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Quotes We never saw him again after that. They say when the wind blows you can still hear the Tramp howl. Wow ! All right, all right. That is not what happened. He met this girl, see? Queen of a kennel club set. Even her prissy little name... still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Lady. But he met his true love. He betrayed me! You can't have a family and still be a junkyard dog. So I gave Tramp a choice. It's either me or her. And he picked life on the end of a chain. Hooked up with a real powder puff. Sleepin' on carpets. Free room and board ! Livin' the cushy pillow life ! And that's when I learned the first rule about being a junkyard dog: Buster's trouble is Buster's trouble. Hey ! Hey, hey, hey ! The Tramp used to scratch like that. You ain't re lated, are ya?
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Who, me? No way! Good. 'Cause if you were, you'd be kibble. Right, Buster. No way, Dad. That can't be true. You gave it all up? I mean, what could be better than this? You okay, tenderfoot? Who, me? Yeah. Yeah, sure. What are you doing out here? Don't you have a nice family back home? What difference does it make? All families are alike. They make you take baths and sleep in a bed and, and you have to eat everything in your bowl. And when it rains, you have to come indoors. Ah. Let's just say you're lucky you've never had to live with a family. Wrong again, tenderfoot. You mean, you had a family? Actually, I've had five families. I always thought one was too many. I could never get one to stick. Someone would take me in, and just when l'd start to think. .. Wow, this is my family... they'd move or have a new baby... or have an allergy. Same old story, I'm out on the street. Wait a minute. You really want a family, don't you? But you've got Buster. Buster! You can't tell him. You can't. He'll kick me out. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me. I promise. Thanks. So, I guess you're Buster's girl, huh? I am not Buster's girl! I don't belong to any body. The junkyard dogs aren't much of a family, but what choice do I have? What more do you need? As a junkyard dog... you can stay up late or dig or... Run. Yeah. Or, or play or dig or... Run. Right. Or chase squirre is... No! I mean, run! Whoo! Come on! Angel! Angel! Angel, help! Now would be a good time! Hurry! Scamp? Scamp! Scamp! Where are you? Scamp? Scamp! Excuse me. I'm looking for... I think I'm on to somethin'. Aye? Are you sure? I have most assuredly got him! This way. Come on, Pidge. Oh, look! Scamp! Oh, please. Scamp! Thank goodness. A wig! Och, you smelled a wig, man! You're hopeless. Oh. I'm sorry, Miss Lady. Come on. We've gotta keep searching. Och! I shouldn't have been so hard on him. Hey. Oh. Scamp? Eh. You're all right. I was so worried... So worried? Yeah, right. Get over yourself, house pet. There's gotta be a better way to take a bath, huh? Trust me, there is no good way to take a bath. Wow ! That is so weird . How'd you do that? Talent. Let me try. Oh, that was smooth. You really are a house dog. Oh, yeah? You're weird . Uh, no, you're the weird one. Oh, yeah? Scamp. Inever had this feeling before She gives me shakes and shivers I can't ignore And I see that there's more now Than just running free I never felt my heart beat so fast I'm thinking of him first and of my self last And how happy I want him to be It's amazing someone in my life just might be loving me I didn't know that I could feel this way It's so crazy Something in my life Is better than a dream I didn't know that I could feel this way She makes me warm and happy inside He smiles, and I get dizzy and starry-eyed All these feelings I have Have me asking Can this be love Can this be love It's crazy I can hardly speak Whenever she Whenever he Says hi Ididn't know that I could feel I never dreamed that I could feel I didn't know that I could feel This Way Oh, aw, ain't that beautiful?

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