brute! TARAN: Run, Princess! Run! FFLEWDDUR: Stay up! Please, stay up! Why didn't you tell me you had a magic sword? CREEPER: I'll say it wasn't my fault. That's it. That's it. I always get blamed for these things. I'll just tell him, and if he gets mad I'll just straighten him out. That's it. I'm not going to be kicked around for this. Sire? THE HORNED KING: You bring news of the pig? CREEPER: No, not exactly, sire. Oh, it's the pig keeper. He'sOoh, he's He's escaped. Oh. Oh. Oh, sire! Allow me. Isn't that enough? THE HORNED KING: Good. He'll find his pig. Send the gwythaints to follow that boy. CREEPER: Oh, yes, sire! Oh, yes! By all means, sire! FFLEWDDUR: The world will applaud me Its praise will reward me And I, Fflewddur Fflam will find fame They're almost finished, Fflewddur. EILONWY: Hmm, it's not too good, but it will hold for awhile. FFLEWDDUR: Yes, I shall sing of your deed. EILONWY: It would be better to sing of our heroic escape. Weren't you a bit frightened, Fflewddur? FFLEWDDUR: A Fflam frightened? The word is not in my vocabulary. But in this case, well-chosen, my dear. TARAN: I wasn't afraid. EILONWY: Ouch! Not afraid? Why, we were running for our lives. TARAN: Well, I got us out of the castle, didn't I? EILONWY: You? I'd say it was the sword's magic. TARAN: But it takes a great warrior to handle a sword like this. EILONWY: But still, it is a magic sword. TARAN: Ha! What does a girl know about swords anyway?

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