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Dumbo | 2 | Look at his ears

QUOTES: THE TRAIN: I think I can. I thought I could. I thought I could.
THE RINGMASTER: Jostling and juggling. Fifteen minutes! Step right up and get your tickets. Hurry, hurry now. Hurry to the big sideshow. That's why you go under the big top. Fifteen big attractions that you can't see anywhere else in the world! The greatest collection in the entire world. And the greatest comedies are featured and assembled for your entertainment.
SKINNY: Ain't that the funniest thing you ever saw? Look at his ears.
BOY #1: Hey, guys, look it! Smitty's an elephant!
BOY #2: Aw, let me see! Boo!
BOY #3: You can't hide him from us.
BOY #1: Yeah, his ears are still stickin' out.
BOY #4: Come on!
SKINNY: We wanna see him! BOY1: We wanna laugh.
BOY #3: Sure, that's what we came for.
SKINNY: Hey, the biggest slingshot in the world.
BOY #1: Hey! Cut that out!
BOY #2: Hey, let's get out of here.
SKINNY: You're hurting me! Help! Here, you!
THE RINGMASTER: What's going on? Down. Mrs. Jumbo, down! Surround her. Tie her down. Get down! Calm down! Tie her down! CATTY: Darling, it was so funny. GIDDY: Oh, my dear, can you bear it? When she doused the ringmaster, I just thought I'd die. PRISSY: Well, personally, I think she went a bit too far. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: After all, one mustn't forget one is a lady. GIDDY: Oh, you're right, dear. Yes. PRISSY: Oh, that's very true. Oh, well, I suppose that's mother love. CATTY: But it's certainly no excuse for what she did. PRISSY: Mother love might cover a multitude of sins. GIDDY: It's true, my dear, and she has such a streak in... TIMOTHY: A guy can't eat in peace. PRISSY: Yes, but mother love does. TIMOTHY: Gab, gab, gab. Always gossipin'. CATTY: Girls, girls! Listen! Have I got a trunk full of dirt. GIDDY: Well, darling, tell us all. CATTY: Go on, go on. Well, I heard today that they have put her in solitary confinement. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: No! PRISSY: You don't mean it! GIDDY: Oh, how awful for her! PRISSY: Well, I must say, I-I don't blame her for anything. CATTY: You're absolutely right. It's all the fault of that little F-R-E-A-K. PRISSY: Yes, him with those ears that only a mother could love. TIMOTHY: What's the matter with his ears? I don't see nothin' wrong with 'em. I think they're cute. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Ladies, ladies! It's no laughing matter at all. PRISSY: Oh. Oh, she's right, girls. ELEPHANT MATRIARCH: Don't forget that we elephants have always walked with dignity. His disgrace is our own shame. PRISSY: Yes, that's true. That's very true. GIDDY: Oh, indeed it is. CATTY: Well, frankly, I wouldn't eat at the same bale of hay with him.

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Dumbo movie 2 - The greatest collection in the entire world
The greatest collection in the entire world
  We wanna see him we wanna laugh
We wanna see him we wanna laugh
I suppose that's mother love
I suppose that's mother love
  Always gossiping
Always gossiping