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Quotes EILONWY: Girl? If it weren't for this girl, you would still be in the Horned King's dungeon.
FFLEWDDUR: Here now, Princess Eilonwy, Taran.
EILONWY: At least I don't keep talking about it forever. Oh, you're so, so boring!
FFLEWDDUR: Princess Eilonwy.
EILONWY: How dare you take his side!
FFLEWDDUR:I really didn't. I didn't mean to interfere, you know.
TARAN: Silly girl. Even if she is a princess.
FFLEWDDUR: But we're going to have to, to... Dear, oh, dear.
TARAN: Hello.
EILONWY: Hello. Fflewddur is right, you know. We are going to have to work together. And we'll find your pig. I'm sure it's important.
TARAN: Thank you for getting me out of the dungeon.
EILONWY: Oh, but we couldn't have done it without you.
TARAN: Well, at least we're all safe.
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FFLEWDDUR: Great beelin! TARAN: Fflewddur! FFLEWDDUR: Help! Murder! GURGI: Hurry! Gurgi's lucky day. FFLEWDDUR: Get this thing off me. GURGI: Wow. FFLEWDDUR: Yes, keep it! It's a gift! GURGI: Want this. Gurgi want this. FFLEWDDUR: Go ahead. I'm sure you've murdered for less. GURGI: Want. Want. Gurgi want! TARAN: Gurgi. GURGI: Master? Oh, old man fell down. Get up. Get up. FFLEWDDUR: Well, really. Who is your pungent, little friend? TARAN: He's no friend of mine. He's just a coward and a thief. GURGI: Too big anyway. EILONWY: You're charming. GURGI: And pungent too. TARAN: Well, what are you waiting for? FFLEWDDUR: Yes, yes. That's it. GURGI: Toddle off. Toddle off. Gurgi go! Tracks? Tracks! Gurgi remember. Saw piggy's tracks. TARAN: You did? GURGI: Today! TARAN: Today? Wait a minute. EILONWY: Oh, you're both horrid. He just might know. GURGI: Pretty lady come too? EILONWY: Well, I... GURGI: Yes, yes, yes! Follow Gurgi! Follow Gurgi! TARAN: You better be telling the truth. GURGI: Gurgi not lie, not this time. See, master? Piggy's footsteps. No lie. TARAN: Oh, good. They look fresh. GURGI: Oh, master. Master! Gurgi, hold on! Oh, no! EILONWY: Taran! Give me your hand! We're doomed. FAIRFOLK: Howdid they get in here? Old Doli's whirlpool broke again. I bet they wake up soon. We better tell King Eidellig. No, silly. You know we're not supposed to be up here. Uh-oh. We're all going to be in trouble. Not me. Me either. Uh-oh. KING EIDILLEG: Oh, yes. I see you fixed that. DOLI: Yep. When I get this last peg in here, I'll be finished. KING EIDILLEG: Good. Hmm. Yes. That should work. DOLI: It's perfect. KING EIDILLEG: Grab that pole! DOLI: Uh, I got it. EILONWY: Oh, aren't you all darling? KING EIDILLEG: Uh, hello. I'm King Eidellig of the Fairfolk. DOLI: How the blazes did they... I thought I told you to fix the whirlpool. I fixed it. I did fix it! It was perfect! KING EIDILLEG: Evidently, not completely perfect. It's supposed to keep them out. Uh, can I be of any service? DOLI: Is everything that happens around here my fault? KING EIDILLEG: Are you on a friendly visit? DOLI: And I suppose it's my fault the pig's here too! TARAN: Hen Wen? KING EIDILLEG: Oh, she's your pig? DOLI: Oh, good. One less thing for old Doli to worry about. KING EIDILLEG: Uh, Doli. DOLI: What now? Would you hurry and fetch the pig? DOLI: Hey, you kids. What are you doing? FAIRFOLK: Oh, Mr. Doli, I just want to see the pretty lady. DOLI: Well, now, you watch yourselves. Hear? EILONWY: I can't believe my eyes, Your Majesty. DOLI: Watch it. Watch it! TARAN: Oh, Hen! Thank goodness you're. KING EIDILLEG: Tell me. Is the burning and killing still going on up there? FFLEWDDUR: You refer to that-that-that-that joke on humanity, the Horned King. KING EIDILLEG: Will no one ever stand up to him? TARAN: We've seen him, and if he finds the Cauldron, he'll kill us all. KING EIDILLEG: Oh, no, no. He'll never find it. No, no. It's safely hid in Morva. TARAN: Morva? KING EIDILLEG: Well, at least I think it is. Oh, Doli, is it? DOLI: Really? Is that one of my new jobs, remembering where the Cauldron was last seen? Gee! KING EIDILLEG: Oh, he'll know right where it is. You'll see. TARAN: If we could get to the Cauldron first and destroy it. EILONWY: Oh, this isn't right, Taran. TARAN: But don't you see? If we destroy the Cauldron, it will stop the Horned King. Please, come with me. KING EIDILLEG: Wait, I never thought.Morva. That's a hard place to get to. DOLI: Yep. KING EIDILLEG: Why, you can take them. DOLI: What? FFLEWDDUR: Do you mean we're trusting our lives to-to-to him? DOLI: And what is wrong with me? FFLEWDDUR: Oh, nothing. Splendid choice. KING EIDILLEG: Shall we, then? TARAN: Wait! Hen Wen! KING EIDILLEG: Oh, don't worry. We'll get her home safely. TARAN: Oh, thank you, sir. Be good, Hen. FFLEWDDUR: Well, if it's the Marshes of Morva you wanted, here you are. EILONWY: Ooh! Such a dreary place. TARAN: Let's see what it looks like from up here. EILONWY: I think we're lost. FFLEWDDUR: Are you sure this is the right place, Doli? DOLI: Yes, I'm sure! FFLEWDDUR: Well, if you ask me. EILONWY: Fflewddur! Doli! TARAN: Are you all right? DOLI: Hey, look out, you big, clumsy oaf! Look where you... Welcome to Morva. TARAN: Well, s-someone must live here. GURGI: Gurgi not like this place. No. EILONWY: It seems empty. Maybe we should have a look. TARAN: If I can just get this door open. EILONWY: How will we ever find the Black Cauldron in a place like this? TARAN: It must be here somewhere. They're only frogs, Eilonwy. Those were people. You mean they were turned into frogs? GURGI: Ooh, master, come quickly. Gurgi found the wicked Cauldron. Quick, quick, quick! Follow Gurgi! Behold, master. TARAN: The whole room is full of cauldrons. EILONWY: I don't understand. Why would, why would anyone want so many. ORDDU: Thieves! Thieves! Someone stole all our frogs! You evil, nasty people. You shall all be turned into frogs and eaten! Huh? ORGOCH: Nice and tender. TARAN: Stop that, you, you... FFLEWDDUR: Oh. So nice to meet you, ladies. Good-bye. ORWEN: Wait. My, aren't you the handsome one? FFLEWDDUR: Who? Me? ORWEN: Oh, honestly, now, don't you find me irresistible? FFLEWDDUR: Yes. Well, of course, most attractive. Shush! Stop that. ORWEN: You don't mind if I pluck your harp, do you, handsome? FFLEWDDUR: Bah! ORGOCH: Enough of that lovesick nonsense. FFLEWDDUR: Great beelin'! Quick! We're going to have toad stew. ORWEN: You're not gonna eat this one. Come here, love. Can anyone here perform marriages? FFLEWDDUR: Marriages? ORGOCH: You love struck witch! ORWEN: Where is he? Where'd he go? Yoo-hoo! Where are you? Don't go. Now look what you've done. He's gone! I'll never forgive you for this, Orgoch. Never! Whoo! There you are! TARAN: Enough! We've come for the Black Cauldron. ORDDU: Did you hear that, sisters? ORWEN: Why, nobody's asked for the Black Cauldron in over 2,000 years. ORGOCH: It's a trick. We're not going to let them have it, are we? ORDDU: Don't worry. Leave it to me. Perhaps I might interest you in something else: a kettle, a cook pot, a skillet, a teapot, a bucket, a jar, a platter? See anything you like? I don't believe it. I've never seen a sword like that. I've got to have that sword. Listen carefully. We'll trade the Cauldron for the sword. ORWEN: But what can they do with the Cauldron, Orddu? ORDDU: Nothing! That's the point. Don't you see? We'll end up with both the sword and the Cauldron. It's decided then. You shall have the Black Cauldron. EILONWY: You mean you'll give it to us? ORDDU: That's not what I said. You weren't listening. We never give anything away. What we do is bargain, trade. TARAN: Well, you'll not have my sword! FFLEWDDUR: May I ask you ladies to perhaps consider this magnificent harp? ORDDU: A harp? Oh, when we want music, we send for the birds. What would we do with a simple harp? GURGI: Wait! Gurgi will trade his crunchings and munchings. ORDDU: Who would want. ORGOCH: Hold it, sister. Not so fast. TARAN: All right. I know what you want. ORDDU: Yes? EILONWY: No, Taran! No! TARAN: It's our only chance. Here is my sword. Take it. ORDDU: Is it your own choice, duckling? Remember: With this sword, you could be the greatest of warriors. TARAN: Yes. I offer my dearest possession in exchange for the Black Cauldron. ORDDU: Agreed. We have made a bargain. TARAN: Look out! Help! EILONWY: Taran, watch out! FFLEWDDUR: Great beelin'! Duck! EILONWY: Look! TARAN: The Black Cauldron. It's ours! ORDDU: I say, what funny little ducklings. Don't they know the Black Cauldron is indestructible? Now, listen carefully. The Black Cauldron can never be destroyed. Only its evil powers can be stopped. TARAN: Then there is a way. But how?

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