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Lady and the Tramp II | 2

Quotes Hey, you get out of the street! Scamp? Oh, no. Tramp! They're jumping on the sofa and playing in the trash. And, and breaking stuff! If only there were hats to chew on. Goodbye, chains! Hello, freedom! Go, Buster! That a way, Buster! Bust his butt off, Buster! So, any of you other low life mongre is... think you're dog enough to take Buster on? Don't be afraid! Have no fear! Have no fear! In junkyard society We're repelled by all propriety Humility and modesty Good manners and sobriety We always gulp our meat Our coats are never neat Alas, we lack all poise We're full of natural noise No pets you stroke and pat You might as well be a cat In junkyard Society Society We are the mutual unelite An underclass from our head to feet Our deeds are spiteful our mischief pure We got a natural disorder For which there's no cure Down to the junkyard Straight to the junkyard Step to the junkyard Society rag That's where you're nobody's perfumed pet Where you can wet where you want to wet Where you put charity on the shelf The only one that you'll look out for Is you yourself Down in the junkyard Check out the junkyard Doin' the junkyard Society rag No distemper shots from the vet Showyour temper Mean as you can get Down at the yard where we live and let Chaos and trouble Oh, we do it double None of this play-it-safe house dog stuff Our days are risky Our nights are ruff The peaceful life leaves us ill at ease We're crude and loud in a crowd and very proud of our fleas Oh, I love this guy ! Down at the junkyard Check out the junkyard Step to the junkyard Straight to the junkyard Doin' the junkyard Sing it, boy ! Society Rag What a blast! I'd never get away with this at home. So you really think you got what it takes to be a junkyard dog, huh? He's got what it takes, Buster. I saw all his moves back in that alley. Huh? Yeah, yeah. Watch this slick move. Talented as you are, it ain't that easy, sport. Every day out here is like a test of survival. A test! Beautiful! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Good! Baby, I always get my best ideas when you're around. That's why you're my girl. I'm not your girl. Okay, Scampers, we'll give you a shot... but you gotta pass a little test of courage in Reggie's alley. What? Reggie's alley? But it's never been done before.
Come here. Don't listen to them. I got faith in you, kid. It's just a little test to prove you could stand on your own four paws. Easy. I'm not afraid of anything. That's what I like about you, kid. You got spunk. Did you call the pound? Yes, dear. They have n't seen him. Oh, Tramp. Scamp's never been out all night. So much could happen. Hey, easy, Pidge. We'll find him before he gets himself in real trouble. Oh, Miss Lady, ma'am! We came as soon as we heard . Oh! Och! Och! Unclejock! Uncle Trusty ! Scamp ran away ! What they said! Not to worry, little ladies. Got my grandpappy Ol' Reliable's... keen sense of smell. Say, have I ever told you girls... about the time I saved your father from certain death? No! No! Yep! Och! Here he goes again. I told you, there'll be no livin' with him. That Scamp is going to get into so much trouble when he gets home. Yeah. Hmph! I don't even want him back. Yeah. Who cares? He should know better than to run off. I bet he gets a slipper right across his great, big, fat, uh... Uh, we really do miss him, Mom. We'll be back with your brother in no time. Your old man's got twice the speed and cunning as any dog half his age. just using a few forgotten muscles, that's all. Lady, Tramp, let's go. Come on. No tellin' what mischief that pup's gettin' into. All right, Scampster. Fetch the can out of the alley. See ya! It's a spook! A spook! It's Reggie! Scatter! Where, oh, where has my little dog... We ll, I'll be. You're not gettin' away this time. I got you now, you little hoodlum. Hey ! Hey, now, get off of there ! Whoa! What are you, mad? That'll get ya hard time in the pound, fella... attacking a deputy animal control officer's vehicle. And a fine modern machine like this one at that. Two horsepower, three miles to the gallon, boy. Hey. You saved my life. Nobody else here would have dared to do that. Wow ! Did you see that? Is it possible? Scamp is a canine hurricane. You did eve ryone a big favour, 'kay? Oui. You are practically the hero. Shouldn't we go after him or something? Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey. You got it all wrong, kid. In the junkyard , it's every dog for himself. I can see we're gonna have to put you to another test. Anything you say, Buster. Will somebody open this thing? Okay, okay. Is that open enough? Magnifique, Mooch. That's using your head. Thanks again, huh? You, uh, comin', tenderfoot? I hit the thingy. This is great. This is living. I never get to do this at home. Whoo-hoo! After I pass my next test, I'm gonna be... the best junkyard dog there ever was! I don't think so, doll. You may be good... but you'll never be as good as the master. Ah, here we go. Ruby's right, carnsarnit. In my day, there was only one stray by which all dogs was measured. The Tramp. Huh? What? He taught Buster everything there is to know about being on the streets, 'kay? Buster's trouble was Tramp's trouble. And Tramp's trouble was Buster's trouble, 'kay? That dog was a prize, the one that got away. Got away from me, at least. Got away with everything! I heard he once stole an entire meat wagon, 'kay? Yeah, and then the dog catcher chased him all the way to the river. No, sir. It was dog catchers. Uh, how many? At least a dozen. Hey ! Two dozen. Now that I think about it, the police and the army cavalry... were after the boy as well. He was trapped. But if the Tramp was gonna go... he was gonna go in style. So what happened?

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