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Bolt | Part 2

Quotes Bolt! Here, Bolt! Huh? Whoa! Okay! Hey! Hey! Okay, Bolty. Okay. Stay cool. You're cool, Bolty. Oh! The Green-Eyed Man. Hmm. Huh? Penny! Penny! Ow! Penny! Target acquired. It ends here. Penny! Penny? They moved her. There's no time for formalities, brothers. My person's in danger, and I... Whoa! What are you doing? Oh! I'm sorry. You wanna sniff mine first? What? Not from around here, are you? Hey, stop it! This is serious! Hey there. Are you lost, sweetie? Hey! Wait! Why can't I bend these stupid bars? Oh, buddy. You got your head stuck pretty good, huh, guy? Hey, guys, come here. Check this out. He's got his melon stuck. Yup, that is one stuck melon. Hey, hey, buddy. Take it easy. Slow down. I will not take it easy, pheasant. I'm missing my person. Hey, buddy, relax. Like this. Turn and pull. Turn and pull. Forget about it. You'll be out, no time. What are these things? They've weakened me. Those are Styrofoam packing peanuts. Styrofoam? This has the Green-Eyed Man written all over it. Have you seen the man with the green eye? You know, I gotta say something, if I could say something here. You look familiar. Joey, look at this guy's mug. Yeah. You know, I could've sworn I've seen this guy before. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I gotta tell you, I never forget a face. He never does. Oh, yeah, yeah. Never. Yeah, he's real good with the faces and such. Listen, listen! The man with the green eye, tell me what you know, birds. I know this dog. Yeah, yeah, me, too. I gotta remember. It's gonna kill me. Hold on. No, I don't know. I thought I knew. Hey, you ever hang out down on 14th Street with a stray named Kelvin? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Kelvin, the LaBradoodle. What? You gotta give me something here, 'cause this is ridonculous. Absolutely ridonculous. Capisce, ridonculous. You know what that means? You pigeons are useless. I need someone on the inside, someone close to the Green-Eyed Man. A cat. Ooh. A cat? Yeah, a cat. And when I find him, when I find him, I'm gonna make that cat wish he were never born. I think we know just the cat. Right on time, Saul. Come on in. Okay, Saul, nice work. Let's find some mustard next time. Okay, babe? Yes, Mittens. Thank you, Mittens. Is that an everything bagel, Ted? Attaboy. Good day, Mittens. Louie? What is this? It was a slow week. That's half of what I got. You hear this, Louie? I'm starving here. And when the old stomach starts talking, it ain't talking to me. It's talking to the claws. Not the claws! Please. I'm holding these bad boys back, best I can, but, thing is, it's not up to me. The stomach's got a direct line to these babies and I'm picking up a lot of chatter. So, I'll talk to the claws, but in exchange, next week all your food comes to me. But that's not our deal. I bring you half, you give me protection. That's our deal. Yeah, well, the deal just expired. Now get lost. Mark my words, Mittens. One day someone's gonna stand up to you. Someone's gonna teach you a lesson. Yeah. I'm really scared now. You should be! Okay! Yeah! Where is she? Uh... Who? You know why I'm here. Where is she? Okay, okay. Look, buddy, I don't know what you're getting at, but... Come on, Mittens. Just tell the guy where she is. Tell the dog, make him happy. Yeah, yeah, come on, Mittens. Tell him! Joey, Vinnie, Bobby, my boys! Would you tell the crazy canine that he's got the wrong cat? You got her, pal. That's her. She's the one. That is definitely the right cat. Looks like we're gonna do this the hard way. Whoa! Hey, you're crazy, man! Hey, Joey. Did we go too far in this? You kidding? This is the best day of my life. You work for the men in black, who work for the man with the green eye. They've taken Penny. Where is she? I don't know what you're talking about. This is becoming tiresome, cat. In fact, I feel a yawn coming on. Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay, I'll talk! I'll talk! I know where Penny is. Yeah. They have her. Yes! The men in black and the guy, the guy with the blue eyes! Blue eyes? Um... Oh! Green! Yes, green! The one green eye! You just can't stop lying, can you, cat? It's in the genes. It's just gross. I know. It's disgusting. I disgust myself. Hollywood. But if you put me down, I'll show you where she is. Hmm. You know, I hope you appreciate the risk I'm taking here. Every bone in my evil cat body is telling me not to betray the trust of the Green-Eyed Man. Okay. This is a top, top secret map of the entire Earth. Now we're over here, by the green lady with the big torch, and my boss has Penny locked up... Uh... Right... Right over... Here, here! By the waffle with the sunglasses. Now all you need to do is get from here to there. Hmm. Well, I told you where to find her so if you'll just untie me, I'll be on my way. I'll release you, cat, when we find Penny. Excuse me? That wasn't the deal. We had a deal! Your deal just expired. She said that to me not 10 minutes ago. The irony. Ooh! Perfect. Hmm. Padlocked. Listen, Cujo, I got some pretty wicked claws under these mitts. Do not, I beg of you, do not make me bring out these bad boys. It gets ugly. What are you doing? Stay back! If I stare at the lock really hard, it'll burst into flames and melt. Now I'm concerned on a number of levels. Easy, watch. I'm good. Watch it, though. Ow! You got it? Intruders! Slow down! You're scraping the fur off my... Oh, boy. This thing is heavy. Hey, hey. Put it down. I forgot the keys. I'll be right back. Oh! Hey, lucky penny! Thanks! Now move your butt. Okay. Up on your end. All right, just a little bit. Like that? A little bit more. Yeah. I got... No, I got mine. You got it? It's on the tip of my tongue. I know that dog. I'm telling you, Joey. Bobby, you guys are looking at me like, He don't know. Telling you, I know this dog. I seen him somewheres. Hey, you'll remember it tonight when you're preening. Right, that's what'll happen. I have got some good news. Really? Yes, I do. I just booked you on The Tonight Show, lead guest. That's right. Which means just absolutely nothing if Bolt is still missing. It's not even good news, like, Whatever," "So what?" The Tonight Show, who cares? I don't care. Aw. It's okay, baby. He must be so scared. Scared? Well, this is Bolt we're talking about. He's not scared of anything. I bet Bolt would want you to do The Tonight Show. Or maybe not. Bolt loves you very much, sweetie, and you're here. He couldn't have gone far. So, if you got superpowers, I guess that would make you, what, like, some kind of superdog? That information's classified. Come on. Like, what's your best power? Your go-to move. How about flying? Can you fly? Don't be silly. I can't fly. Okay, okay, fine. If you don't have any powers, you don't have any powers. What's it to me? I have a superbark. A superbark? Wow! You're kidding me. What exactly does one do with a superbark? I really can't talk about it. It's classified. So I suggest you pipe down and take me to Penny. You're awfully attached to this Penny character, huh, Wags? She's my person. Oh, please. She's a person. And if you ask me, the only good person is a...
Styrofoam! Tuck and roll! Tuck and what? Ow! What? What is this red liquid coming from my paw? It's called blood, hero. Do I need it? Yes! So if you wanna keep it inside your body, where it belongs, you should stop jumping off trucks doing 80 on the interstate! Yeah, well, normally, I'm a tad more indestructible. Must've been the... Styrofoam! That stuff, it weakens me. Ah-ha! What are you doing? Put that down! All right, that's it. I've had it with you. Untie me, pooch. Or I'm gonna... I'm gonna seriously wound you! I'm gonna seriously wound you with this Styrofoam. Are you mad? You don't know the power of Styrofoam. Oh, you bet I'm mad, baby, and I'm about to unleash it. The power of the Styrofoam. Whoa! All right, cat! Okay. You win. I'll untie you. That's a weird place to put a piano. Are we gonna have any more problems, cat? No! No, no. No more problems. I'll take you to Penny. What is that? What? That! Okay. You have two seconds to tell me what you've implanted in me, cat! Poison? A parasite? Poison? Oh, no, I just said that, didn't I? See, I'm all discombobulated. I can't think straight. I don't believe this. You're hungry. Where is the antidote? Okay, okay! All right. There's your antidote. Food. All right, who wants burgers? I'll take one. Me, too! What's this? Go on, use the dog face. This is gonna be beautiful. You know, beg. Do the dog face. What... The dog face? What does that mean? Figures I'm tied to the one dog on Earth who doesn't know how to beg. Okay, if you want the... The antidote, you're gonna have to do exactly what I say. No. Not likely. You're a degenerate creature of darkness. Yeah, yeah. Granted. But, that said, all I'm asking you to do is just tilt your head a little. You can do that, can't you? Come on. More. More. This is stupid. No, no, no, come on. Work with me on this, please. You're almost there. Oh, boy. Okay. Try it the other way. There you go. Tilt up. Down. Now a little smile. Lose the smile. Drop your left ear. Your other left. Okay, the other way was better. Now drop them both. Hold it. Right there. And ever so slightly, look up. Soup is on, baby! Aw! Oh! Here you go! Yes! Aw! Look at the little guy. Aw! Beat it, stupid cat! Why do you care? I want to know what really happened... And why does that matter to you? Because I'm involved! With Ridge? With James! If you and James were romantic, I wanna know about it. What, so you can... Come on down! Gilligan, why don't you stop that. Come on, no Whammies! No Whammies! No Whammies! Stop! For weather on the ones, here's Lester. It really does help, and it really releases the serotonin, and... Hey, man, this time we'll do it my way. Ooh! Well, hello, puppy. Did you come for some of Grandma's butter bean dumplings? Mmm-mmm. You wait right there. One of these days, I'm gonna pound y'all to the ground. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Look at you. You are quite the little actor, huh? I haven't eaten like this in ages. Hey, look, my stomach's distended! How great is that? Yeah, well, don't get used to it. We gotta keep moving. But this place is a gold mine. What's wrong with you? Every week new RVs bring us new suckers who bring us new food. Look around! It's perfect. Do my eyes deceive me? Is this some apparition I see before me? Or could it be my hero? Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh! You're Bolt, the Superdog! You're fully awesome! Wait a minute. You know this dog? I do. He is fully awesome. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've established that. Who are you? I'm Rhino. Rhino the hamster. Well, you know, my ancestry isn't all hamster. I'm one-sixteenth wolf with, you know, a little wolverine in there somewhere, but that's besides the point. We have before us a legend, Bolt, the Superdog. He can outrun speeding missiles and burn through solid metal with his heat vision. Oh! And best of all, he can obliterate large structures with his superbark! Wait a minute. You've seen the superbark? Have you been observing me? Oh, yeah! I watch you all the time. That's incredible. Oh, it's nothing, really. But I'm always so vigilant. No one can evade my detection. You're a phantom. Uh... If you say so. Hey, check it out. Take a gander at this Bolt action. Scary, huh? It's like we're twins. Yeah. Scary. So, where's Penny? She was kidnapped by the Green-Eyed Man. Kidnapped? This is terrible! She could be in grave... Grave danger. I know. But I've captured this cat. An agent of the Green-Eyed Man, I presume? You presume correctly. She's taking me to Penny. You, you are vile vermin. How do you sleep at night? Penny's the most wonderful person ever, and she loves Bolt. And he's awesome, and you're a monster! How dare you disrupt their relationship with your evil! Die! Die! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I can take her, Bolty. Let me at them. Die! Die! Easy, easy, Rhino. Easy. You're right. We need her alive. Uh... We?" Yes! Bolt, I can be a valuable addition to your team. I'm listening. I'm lightning-quick. I have razor-sharp reflexes, and I'm a master of stealth. Plus, I'll keep the cat in check. The road'll be rough. I have a ball. There's no turning back. Guess I'll have to roll with the punches. Easy won't be part of the equation. Promise? I gotta warn you. Going into the belly of the beast, danger at every turn. I eat danger for breakfast. You hungry? Starving! Welcome aboard! Hey. Can we talk for a second? I don't know what's going on here, but I'm just a little bit concerned about the number of lunatics on this trip. My limit is one. He's coming with us. But I... Huh? Hey! Move it, prisoner. We're losing daylight. I agree. Now, we need to find a fast set of wheels.

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