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The Fox and the Hound | 2

Quotes WIDOW TWEED: Amos Slade, you trigger-happy lunatic! Give me that gun! AMOS SLADE: My radiator! Why, you blasted female. I'll WIDOW TWEED: Hold it right there! AMOS SLADE: Watch it! That thing's loaded! WIDOW TWEED: Now it ain't loaded! AMOS SLADE: Dagnabit, woman! Your thievin' fox was after my chickens! WIDOW TWEED: Rubbish and poppycock! I don't believe it. He wouldn't hurt a thing. AMOS SLADE: You callin' me a liar, you muddleheaded female? I saw it happen!
WIDOW TWEED: Amos Slade, that temper of yours is going to get you into a lot of trouble. AMOS SLADE: Temper? Temper, woman? You ain't seen my temper! If I ever catch that fox on my property again, I'll blast him! And next time, I won't miss! WIDOW TWEED: Poor little tyke. It's a shame I have to keep him cooped up. Tod, stop looking at me like that. It's not my fault, you know. You caused a lot of trouble yesterday. Oh, now what are they up to? Why, it looks like Amos is going on a hunting trip. A long one, from the looks of it. Well, good riddance! AMOS SLADE: Doggone meddlin' female, shootin' up my radiator! Dad blame it. Get goin'! There. Well, that's more like it. Keep runnin', old girl. Well, Copper, me and old Chief are gonna teach you all about huntin'. COOPER: Yes, sir. AMOS SLADE: It's about time too. Attaboy. Yeah, you're gonna like trackin' down those varmints for me. CHIEF: Get in the back, half-pint. You gotta earn your right to sit up front. AMOS SLADE: Well, boys, we're gettin' outta here till next spring. BIG MAMA: Tod, honey, what are you doin' over here? TOD: Gee, I just wanted to say goodbye to Copper, but I'm too late. BIG MAMA: Well, what did you plan to do if you ran into old Chief? TOD: Chief. I can outfox that dumb old dog anytime. BIG MAMA: Tod, now hold it just one minute. Didn't you learn anything yesterday? You better believe it, Tod. Yes, sirree! TOD: You mean Copper is gonna be my enemy? BIG MAMA: Hey! Kid, you better step over here and take a good look. TOD: Why... BIG MAMA:NWhy, that's awful. Those poor things. I'm sorry, Tod. Honey, Copper's gonna come back a trained huntin' dog. A real killer. TOD: Oh, no, not my friend Copper. He won't ever change. BIG MAMA: I hope you're right, Tod. TOD: And we'll keep on being friends forever. Won't we, Big Mama? BIG MAMA: Darlin', forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changin' things. DINKY: Oh, Jiminy. It sure turned cold. BOOMER: I'm freezin' my. DINKY: Hey! It's that fuzzy worm! Let's get him! Charge! BOOMER: Hey, Dinky! Dinky, quick! Over here! I got him! I got him! DINKY: Do I look like a worm? That's who we're after. Come on! Look at that little creep, warm and cosy by the fire. BOOMER: Let me take a look. Now how do you like that guy? Snug as a bug, while we're out here freezin' our beaks off. DINKY: Yackin' and shiverin' ain't gettin' us anywhere. We'll get that no-good worm when we come back. BOOMER: Oh, shucks. DINKY: So long, Big Mama. BIG MAMA: Yeah, we're goin' south for the winter. Goodbye, boys. See ya next spring. Well, look who's here. Oh, my goodness. I'm sorry, Tod, honey. I hope. DINKY: Hiya, Big Mama. We're back. We flew all the way. BOOMER: Yeah, we did. We did. BIG MAMA: Welcome home, boys! It's been kind of lonesome around here without you little rascals. TOD: Hi, fellas! BOOMER: Hey, who's that? Who's that? DINKY: This can't be that scrawny little squirt we found by the fence post, can it? Come on. BOOMER: I can't believe my eyes. TOD: Oh, it's me, all right. DINKY: Hey, looky there. He's got himself a real fancy collar. BOOMER: Hey, hey, hey. Just look at this bushy tail. Beautiful. TOD: Come on. Cut it out. You guys are always teasin' me. DINKY: Hey, it's him, it's him. Squeeks. We'll see ya later, kid. We gotta take care of some unfinished business. WIDOW TWEED: I can't understand. It was so healthy. There. That oughta perk it up. BOOMER: Now, where'd he go? Where'd he go? DINKY: He's goin' up the drainpipe! I'll head him off. OK, Boomer, we got him trapped! BOOMER: Let him have it! Did you get him? DINKY: No, I didn't. BOOMER: Neither did l. DINKY: Come on! Look! BOOMER: A caterpillar under glass. Oh, boy! Holy! Smoke! Hey, hey, how's he do that, Dinky? How's he do that? AMOS SLADE: I ain't got no job I'm a huntin' man And I'd rather have a dog than a dollar So let's go banjo ring a ling a ding ho Give a little hoot and a holler. Come on, Chief. Just ęcause you're not sittin' up front, that ain't no reason to be a sorehead. Shucks, if it weren't for you, Copper'd never have turned into a good huntin' dog. Yes, sirree. Now I got me the best two dogs there is. Right, Copper? Isn't he somethin', Chief? TOD: Look, Big Mama! Copper's back! Boy, has he grown big. BIG MAMA: And look at that big pile of skins he helped track down. TOD: I know, Big Mama. He's a huntin' dog now. You're right. BIG MAMA: And you're a fox. TOD: That won't make any difference. Copper's gonna be glad to see me. BIG MAMA: Well, honey, just don't get your hopes too high. TOD: Look, don't worry. I'll be careful. I'll go tonight when Chief and the hunter are asleep. COOPER: Boy, it's great to be back home, isn't it, Chief? Come on, Chief. You aren't still sore, are ya? Hey, hey, come on. Let's scuffle. We ain't scuffled in a long time. Come on, Chief! Let's have some fun! CHIEF: Oh, lay off, Copper, you overgrown pup, you. Oh, let go! Dagnabit! Let go, I say! COOPER: Oh, OK, OK. CHIEF: That was your trouble on the hunt. COOPER: Come on, old-timer. You treat me like a pup, you know that? Why, I think I done real good trackin' down them varmints for ya. CHIEF: Smellin' and trackin' ain't enough. You gotta think nasty. COOPER: OK, I know. I know. TOD: Copper. Hey, Copper. It's me, Tod. COOPER: I thought that was you, Tod. I heard ya comin'.
The Fox and the Hound (1981)
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