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Lady and the Tramp II | 4

Quotes I think I'm gettin' all misty-eyed here. I see you haven't changed a bit. So here we are again. just like old times before you turned your back on everything... that makes a dog a dog. He says you walked out on him. After I met your mother. .. I guess Buster just got jealous. You ditched me! I feel in love! You made your choice! Now it's his turn to choose. Come on, kid. You don't know what he's really like, son. You're coming home. You hear that, kid? Daddy's telling you what to do again. You don't belong here. And he's leading you back to a life on the chain. I'm offerin' you freedom. Scamp. Scamp. Scamp. Scamp! Make your choice, kid. He doesn't have a choice! I know what's best for him! No! You know what's best for you! Well, I'm not you, Dad! I'm a junkyard dog! That's my boy. I guess there are some things you have to learn on your own. When you've had enough, our door is always open. House dog to the end. What'd I tell you, kid? You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Huh? Hey, Scampski! This is for all you've done, kid. You did it, kid! You're at the top of the heap now ! A junkyard dog! I'm a junkyard dog. You made it to the pack! Ha! You're a doll, doll face. I'm a junkyard dog! How could you do that? Come on, Angel. He's your father. Go after him. You're not like the rest of us. You're good and decent, kind. The streets will beat that out of you if you stay. But I made it. This is everything that I've ever dreamed of. Dreamed of what? This? You have a home and a family that loves you. You're not like the rest of us, Scamp. Oh, yeah, yeah, that's right. Let's see. Uh, uh, he's good and decent and kind. Is that it, Scampy? You want to be a widdle house doggie? No! 'Cause you know how I feel about house dogs. Hey, cut it out! She's the one who wants to be a house dog, not me! No! I didn't mean that. Is that true, Angel baby? I don't think a family's so bad. You hear that, boys? She wants to be a little house pet. Oh, she wants to be a little house pet. Gonna wear ribbons. Gonna wear ribbons. You ain't no junkyard dog. That's right, Buster. I'm not. Not any more. Oh, and, uh, I'm not your girl. Oh, there's going to be trouble. May be you do belong here. Oh, come on.Where is your sense of humour? Come on. We were just...We were goofin'! Come on, Angel! Aw, who needs her? Let her go find some snivelling, little family. That's where she belongs. Angel. Angel? Angel! Angel? I didn't mean it, Angel. I don't know what I was thinking. Really. Angel, where are you? just as I suspected, out looking for Angel. Beautiful. Time to settle an old score. Hold it right there, ya scoundrel. What the... Well, l'll be. You're not gettin' away this time. Great. I got everything I ever wanted, and it stinks. Come here, you little hooligan! Huh? Buster! Gotcha. Well, lookee here. No collar. It's a one-way trip to the pound for you. Oh, man, slick move... me without a collar.
How could I be so stupid? Dad was right. Buster's nothing but trouble. I wish I was home. Scamp? Angel! Scamp! Get outta here ! He'll get you too! This'll hold ya, you crazy mutt. Thought you could out foxme, huh? Well, that'll be the day. Hey, kid, looks like you got thrown in the wrong cell. Hey, Reggie. Long time no see, huh? Oh, I found you! You gotta come! Hurry! Scamp's in trouble! Scamp. Uhh! He's in the pound. Hold on, son! Keep your paws off my boy ! Hey, paws off my pop! Oh, yeah, he's cashed in his bones. He's cashed. Dad? Dad, you did it! Slick move ! All right. We have to go now. Aha! You! The one that got away. Let go! Let go! Oh, no! Oh, have mercy ! Ah, ha! Oh, let.. Oh, let go! Aren't the fireworks lovely tonight? Angel! Angel! Whoa. Come on, you two. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ! What about me? Your old pal, right? Oh, come on! After I stood by you se all through that fight? Hey, come back here! What, are you walking away from me? Pop? Son. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have run away. Whirlwind. May be I was also being a little too tough on you. I don't see any harm in the two of us goin' down to the river... once in a while to bay at the moon. What do you say? Really? You and me? Your old man's still got a few good how is left in him. I found him. Oh. Oh, I found him for sure this time! I found him! Och, you found nothing! Again! So far, you've found six cats, three gophers, two rats... Aw, go easy on him, Uncle jock. No, I'll not go easy on him, Scamp! Five flyin' pigs, a wildebeest... Och! Scamp? Why, it is Scamp. Aye. I'll never hear the end of this one either. Ready to go home, whirlwind? Not quite, Pop. There's one last thing I got to take care of. Do mine eyes deceive me? Hey, Scamp! Scamp a doodle! You escaped the pound! Yeah, no thanks to you. Hey, come on. You know our motto. You can keep your motto... but not this. I'm going home where I belong. So long, Buster. Hey, you missed, Scamp alooza! Huh? That's my boy. Let's go home, Pop. Hey, kid, come back here ! You can't leave me here ! You're nothin' but a house pet! It's a good look for you, Buster. The garbage adds some class. Hey. Hey, someone wanna lend me a paw here? I think a home sounds nice. With lots of children and hugs and kisses. If you dogs leave, you're never comin' back. Au revoir, Buster. It has been, as you say, beautiful. Dogs! You can't leave me here ! I was only kidding. Buster's trouble ain't Buster's trouble. Come on! Buster's trouble is everybody's trouble. What's all the commotion? Scamp? Hey, Scamp! Scamp come home! He's back! Hey, Scamp, I love you! Good job, boy. Oh, Scamp. It's so good to have you back where you belong. Ew. You reek! You need a bath. But we'll worry about that later. Jim, dear, I think Scamp brought a friend home. Hey there, girl. Come on. Come on, girl. It's okay. Don't be afraid. Did you help our Scamp out on those lonely streets? Oh! She's a little angel. Angel! Angel! jim, dear, you don't suppose... Oh, no, darling. We've got enough dogs as it is. You know we can't. No. Uh, we can't. Oh, what's the use? Welcome to the family, Angel. Angel! In our small, little not too big, little, homey Nice, little, quaint, little always friendly Old New England town

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