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The Black Cauldron | 4

Quotes ORDDU: A living being must climb into it of his own free will.
GURGI: Gurgi is bold and brave. He will climb into the evil Cauldron.
ORDDU: However, the poor duckling will never climb out alive.
GURGI: Yikes!
FFLEWDDUR: Now, look here, madam. Don't forget we had an agreement.
EILONWY: Yes. You said we could have the Cauldron.
ORGOCH: Of course we said you could have the Cauldron. It's not our fault you can't do anything with it.
ORDDU: Good-bye, goslings. Remember, we always keep a bargain.
DOLI: What a bunch of blundering misfits! Things just never work out when you're dealin' with people! You can go back to feeding pigs! I've had it! Good-bye!
TARAN: Doli's right. It's my fault. I let you down. Without my sword,
I'm nothing just an assistant pig keeper. EILONWY: Look, you are somebody. You must believe in yourself. I believe in you. TARAN: You do? And I think that you're... Uh I mean... That is... EILONWY: Yes, Taran? TARAN: I mean, uh... What I mean is I'm grateful to all of you. You've been true friends. Now it's up to me... EILONWY: Look! GURGI: Trouble. Good-bye. TARAN: Quick! We can't let them find us. HENCHMAN: Pig boy! Fight where you are, pig boy. Gotcha. CREEPER: Get a move on! Careful, now. You! Pile them up over there! And get that cart out of here! Oh, oh! I'm sorry. I've ignored you. You did come for the Black Cauldron, didn't you? Good. Then climb in! It will only cost you your life. Oh. Oh! Everything is ready, sire. THE HORNED KING: My, such a brave and handsome group: a pig boy, a scullery maid and a broken-down minstrel. Perhaps it may interest you to see what fate has in store for you. Now I call on my army of the dead, the Cauldron born. Arise, my messengers of death. Our time has arrived. EILONWY: Oh, it's horrible. THE HORNED KING: My beloved warriors have come to life. All the dead of centuries past. Never has anyone created an army like this. Go forth, my deathless warriors! Destroy all in your path! CREEPER: Come, sire. We can get a better view from above. EILONWY: Oh, Taran. I'm afraid it'll soon be over for us. TARAN: I-I hadn't planned it to end like this, Eilonwy. FFLEWDDUR: Oh, I wish I'd stayed a toad. THE HORNED KING: Only moments away from victory. My greatest triumph. CREEPER: We did it, sire! We did it! I mean, I mean you. Yes, of course, you did it, sire. GURGI: Yikes! TARAN: Gurgi? Gurgi? Is that you? GURGI: Master! TARAN: Gurgi what are you doing here? GURGI: Gurgi is sorry he always runs away when there's trouble. He will untie everybody. FFLEWDDUR: Then we will leave this evil place. Yeah, but, uh, get on with it. TARAN: Good boy, Gurgi! Eilonwy, you and Fflewddur go with Gurgi. I must stop the Cauldron. EILONWY: Oh, but, Taran, that's impossible. Why, you'd be. Taran! TARAN: I'm sorry, Eilonwy. EILONWY: Please, Taran. No! You can't! TARAN: My mind is made up. GURGI: Wait, master! Gurgi not let you jump into Cauldron. TARAN: Gurgi, get out of my way! GURGI: Whoa! Whoa! Please, master. Not go into evil Cauldron. TARAN: If I don't, we're all lost. Out of my way! GURGI: No, Gurgi not let his friend die. Taran has many friends. Gurgi has no friends. TARAN: Gurgi, no! Don't jump! Wait! No! No! Oh, no. CREEPER: Sire? Sire, look. Something's wrong. What is it, sire? They're-They're dying! THE HORNED KING: It can't be. This had better not be your fault. CREEPER: Perhaps it needs another body, sire. THE HORNED KING: Yes. Yours! TARAN: Get Eilonwy out of here. Hurry! EILONWY: But, Taran, I Please, I. TARAN: Go on! Go with Fflewddur. Maybe there's still a chance for Gurgi. CREEPER: No, sire! Please! THE HORNED KING: Get up! Come alive! CREEPER: Maybe they're only resting, sire. Do something! My life is at stake! THE HORNED KING: Get up, you fools! Kill! CREEPER: Look! Sire, look! It's the pig boy. It's his fault. Yes. He's the cause of it! THE HORNED KING: You've interfered for the last time. CREEPER: Go for his throat, sire. THE HORNED KING: Now, pig keeper, you shall die. TARAN: No! Don't! What? What's this? THE HORNED KING: No, you'll not escape. You shall satisfy the Cauldron's hunger. EILONWY: Oh, no. THE HORNED KING: No! You'll not have me! My power cannot die! Curse you! No! No! CREEPER: Oh, no. How horrible. Poor sire. He-He's gone. He's gone. He's gone! He's gone! TARAN: Fflewddur! Eilonwy! EILONWY: Over here! Hurry! TARAN: Thank goodness you're safe. Come on, Fflewddur. Hurry! Run for your lives! Come on. Jump. EILONWY: Taran, look! TARAN: Quick. Get in. Let's go. Here. Push off, Fflewddur. FFLEWDDUR: Uh, trouble. EILONWY: Oh, we can't get through. TARAN: I'll try to open the gate. EILONWY: Taran, be careful, please. TARAN: Hurry! Move on through. EILONWY: Come on, Fflewddur. FFLEWDDUR: Hurry! Oh, good work, lad. Let me give you... Look out! TARAN: Look. Gurgi. Gurgi? ORGOCH: Why is the duckling so sad? ORDDU: Yes. He's got what he wanted, and he's still not satisfied. FFLEWDDUR: Just what do you think you're up to, ladies? ORDDU: Oh, we have business with your little hero. TARAN: Hero? Gurgi was the hero. ORDDU: The only thing that mattered to you was the Cauldron, but now it's no use to you. So we'll just take it and be on our way. FFLEWDDUR: Stay your hand, ladies. We never give anything away. We bargain. We trade. Remember? ORDDU: Did-Did these old ears hear the word bargain? Hmm? FFLEWDDUR: Yes, madam, those old ears heard right. ORWEN: Ohh! I adore forceful men. FFLEWDDUR: Oh, pull yourself together, madam. Now, come on, out with it. What is your offer? ORDDU: No, not my... ORWEN: Then I'll do it. A magnificent sword for a warrior. TARAN: I'm not a warrior. I'm a pig boy. What would I do with a sword? ORDDU: Absolutely nothing. TARAN: But I would trade ALL: Yes? YARAN: the Cauldron for Gurgi. ORWEN: Dear! ORDDU: It's not possible. FFLEWDDUR: Justas I thought, ladies. You've got no real power! Admit it! Admit it! ORDDU: We have made a bargain. EILONWY: Oh, Taran. GURGI: Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere. TARAN: Gurgi! You're alive! EILONWY: He's alive. TARAN: Great beelin', He is alive. EILONWY: Oh, Fflewddur, Fflewddur. He's alive! GURGI: I'm alive! Gurgi's alive! Look, look, look! Touch me! Gurgi, you clever little thing. TARAN: Come on, Gurgi. Let's go home. GURGI: Gurgi's happy day! TARAN: Come on. FFLEWDDUR: Great beelin'. You did well, my boy. Yep.

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