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Quotes FATHER: Mowgli! MOTHER: Ranjan! Huh? What? Huh? Ohh! Uhh! Oh, dear. Huh? What is... what on earth? HATHl: Retreat! Aah! Oh! Oh! Ah! Colonel Hathi! Take cover! Oh. no! Not again Uhh! Excuse me. Pardon. Colonel Hathi, what... what is the meaning of this? Man is in the jungle! Wh-what does he want? MAN: Think they'll come out? SECOND MAN: I think they're over here! Mowgli! Ohh. Penaps I was too harsh with the boy. Don't worry. We'll find them. MAN: Children. Can you hear me? Mowgli! Ranjan! Baloo. Uhh! Almost got it, Baloo. Alley-oop! Whoa! Whoa! Ah, them primo mangos... always the hardest to get. Uhh. Got 'em. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ahh. Ahh. This is the life. Heads up. Ah. Delicious. Hey, check this out. Hmm. Ahh Heh heh Hey, not bad. Where'd you learn to do that? Shanti showed me. Shanti? I said wanti. I wanti another mango. Ha ha ha. No, no, no, that's not what you said. You said Shanti. No, I didn't. Yes, you did. No, I didn't. Did. Didn't. Yep. I heard it. You know what? Who cares about Shanti? Because it's just a stupid trick, right? Yeah, right. You don't need her, kid. You're with old Baloo now. What are you laughing at? What are you doin' out here, Baghee? Haven't you heard? Man is in the jungle. What do they want? They're searching for Mowgli. BALOO: Mowgli? I thought that penaps maybe you have seen the boy. Me? Uh, no. Ha. You know his future is in that village. Yes. I just wish I knew where he was. Yeah. Whew. Sorry. Heh. Man, wish I could help you out, Baghee. Ohh! Enough games, Baloo! Now give me the boy! Baghee, Baghee, Baghee, Baghee. I can explain. I can explain. I can explain, but I don't have to... 'cause you can plainly see Mowgli is not here. I'm all alone I know he's around here somewhere and he can't hide forever. Well, he won't get past you, Baghee. Hmm. Whew! Kid? Kid, where'd you go? Ohh! What are you tryin' to do... scare the tick out of my ticker? Ha ha ha! Ohh! Wow, the whole village... Looking for me? We can't let nobody see you. I thought they were mad. We gotta lay low, hunker down... hibernate. Like They must really miss me. I wonder if Shanti's with them. Shanti? You definitely don't want her to find you. Do ya? No. We can't let anyone find us, especially that girl. Come on, Baloo. We gotta get moving. Lay low, hunker down... hibernate, like. Now, Mowgli... what if that girl tracks us down? What are you gonna do? Then... then you're gonna have to scare her! Scare her? Has the milk run out of your coconut? No, she's terrified of wild animals. In case you haven't noticed, kid, I'm no wild animal. Heh... except at parties. Heh heh heh. I suppose I'm more of a... honey bear. You can do it, Baloo. You're the one that taught me, remember?
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You scrunch up your eyes like this and show your teeth like this and roar like this roaarrrr! Roar? No, no. Like you mean it. Do you want that girl to take me back to the village? Yeah, man! That was great. Well, I don't know. Trust me. That'll do it. Well, in that case, Mowgli, consider that girl scarified. Thanks, Papa Bear. Anything for my Little Britches. OK, let's skedaddle. Now, don't you worry. I got a place downriver. It's the perfect hideout. Real quiet, huh? Quiet? Heh. You want quiet, go back to that man-village. This place is happenin'. SHANTI: OK, here's the village. We crossed the river... Ranjan, be careful. Ha ha! OK, we went right. No, no, no, no. Um, left, left, I mean. Right. No, left, then right, and... Ohh! This jungle all looks the same! Ha ha ha ha! Ah ha! Ranjan, what's that? Mowgli? He must've been here. Or some animal with really sharp claws. Come on, lads! This way! Let's get out! MOWGLI: This is the perfect hideout? This is King Louie's place Was, kid, was. He's splitsville. Now me and the monkeys have turned it... into the greatest secret hideout ever. Excuse me. Comin' through. Hey, Baloo! Oh, good to see you back again, man. Heh. Everybody knows about it. But if everybody knows about it, how can it be a secret? I mean, everybody who's anybody. Nobody who's nobody don't know nothin' about no place... that everybody who's anybody knows about, you dig? Uhh, my head hurts. Hey, turn the thinker off for a minute and just dive in. Step aside, and I'll show you what a real rug-cutter can do. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the boss of bop, the jack of jive the jungle cat who's really gonna keep it alive. Get ready to stir it up and serve it up. I'm talkin' about... Baloo is in the house! Hey, cats, all right! Whoo-hoo! That's my boy. They don't swing out like that in your man-village, now do they, kid, hmm? Well, uh, no. Heh heh heh Big fat no Say, what that village like, anyway? Hey, whoa, don't bother the kid. He told me all about that scene. Let me lay it out for you. Those people are crazy. Everybody works, and nobody plays. Oh, man! BALOO: They got nothin' but rules. Rules. Rules Oh, and there's even this girl... who thinks the jungle is a scary place Ha ha ha! But. You know. It doesn't matter 'cause Mowgli's never gonna see that village or that crazy girl again Ha ha ha! Ain't that so, kid? Ha ha ha. Mowgli? Mowgli? Mowgli? BALOO: Mowgli! Did we find Mowgli yet? Oh, are you tired? A little. I'm sure we'll find him soon. Come on, hop up. You OK up there? Uh-huh. Did you hear that? Hear what? It sounded like Mowgli. Mowgli! Ranjan, wait! Ranjan! Ha ha ha! Mowgli! Shanti? Whoa! Uhh! Are you OK? Oh, I feel... vine. Heh heh. RANJAN: What are you doing up there? Hold on, I'll be right... Whoa! I can't believe I finally found you! I thought I would never see you again! You out here, kid? Hey, Little Britches? MOWGLI: Ow! Ow! Hmm. Ow, you're not really helping. Ranjan, stop pulling. It's her. MOWGLI: So. What are you doing out here. Anyway? SHANTI: I came to save you MOWGLI: Save me? From what? That wild bear that carried you off. What wild... Rrraaarrr! Aah! Baloo, don't! No, no, no! Stop! Wait! Uhh! Aah! Ow! Oh! Aah! Roar. Boh! Boo! Ohh. My poor sneezer That hurt. You come anywhere near Ranjan, and I'll really show you hurt. Wait! Don't make me do it! Wait! Calm down!

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