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The Lion King | 4

Full script of part 4 with pictures

SIMBA: I'm not the king. Scar is.
NALA: Simba, he let the hyenas take over the Pride Lands.
SIMBA: What?
NALA: Everything's destroyed.
There's no food, no water.
Simba, if you don't do something soon, everyone will starve.
SIMBA: I can't go back.
NALA: Why?
SIMBA: You wouldn't understand.
NALA: What?
SIMBA: No, no, no. It doesn't matter. Hakuna matata.
NALA: What?
SIMBA: Hakuna matata.
It's something I learned out hereIt's something I learned out here Sometimes bad things happen... NALA: Simba... SIMBA: And there's nothing you can do about it. So why worry? NALA: Because it's your responsibility. SIMBA: Well, what about you? You left. NALA: I left to find help, and I found you. Don't you understand? You're our only hope. SIMBA: Sorry. NALA: What's happened to you? You're not the Simba I remember. SIMBA: You're right. I'm not. Now are you satisfied? NALA: No. Just disappointed. SIMBA: You know, you're starting to sound like my father. NALA: Good. At least one of us does. SIMBA: You think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what I've been through. NALA: I would if you'd just tell me. SIMBA: Forget it! NALA: Fine! SIMBA: She's wrong. I can't go back. What would it prove, anyway? It won't change anything. You can't change the past. You said you'd always be there for me! But you're not. And it's because of me. It's my fault. SIMBA: Come on, will you cut it out? RAFIKI: Can't cut it out. It'll grow right back! SIMBA: Creepy little monkey. Will you stop following me? Who are you? RAFIKI: The question is, who are you? SIMBA: I thought I knew. Now I'm not so sure. RAFIKI: Well, I know who you are. Come here. It's a secret. Grrr! SIMBA: Enough! What is that supposed to mean? RAFIKI: It means you are a baboon, and I'm not. SIMBA: I think you're a little confusedyou're a little confused NALA: Hey, wake up. It's okay! It's okay! It's me! TIMON: Don't ever do that again. Carnivores! Oy! NALA: Have you guys seen Simba? TIMON: I thought he was with you. NALA: He was, but now I can't find him. Where is he? RAFIKI: Ho ho! You won't find him here! The king has returned. NALA: I can't believe it. He's gone back! TIMON: Gone back? What do you mean? Hey, what's goin' on here? Who's the monkey? NALA: Simba went back to challenge Scar. TIMON: Who? NALA: Scar. PUMBAA: Who's got a scar? NALA: No, it's his uncle. TIMON: The monkey's his uncle? NALA: No! Simba's gone back to challenge his uncle to take his place as king. TIMON AND PUMBAA: Oh. NALA: Simba, wait up! It's awful, isn't it? SIMBA: I didn't want to believe you. NALA: What made you come back? SIMBA: I finally got some sense knocked into me, and I've got the bump to prove it. Besides, this is my kingdom. If I don't fight for it, who will? NALA: I will. SIMBA: It's gonna be dangerous. NALA: Danger? I laugh in the face of danger. TIMON: I see nothing funny about this. SIMBA: Timon! Pumbaa! What are you doing here? PUMBAA: At your service, my liege. TIMON: Aww! We're gonna fight your uncle for this? SIMBA: Yes, Timon. This is my home. TIMON: Oh. Talk about your fixer-upper! Well, Simba, if it's important to you, we're with you to the end. TIMON: Hyenas. I hate hyenas. So what's your plan for getting past those guys? SIMBA: Live bait. TIMON: Good idea. Hey!
SIMBA: Come on, Timon. You guys have to create a diversion. TIMON: What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?dress in drag and do the hula?
SIMBA: Nala, you find my mother and rally the lionesses. I'll look for Scar. SCAR: Sarabi! SARABI: Yes, Scar? SCAR: Where is your hunting party? They're not doing their job. SARABI: Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on. SCAR: No, you're just not looking hard enough. SARABI: It's over. There is nothing left. We have only one choice. We must leave Pride Rock. SCAR: We're not going anywhere. SARABI: You have sentenced us to death. SCAR: Then so be it. SARABI: You can't do that. SCAR: I am the king. I can do whatever I want. SARABI: If you were half the king Mufasa was... SCAR: I'm ten times the king Mufasa was! SCAR: Mufasa? No, you're dead. SARABI: Mufasa? SIMBA: No. It's me. SARABI: Simba! You're alive? How can that be? SIMBA: It doesn't matter. I'm home. SCAR: Simba? Simba! Oh, I'm a little surprised to see you alive. SIMBA: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you apart. SCAR: Oh, Simba, you must understand. The pressures of ruling a kingdom... SIMBA: Are no longer yours. Step down, Scar. SCAR: Oh, well, I would, naturally. However, there is one little problem. You see them? They think I'm king. NALA: Well, we don't. Simba's the rightful king. SIMBA: The choice is yours, Scar. Either step down or fight. SCAR: Oh, must this all end in violence? I'd hate to be responsible for the death of a family member. Wouldn't you agree, Simba? SIMBA: That's not gonna work, Scar. I've put it behind me. SCAR: But what about your faithful subjects? Have they put it behind them? NALA: Simba, what is he talking about?
SCAR: So you haven't told them your little secret. Well, Simba, now's your chance to tell them. Tell them Who is responsible for Mufasa's deathwho is responsible for Mufasa's death PUMBAA: Hee-yah! TIMON: Excuse me. Comin' through. Hot stuff. ZAZU: Let me out! Let me out! TIMON: Let me in! Let me in! Please, don't eat me. Drop them! BANZAI: Hey, who's the pig? PUMBAA: Are you talkin' to me? TIMON: He called him a pig. PUMBAA: To me? TIMON: Shouldn't have done that. PUMBAA: To me? TIMON: Now they're in for it. PUMBAA: They call me Mr Pig! Aaaaggghhh! TIMON: Take that, you stupid... PUMBAA: Take that and that! Run, you yellow-belly! SIMBA: Murderer. SCAR: Simba. Simba, please. Please, have mercy. I beg you. SCAR: You don't deserve to live. SCAR: But Simba, I am family. It's the hyenas who are the real enemy. It was their fault. It was their idea. SIMBA: Why should I believe you? Everything you ever told me was a lie. SCAR: What are you going to do? You wouldn't kill your own uncle. SIMBA: No, Scar. I'm not like you. SCAR: Oh, Simba, thank you. You are truly noble. I'll make it up to you, I promise. And how can I prove myself to you? Tell me. I mean, anything. SIMBA: Run. Run away, Scar, and never return. SCAR: Yes. Of course. As you wish, your Majesty! SCAR: Oh! My friends! SHENZI: Friends? I thought he said we were the enemy. BANZAI: Yeah. That's what I heard. Ed? SCAR: No. Let me explain. No, you don't understand! No, I didn't mean... No! No!
RAFIKI: It is time. MUFASA: Remember.

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