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from Fun and Fancy Free, where Mickey goes to the village to sell the cow for some magic beans Mickey and the Beanstalk script 2 Well, she wouldn't have to know. They could sneak up on her and surprise her. Yeah, that's what we'll do. We'll kill the cow. Oh, no, Charlie. You mustn't. We'll get a stranglehold on her while she's asleep and then push her off the cliff. Well, it'll be your fault if they starve to death. Why don't they sell the cow?

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That's just what they did. Well, why didn't you say so in the first place, and save a lot of time? I could save a lot of time by not telling the story at all! Your idea is not without merit. Well, back to the scene of desolation. Things are beginning to look much brighter now, because as Mickey goes to the village to sell the cow, the thought of prosperity brings new hope to the famished farmers. Even Donald has fully recovered, for soon their long-empty plates will overflow with food. Hey, look! 'til they reach the sky and eat and eat... Pancakes piled up 'til they reach the sky. Lots of greens Beans! What d'you mean, beans? Yeah, fellows. I sold the cow for some magic beans! Beans! But Donald! These are not ordinary beans! They're magic beans! If you plant these beans in the light of a full moon, do you know what'll happen? Yes! We get more beans! No, no, Donald! Magic beans! Phooey! Poor Mickey, cheated into trading his cow for a handful of beans. What a mean trick! Swindling an innocent farmer out of all he owned and lying to him, telling him that the beans were magic. Planted in the light of a full moon! What a shame to deceive a simple little peasant. Magic beans, indeed! Light of a full moon. Bergen? Oh, Bergen! What? There's something moving. Well, maybe there is some magic in them! All right, now let's all keep quiet and see what happens. And all through the night, it grew, onward and upward. That thing is a menace to aviation. And so, with the coming of dawn, we find the bewildered farmers staring at a mammoth castle, miles above the earth. Their curiosity was aroused: nothing could hold them back. Who lives there? Man or monster? Friend or foe? Aprincess or a dragon? Well, search me. What drew them toward this place of mystery? Hunger? Desperation? Or perhaps it was love of adventure. What a fantastic experience: perhaps mortal man has never before set foot on this strange land. Well, somebody did. Oh, gosh! Who made them? Well, it wasn't Cinderella. Soon they reached the moat surrounding the castle. But this didn't stop them. On they went, as if drawn by some irresistible force. And then, suddenly, without warning, out of the sky above. Ooh, dragonflies! A flyin'front and draggin' behind. Gee, what whoppers! Come back and fight! Finally, they reached the castle. The hard way. This was the biggest adventure of their lives. Forgotten was their hunger: forgotten was their fear. It took courage to scale these massive steps, to make this journey into the unknown. But these stouthearted lads never faltered. Three minds with but a single thought. What mystery lurked within those cold, forbidding walls? What strange spell hovered over this gloomy place? Will no one answer? Are they walking into a trap? Do they go in? You know,you could stand some rehearsal on this story. Inside, the tremendous hall was as silent as a tomb. Not a sign of life anywhere. Caught with his pants Charlie! Caught with his pants Charlie! Well, his slip was showing. They gazed in speechless wonder, almost afraid to breathe. Suddenly they looked up. What was it? Food! Let me at it! Oh! Who's there? Who is it? That's the harp! Boy, oh, boy! How'd you get here? I was kidnapped by that wicked giant! Oh. A giant! A giant? A giant! Bigger than 40 men. Oh, no! An ogre who had the power to turn himself into anything, man or beast. That calls for a drink. It was this heartless monster that swooped down under cover of darkness, carried off the golden harp and brought ruin to Happy Valley. I'm a giant. You are not. You're nothing of the kind. Well, I'm a small giant. No, you're not. I'm tougher than 40 men. You're not. Well uh, 20 men. Ten men? Aren't you ashamed of yourself, Charlie? Why do you act like that? I don't know. I guess it's just a stage I'm goin' through. Well, take off that moustache. Now go over there and behave yourself. Yes, sir. Everything I do is wrong. But why did the giant want to steal the harp? Because he was cruel and selfish. He didn't care what happened to the valley. He just wanted someone to sing him to sleep. Well, why didn't he turn on the radio? Well, they didn't have radios in those days. Yeah. That's why they called it Happy Valley. What did the giant look like? Well, he was I'll try and show you. He looked something like this. Looks like my pig Smedley. Never mind the self-portraits. Ha-ha. Well, no, that isn't right. He-He looked more like more like this. There he is now. And the giant came home for dinner, roaring. Drunk. I was not! I mean, he was not.
Mickey and the Beanstalk movie 2 picture - their long-empty platetheir long-empty plate   I sold the cow for some magic beansI sold the cow for some magic beans   we find the bewildered farmers staring at a mammoth castlewe find the bewildered farmers staring at a mammoth castle   What a fantastic experienceWhat a fantastic experience
they reached the castlethey reached the castle   almost afraid to breathealmost afraid to breathe
I was kidnapped by that wicked giantI was kidnapped by that wicked giant   why didn't he turn on the radiowhy didn't he turn on the radio