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Quotes Listen to Paris. Oh. Quasi, it's wonderful. Oh, come on, show me more! Oh, oh, they're coming. They're coming. Come on. Go, go. Spread out. You can dry off in here. Put 'er there, mon frere! So, what's the plan? Plan? A little soft music?
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A little candlelight? A cozy by the fire? Gesundheit! Oh, thank you. You're welcome. Hey! Shh! Oh. Oh, it's beautiful. Yes, you are. I mean, yes, she is. La Fidele, that is. That's her name. La Fidele... The Faithful One. But she's even more beautiful on the inside. I'll show you. Whoa. This must be worth a fortune. You should get warm. Here, put this on. You're very kind. Do you really think there's more to me than what you see? That I have something else to give? I do. I know I'm not much to look at. I've never met anyone like you, Quasimodo. I mean, you understand the world... better than anyone I've ever known. Do you really think so? I do. I made this for you. Now you can always see yourself... through my eyes. Well, I should... I mean, I'd better... It's late and, well... I'm babbling again. Stupid me. No. No, maybe I'm not. Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow? Oh. It does my heart good to see our boy like that. Yes. He does seem to have a certain savoir faire. I hope it's not contagious. That circus is responsible for a string of robberies. What? I like the circus, Papa. I want to join and... Absolutely not! Those people... Those people? How can you lump people together like that? But the gypsies weren't guilty of crimes like these circus people. Madellaine's not. She's different. Well, maybe... and maybe she's just using you to get something else. You don't think she could be interested in me just for me? Oh, of course she cou... Yes, anyone could, but look at the facts. Find some, and I will. Achilles, do you believe this? Everybody is mad at me. How often does that happen? Rhetorical! Lead him out of harm's way. Oh, lovely. Captain! I'm here about a rash of robberies. A rash? Oh. I find a little soothing lotion does wonders for the complexion. I'm talking about thefts in town. Portraits! Well, we've had nothing go missing except some of my hair! Are you clever enough to retrieve that? Oh, no, I suppose not. My investigation leads me here. Oh, it's true, Captain. And it's my fault! You're... You're confessing? Absolutely. She's my responsibility. See, she's been a thief since she was six. I thought I could break her of it if I gave her a job... a place to call home. Oh, Madellaine. Oh, Madellaine. Madellaine? Madellaine. Where is she? Gone. She and the hunchback are strolling about the town. Thank you. No, thank you, Captain.

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part The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002)
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