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The Hunchback of Notre Dame II | 4

Quotes I'll let you get back to your self. Perfect. I make the heist of the century... while the girl leads the monster and the captain away. Madellaine! I want to talk with you. Oh, um... Let's... Let's go for a walk. I got it! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Oh, oh, oh! Mr. Sarousch! Can I join your circus? Ah, the price you pay. Hey, wait! I can join the circus if I want to. Hey, where you guys going? Have you seen this woman? No. Do you know where I might find her? What are you doing there? Uh, nothing. Hey, who are these clowns? Madellaine says La Fidele is this one! I smell something rotten in Denmark. Oh, Madellaine. The fool! Look at this ugly thing. Oh. What... Oh, lovely. I'm rich, rich! I wonder if they make diamond underwear. Oh! They're stealin' La Fidele! Here, hold this. What part of hold this was too complex? There's something I need to tell you. There's something I need to know. Madellaine, you know, the festival's tomorrow... and I thought that... I mean, we could... you know, go? Quasi, I'm not the person you think I am. But I want to be, more than anything. Madellaine, tell me the truth. Hey! What happened to La Fidele? They stole it! Dad was right. Come on! We gotta find out where they're taking the bell. All right. I've had enough! Something's wrong. We have to hurry! But... But, Quasimodo, I... La Fidele! It's gone! The bell has been stolen! We must find her, or the festival will be ruined! Sarousch! How could I have been such a fool? Sarousch? Seal off the city... every street, every river, every alley! They won't get far with a bell that size. Did you know about this? I wanted to tell you. I tried. You used me! No! Which one is La Fidele? Please! Let's... Let's go for a walk. You never cared about me. No! That is not true! You were right. Quasi, I'm sorry. Take her away. No! No! Quasi, please, just... just let me explain. Look at me! Quasimodo, just look at me! Quasi! Yo, Quasi! Quasi, is that you? I say, old chap, bit of assistance? Hey, get us out of here! We gotta hurry. Speed is essential. It wasn't my fault. One at a time. It's Zephyr. He's gone after them. What happened to the circus? Halt! Okay. Come on. Won't be long now till we're home free. Wha... Come here! Come back! Come back here! You won't get away with this! My dad's captain of the guard! Captain of the guard, eh? Really?
Captain, the city is secured, but there is no sign of Sarousch. Then we have to look further! Phoebus! Zephyr has gone after Sarousch! I've looked everywhere. I've got men all over the city. We'll find him. You're looking in all the wrong places. Sarousch has made a living from illusion, but I can outthink him. It's the same as the disappearing elephant. There was always a tunnel under the stage. He's taken the bell underground. The catacombs. He could be using the catacombs. And she could be saying exactly what Sarousch wants her to. We go underground, and he slips right out of town. Can't you see? Listen to me. Your son's life is at stake. Maybe you should look again like you did with me. All right! But she's coming along as a prisoner. Djali! Where's Zephyr? Hurry, Djali, take us to him! Which will go better with my eyes... diamonds or sapphires? Sarousch! Surrender now! You've got no way out! Oh, really? I see things a bit differently. Mama! Papa! Let him go! Let him go? I think not, Captain. He's my ticket out of here. You're not going anywhere, Sarousch. Now release the boy! Let me pass safely, and you may see your precious little boy again. Quasimodo, he means it. He'll hurt Zephyr, but I know how we can save him. Please untie me. Why, so you can escape with Sarousch? Don't test me, Captain! Papa! Lovely. Quasi, listen to me. I know I hurt you. I'm sorry, but I am someone you can trust. How can I? I've already made that mistake. Quasimodo, there's more to me. Well done, mon capitaine. Mama! Papa! You hold the rope. I'll do the rest. A hush comes over the crowd as Madellaine begins her graceful trek. I can do this. I can do this. I know you can. What... What are you doing here? Just standing here looking pretty. Seize him! No, no, no! Not the face! Watch the face! Oh, Mom, Dad. Let's go. Fools! I am Sarousch! This is not the ending I had in mind. Get in there! No prison can hold me! Wait, we can work this out. Did I mention I do birthday parties? And now while Quasimodo rings La Fidele... come and proclaim your love for all of Paris to hear! I love Josette! I love Jean Paul! I was wrong about all of it. I know. There's only one thing I can say. I love Esmeralda! I love Phoebus! Huh? Huh. Huh? Huh. Wait a minute. Huh? Hmm. What is it? Quasimodo, you've shown me that the world is full of miracles. Just ordinary miracles. They happen every day. Yuck. Yeah. Yeah. Yuck. Yuck. I'm so happy, I could just mildew. Aw, lighten up! Take your heart for granite... like me! Aw. She'd better take good care of our boy. Don't worry. I will. Wha... Huh? I love Madellaine! And I love Quasimodo! Angel in disguise Stories in his eyes Love for every true heart That he sees Was it just a lucky day That he turned and looked my way Or is it heaven right before My very eyes He's shown me all new things The shimmer of moonbeams I was blind But now he's helped me see I was lost, but now I'm found His happiness surrounds And now I find that my dreams Can come true 'Cause I'm gonna love you For the rest of my life I'm holding you safe here In this heart of mine I can't live without you 'Cause my soul would die You know I'm tellin' the truth I'll spend the rest of my life Loving you It didn't start this way It happened just one day You smiled at me And I saw you differently Now I would tremble just to be Apart of you as we Begin a life That's sure to never end 'Cause I'm gonna love you For the rest of my life I'm holding you safe here In this heart of mine I can't live without you 'Cause my soul would die You know I'm tellin' the truth I'll spend the rest of my life Loving you The rest of my life, baby Loving you

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part The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002)
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