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https://www.ford.com/ directed by John Lasseter, a lovely story of cars where the rookie sensation racing car Lightning McQueen discovers that for happiness not enough to win Piston Cup INTRO LINES LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: OK... Here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed... Quicker than quick. I am lightning! BOB CUTLASS: Welcome back to the Dinoco 400. I'm Bob Cutlass, here with my good friend, Darrell Cartrip. We're midway through what may be an historic day for racing. DARRELL CARTRIP: Bob, my oil pressure's through the roof. If this gets more exciting, they're gonna have to tow me outta the booth! BOB CUTLASS: Right, Darrell. Three cars are tied for the season points lead, heading into the final race of the season. And the winner of this race will win the season title and the Piston Cup. Does The King, Strip Weathers, have one more victory in him before retirement? DARRELL CARTRIP: He's been Dinoco's golden boy for years! Can he win them one last Piston Cup? BOB CUTLASS: And, as always, in the second place spot we find Chick Hicks. He's been chasing that tailfin his entire career. DARRELL CARTRIP: Chick thought this was his year. His chance to finally emerge from The King's shadow. But the last thing he expected was... Lightning McQueen! BOB CUTLASS: You know, I don't think anybody expected this. The rookie sensation came into the season unknown. But everyone knows him now. DARRELL CARTRIP: Will he be the first rookie to win a Piston Cup and land Dinoco? BOB CUTLASS: The legend, the runner-up, and the rookie! Three cars, one champion!

Songs from original soundtracks

Real Gone
Real Gone
  Life Is a Highway
Life Is a Highway
  Our Town
Our Town
  Route 66
Route 66


We need tires   DARRELL CARTRIP: He's got it in the bag. Call in the dogs and put out the fire! We're gonna crown us a new champion! LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Checkered flag, here I come! DARRELL CARTRIP: No! McQueen's blown a tire! BOB CUTLASS: And with only... Watch, read or share the full quotes
Lightning's Great Agent   LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I needed this. Hello? HARV: Is this Lightning McQueen, the world's fastest racing machine? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Is this Harv, the world's... more
Never drive while drowsy   SNOTROD: Ah-choo! BOOST: Hey, yo, D.J. DJ: What up? BOOST: We got ourselves a nodder. MACK: Pretty music. BOOST: Yo, Wingo! Lane change, man. WINGO: Right back at ya! BOOST: Oops! I missed. SNOTROD: You going on vacation? BOOST: Oh, no, Snotrod... more
Tractor Tipping   MATER: You know, I knew this girl Doreen. Good-lookin' girl. Looked just like a Jaguar, only she was a truck! You know, I used to crash into her, just so I could spoke to her. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: What are you talking about? MATER: I don't know. Hey, I know somethin' we can do tonight... more

END LINES MINNY: Oh, for the love of Chrysler, can we please ask someone for directions? VAN: No! There's an on-ramp close! I know it! I can feel it!

Pictures of characters Note: To view in high resolution, click on them
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen
(voiced by Owen Wilson), movie main character, a hybrid between a Toyota NASCAR with design influences from Mazda Miata and Dodge Viper but painted as Chevrolet Corvette C1
  Mater - a 1951 International Harvester L-170 truck
(voiced by Larry the Cable Guy), McQueen's best friend and sidekick, a 1951 International Harvester L-170 truck with elements of a mid-1950s Chevrolet
  Sally Carrera - a 2002 Porsche 911
Sally Carrera
(voiced by Bonnie Hunt), Radiator Springs's town attorney, is a 2002 996-series Porsche 911
Mack - a 1985 Mack Super-Liner
(voiced by John Ratzenberger), Lightning's one loyal teammate, a 1985 Mack Super-Liner
  Doc Hudson - a 1951 Hudson Hornet
Doc Hudson
(voiced by Paul Newman), Radiator Springs' local physician, a 1951 Hudson Hornet
  Chick Hicks - a generic 1980s stock car
Chick Hicks
(voiced by Michael Keaton), Lightning McQueen's primary rival, a generic 1980s stock car resembling a 197888 General Motors G-Body
Strip 'The King' Weathers - a 1970 Plymouth Superbird
Strip 'The King' Weathers
(voiced by Richard Petty), veteran racecar and racing legend, a 1970 Plymouth Superbird
  Guido - an BMW Isetta at the front
(voiced by Guido Quaroni), works at Luigi's Casa Della Tires, an BMW Isetta at the front
  Luigi - a 1959 Fiat 500
(voiced by Tony Shalhoub), a Scuderia Ferrari fan, a 1959 FIAT 500
Fillmore - a 1960 VW Bus
(voiced by George Carlin), own an organic fuel shop, a 1960 Volkswagen Bus
  Sheriff - a 1949 Mercury Club Coupe
(voiced by Michael Wallis), bearing Carburetor County license plate 001, a 1949 Mercury Eight Police Cruiser police car
  Sarge - a 1941 Willys model jeep
(voiced by Paul Dooley), a veteran with a military green paint job, a 1941 Willys model jeep, in the style used by the US Military
Flo - a 1957 Motorama show car
(voiced by Jenifer Lewis), owner of Radiator Springs only gas diner, a 1957 Motorama show car
  Ramone - a 1959 Chevy Impala Lowrider Chevrolet
(voiced by Cheech Marin), owns the Ramone's House of Body Art store, a 1959 Chevy Impala Lowrider Chevrolet
  Lizzie - a 1923 Ford Model T
(voiced by Katherine Helmond), the widow of Radiator Springs' founder, Stanley, a 1923 Ford Model T
Red - a 1960s style fire truck
(voiced by Joe Ranft), a closed-cab pumper bearing Carburetor County, a 1960s style fire engine
Snot Rod
(voiced by Lou Romano), Orange 1970 Plymouth Barracuda
  Frank - a harvester
a generic red combine harvester that resembles a bull, and the guardian of the tractors (which "moo" as cows)
Dj car
Dj modified tuner car
(voiced by E.J. Holowicki), Blue 2004 Scion xB
(voiced by Jonas Rivera), Purple Neon/Carbon fibre covered 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse
(voiced by Adrian Ochoa), Green and purple 2000 Nissan Silvia
Cast as voices: Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen; Paul Newman as Doc Hudson; Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera; Larry the Cable Guy as Mater; Cheech Marin as Ramone; Tony Shalhoub as Luigi; Guido Quaroni as Guido; Jenifer Lewis as Flo; Paul Dooley as Sarge; Michael Wallis as Sheriff; George Carlin as Fillmore; Katherine Helmond as Lizzie; John Ratzenberger as Mack, Hamm Truck, Abominable Snow Plow, P.T. Flea Car; Joe Ranft as Red, Jerry Recycled Batteries, Peterbilt; Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks; Richard Petty as The King; Jeremy Piven as Harv; Bob Costas as Bob Cutlass; Darrell Waltrip as Darrell Cartrip; Richard Kind as Van; Edie McClurg as Minny; Humpy Wheeler as Tex; Tom Magliozzi as Rusty Rust-eze; Ray Magliozzi as Dusty Rust-eze; Lynda Petty as Mrs. The King; Andrew Stanton as Fred; Dale Earnhardt Jr. as Junior; Michael Schumacher as Michael Schumacher Ferrari; Jay Leno as Jay Limo; Mario Andretti as Mario Andretti; Sarah Clark as Kori Turbowitz; Mike Nelson as Not Chuck; Jonas Rivera as Boost; Lou Romano as Snotrod; Adrian Ochoa as Wingo; E.J. Holowicki as DJ; Elissa Knight as Tia; Lindsey Collins as Mia; Larry Benton as Motorhome Race Fan; Douglas Keever as Albert Hinkey; Tom Hanks as Woody Car;Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear Car;Billy Crystal as Mike Car;John Goodman as Sullivan Truck.

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