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The Fox and the Hound | 4

Quotes VIXEY: Tod, do you need help? TOD: No. No, I do it this way all all the all the time! I got him. BOOMER: Oh, that farm boy, he don't know nothin' about fishin'. He ain't gonna hook her that way. VIXEY: Oh, gosh! Tod, you're the funniest thing I ever saw! TOD: Go ahead! Go ahead and laugh! You're like everyone else around here. VIXEY: I'm sorry. I can't help it. You are so funny. TOD: So I can't fish! You're a silly, empty-headed female!
VIXEY: Now just a minute. I mean, you've got a nerve. Why don't you grow up?
BIG MAMA: Tod, that's no way to talk to Vixey.
TOD: Oh, raspberries! I've had it. BIG MAMA: Honey, don't stay mad. You gotta be natural. That's the trick. Can't you see?
DINKY: But Big Mama.
BOONER: It's just getting interesting.
VIXEY: Tod, I just know you're gonna love the forest. Listen, come on. Let me show you around.
TOD: Sure.
VIXEY: Come on. Look. One, two, three, four, five, six. Seven. I think six would be just right.
TOD: Six? Six what?
ALMOS SLADE: No hunting. Well, now, we ain't gonna do none of that, are we, Copper? We're just gonna get us a no-good fox. All right, boy, get trackin'. Smell him out. What ya got there, Copper? Good work, boy. He'll be comin' right through here, headin' for water. But he won't be drinny.
TOD: What a beautiful morning, Vixey. You know, I've never been happier.
VIXEY: Oh, Tod, me too.
AMOS SLADE: That does it. Amos, you crafty old coot. The devil himself couldn't have done no better.
VIXEY: Tod? Tod, wait a minute.
TOD: What is it, Vixey?
VIXEY: I don't wanna go in there. It's too quiet.
TOD: Vixey.
VIXEY: Tod, be careful.
AMOS SLADE: Dad blast it! He's gettin' away!
TOD: Quick, Vixey! Go on, head for the burrow. Quick, Vixey. Out the back.
VIXEY: Tod! Oh, no, Tod.
AMOS SLADE: Copper! Copper! We got Šem now for sure. This is their only way out. Steady, boy. Steady. Get ready.
VIXEY: Tod! We're trapped! Tod, I'm scared.
TOD: Quick, Vixey! This is our only chance!
AMOS SLADE: Whoa! No! I don't believe it! Copper, we've trapped him now! Copper!
AMOS SLADE: Come on, Copper. Get outta the way. Well come on, boy. Let's go home.
DINKY: This is it. We got him for sure now.
BOOMER: Oh, my gosh!
DINKY: What happened?
BOOMER: Hey, there's somethin' very familiar about those eyes, Dinky.
DINKY: Nah, it couldn't be. Could it?
BIG MAMA: Bye, Squeeks. Bye. Good luck, honey.
AMOS SLADE: Ouch! You're killin' me! Ouch!
WIDOW TWEED: Amos Slade, will you hold still? You're behaving like a child.
AMOS SLADE: Well, for gosh sakes, you're hurtin' my foot, woman!
WIDOW TWEED: Nonsense! Your foot is mendin' fine. You'll soon be yourself. Oh, land sakes. I don't know if I like that.
AMOS SLADE: Be careful! Ouch!
CHIEF: He's sure makin' a big fuss over a little old hurt leg.
TOD: Copper? You're my very best friend. COOPER: And you're mine too, Tod. And we'll always be friends forever, won't we? TOD: Yeah, forever.
The Fox and the Hound (1981)
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