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Mickey and the Beanstalk movie 3

from Fun and Fancy Free, where Mickey goes to the village to sell the cow for some magic beans Mickey and the Beanstalk script 3 Those are his magic words, you know. You're telling us! Wait. He may be smarter than he looks. Oh, I hope he doesn't find them. Hey, Giant, you're getting warm. Well, don't tell him! Behind the jar, stupid. Chocolate pot roast! With stispacio. With dismashmee. With dismash. With green gravy. Feedy, fidey, fodey, fum! Gesundheit. Oh, no, you don't! You can't get away from Willie. I gotcha! I think I gotcha. Yeah, I gotcha. Willie. What? He'll have to talk fast to get out of this one. Well,you leave it to Mickey. Just watch. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty. Boy, what a life line! But what's this here? What is it? What is it! I can't believe it! Is it bad? Why, it says here that you can change yourself into anything! Sure, sure! You wanna see me? I can change myself into the darndest things! Go on, gimme somethin'.

Anything! See? Mickey never misses a trick. He's got a good idea. Well, uh... Can you change into a fly? A cute, teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy housefly? That's it. A housefly. You don't want a fly. How about a bunny with long, pink ears? Well, of course, if you can't do a fly. A fly. Why? Well, they're, uh Because. Okay. A teeny-weeny fly. With pink wings. Now for the magic wordies. You sure you don't want a pink bunny? Hey, what is this? You think you fool Willie. Yeah, a couple more good ideas like that and they're finished. Well, I'll admit the little fellows are in a bad fix. But Mickey isn't one to give up without a struggle and with a little luck, they may still pull through. This isn't the first time Mickey's been in a tight spot. Anybody wanna buy a tall, thin mouse? No, thank you. Uh, I mean no. Yes, things look pretty dark for the prisoners. Looks like their goose is cooked. Oh, Fate may yet deal them a winning hand. Don't forget, there's still the magic harp. She knows the giant's weakness. She could be my weakness. There might still be a chance of escape if she could only use her magic voice to put the giant to sleep. If she can't, I know who can. Let's all be quiet now, and see. Everyone is so delightful. Dancing to a heavenly theme. But there's something else. I look forward to It's a secret. But here's a clue. He's my favorite dream. Oh, mercy. Forgive us. Go carefully Oh! Where is he? Hello? Nightmare. Oh, boy. He made it! He did? Here he comes with the key! Let me have it, Mickey! Well, it looks like success at last. Free from the clutches of that terrible monster. And now to find the beanstalk, climb down and return home in triumph, with a big surprise for Happy Valley. But wait. Mickey's going to make doubly sure. He's taking no chances. Just in case the giant might wake up. Oh! Ha. Should have left well enough alone. Come back here! Come back here! And there goes the giant! He's helpless now, tumbling over and over and over, down, down. And so with the passing of the wicked giant. Happy Valley echoed once again with song and laughter. For with the return of the magic harp, peace and prosperity reigned throughout the land. And the people of the valley lived happily ever after. You're a wonderful storyteller, Mr. Bergen. Isn't he, Charlie? Simply thrilling. You're even better than the old-fashioned sleeping pill. What's the matter, Mortimer? I don't like them sad endings. Oh, now, you don't understand. Willie was a nice giant, he was. He just got too big for his britches. But you don't understand. No, don't touch me. I'll be all right. Oh, excuse me. What I'm trying to explain, Mortimer, is that Willie the Giant didn't actually exist. No? No. He's a metaphysical phenomenon of your subconscious mind, a phantasmagoria of your mental faculties. Yeah? In other words,just a figment of your imagination. No! Yes. So there's nothing to be upset about. Hey! Has anybody seen anything of a teensy-weensy little mouse? No. I, uh Oh, Mr. Bergen! Bergen, speak to me. Speak to me. What's the matter with him? Somethin' he ate? Uh, no. It's, uh It's a fig-a-mentation of his imagination. No! Yeah. Well, uh, good night, Willie. Uh, don't slam the roof. You might wake Mr. Bergen. Now some folks don't believe in giants. And others say that bears don't talk. And never fall in love If you really wanna find Happiness Peace of mind Believe in all your dreams And you will see and fancy Free and full of fun And fancy-free
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