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Bolt | Part 4

Quotes Hey. Hey, Bolt. Wake up. Come on. I've got a surprise for you. Okay, okay. No peeking. All right, now, open them. Bask in the glow, baby. I... Just let me give you the grand tour. Okay? This one, this one's mine, and this one is all yours. Mittens, I... I found this really soft pillow thing for you. And get this. I found some Styrofoam, and I stuffed it inside, which I thought was both kind of creative and ironic. You know what I mean? Mittens, I don't think that... Ooh! Ooh! Check it out. Total privacy, and completely soundproof. Yeah, well, I don't think that I... Okay, I lied. It's not soundproof. But you know... Mittens, I can't stay here. What? We're one waffle away from Penny. You're still going back to her? Mittens, she's my person. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ear, ear. Look at me, Bolt. I'm real. Now, how about this? Is that real? Does this look real to you? Or that? Is that real? Or that? How about that, Bolt? She's an actress. She's just pretending. Not Penny. There is no Penny. She's fake. No, you're wrong. She loves me. No, no, Bolt. That's what they do, okay? They act like they love you. They act like they'll be there forever, and then one day they'll pack up all their stuff and move away and take their love with them, and leave their declawed cat behind to fend for herself! They leave her wondering what she did wrong. I... I'm sorry, Mittens, but Penny is different. Then go. Mittens, I... Get out of here, Bolt. I never should've taken pity on you. Mittens... Just get out of here, Bolt! You take care, Mittens. That meat lover's pizza is not loving me back at all. Hey there, Rhino. Morning, cat. Where's Bolt? He's... He's gone. Bolt left? Yeah, but he instructed me to tell you that he had to face the Green-Eyed Man alone. Whoa! Where are you going? To Bolt. But he doesn't need us anymore. Trust me, I've seen it a million times before. In the cold, dark night before the battle, when the steely fangs of evil are sharpened and poised to strike, the hero must go and face his greatest challenge alone.
But if Bolt's taught me anything, it's that you never abandon a friend in a time of need. When your teammate's in trouble, you go. Whether they ask or not, you go, not knowing if you're coming back dead or alive... He went the other way. You go! Knowing how deep the shrapnel's going to pierce your hide, you go. Penny. No way. Wow. Bolt. I'm a really big fan of yours, brother. I'm Blake. This is my writing partner, Tom. Tom, say what's up. What's up? Wow! Oh, no. Oh. And this is our personal assistant, Billy, who was supposed to wait up on the wire. Bolt, I've admired you for such a long time, and there's something I've always wanted to tell you if I ever got a chance to meet you, and now it's... Okay, Billy, that was horrifying, what you just did. Why don't you make yourself useful. Go get me some breadcrumbs, whole grain. Go. Whole wheat is not the same thing as whole grain, Billy! Not the same, Billy. Do not come at me with whole wheat! Or pumpernickel, Billy! Okay, guys, but I really gotta get going. I know. I know you're a busy dog, but if you've got a second, we'd love to pitch you an idea for your show. Tom's better at pitching. I'll let him take it from here. Tommy's got the spotlight. Wait for it. Aliens. Oh, snap! Aliens? Audiences love aliens. Holler back! It'll be huge, man. Huge. You can't touch us. Uh... I love it. But I'll tell you what. If you guys can help me find Penny, that girl from the television show, well, I'd love to hear more about this aliens idea, but on the way. We got a nibble. Don't freak out. This is how you blew it with Nemo. We open, exterior, outer space, late morning... a fiery comet to reveal Penny... faced by a man-eating squid! And as the tractor beam is pulling Penny towards the alien mother ship, we fade to black. And we have a great pop song for the end credits. Talk to your people. We're ready to move on this. He's so on board! There it is! The most terrifying place on Earth. Hello. How are you doing today? Hi. I'm here to see Joe Mateo. At long last, we've arrived at the belly of the beast. The lair of the Green-Eyed Man! Rhino! Hold up! Hold up! Why? What's the problem? I'm pumped! Listen, this may be really hard for you to understand, but, you see, sometimes things aren't what they seem to be. I mean, sometimes, sometimes you think something's really real and it's not. And sometimes... All of my training has prepared me for this moment. This is complicated. Die! Die! Prepare yourself, foul man-beast, for I will beat your pancreas with your spleen, and then I will rip your liver out of your... You're so cute with your little whiskers. I had a hamster just like you when I was a kid. His name was Mr. Sparkles. Bolt? Bolt! You're okay! You came back. Bolt, I thought I lost you. You're my good boy. Good boy. Okay, people. Let's move it to stage seven and do it for real. I miss him. I know, honey. I do, too. First positions, please. Okay, hold still for me, sweetie. Fifteen, take one. Mark. And action. Ah! Professor, I'd like to thank you for granting us access to that labyrinthian mind of yours. You know I'd never do such a thing. Unless it was the only way to save your little girl's life! Penny! Daddy! Bolt! Here, Bolt! Your dog is nowhere near... Get that dog! Go. Go. Go. It's okay, boy. Come here. Fire. Fire, fire! There's fire! Hey, Wags. Mittens? What are you doing here? Long story short, I was tied to a delusional dog and dragged across the country. But that is not important now. The real question is, what are you doing here? And why aren't you in there? You were right about her, Mittens. She... Well, it wasn't real. No, Bolt. It is real. I was in there just now. I saw her face after you left. She's brokenhearted. She doesn't want just any dog. She loves you. She's your person, Bolt, and you are her dog. Bolt, you're just gonna have to trust me on this. Mittens, be quiet. No. You need to hear this. No, no seriously. Be quiet. What is it? Penny. Help! Please, help! Help! Hold on! Please! Help! Oh, my gosh, the stage! Yeah. You better run. I'm on your six. What do we do? Just make sure I get inside that building. Bolt? Is anyone still in there? I don't know. Coming through. It's a good day to die! Not on my watch, rodent. Bolt! I knew you'd come back. Bolt. Zoom, zoom. Bolt. Bolt, just go on out. Go. It'll be okay. You're my good boy. I love you. Have you seen my daughter? Has anyone seen my baby? Hey, did you hear that? Yeah. What is that? Quiet. Everyone be quiet. It's the superbark! It's coming from over there! Go, go, go! Come on, let's go! Over here! We found them. They're here. We found them! All right, we got an RT coming through, people. Make a hole! MAN 4 ON ME GAPHONE: For your own safety, keep moving away from the building. Bolt. I gotta get through. Sweetie! You're okay. You gotta be okay. You're gonna be just fine. She's stable, but we're gonna take her to the hospital just to be safe. I'm so sorry this happened. I can't imagine what you must be feeling. No mother should ever have to go through something like this, but I promise you we're going to make this work for us. I'm talking cover stories, production deals, executive producer credit. This is so great! Ow! We quit. No, no! Wait! Let's not make any rash decisions. Let's put a pin in it. I'm afraid your injuries were more severe than we had previously thought, my dear. We had to completely reconstruct your face. Have a look. Well, at least Calico won't be able to recognize me. Calico! Bolt! Aliens. That is totally unrealistic. Absolutely ridonculous. You could say that again. Oh, yeah. Right there, right there. Over. Yeah, that's the spot. Hey, silly doggy. That's a keeper. You wanna go play outside? You wanna go play outside? Let's go! Does that dog look familiar? Nope. I never seen him before in my life. Come on. Bolt! Come on, buddy!

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