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Quotes Well, I could make the spell last longer if I had my magic trident. Oh, but it was stolen years ago by a deranged kleptomaniac, and there's no one to get it back for me. MELODY: Maybe I could get it back for you. MORGANA: You would do that for me? MELODY: If I did, would you make me a mermaid forever? MORGANA: Even longer, if you like. Now, here is where the scoundrel lives. MELODY: Atlantica? You mean it's not just an old fish tale? It really exists? MORGANA: Of course it exists, dear. Whoever told you otherwise? MELODY: My... mother. MORGANA: Well, I'm sure she didn't mean to be cruel and deceitful. MELODY: Okay, I'll bring back your trident. You can count on me! MORGANA: Be careful, dear. Enjoy those fins! While you can. Hmm, let's see. South to Two Circles Pass, then, uh, north to... No, no, um, east... to, uh, hmm... Ah-choo! Whoa! My map. It's ruined. Now how am I gonna find my way to Atlantica? Help! Someone, please! Help! Oh! Oh, hold on, sweetie! We'll save you! Help! Mama! Hurry! I can't reach her. Somebody help us! Mightier than a hurricane! Braver than a killer whale! Faster than a moray eel! It's the fearless adventurers... Slash-explorers. Titanic Tip and his trusty sidekick Dash! Oh, no. Not them. This is it, Dash. Redemption. No, not the walrus. Sorry. Excuse me. Ow! Oh, was that your face? We're finally gonna be heroes for real. Yeah, they're not gonna laugh at us anymore. Heh. This is too easy. And a-one, and a-two, and a shark... Shark? Aaah! Shark! Shark, shark, shark! Comin' through! Goin' up, goin' up, goin' up! Goin' down. Aaaah! Oh! Mmm! Mmm. Get off me! Well, that wasn't so bad. Mama! Mmm! Another plan perfectly executed. What did you think you were doing? We were just trying to be heroes. You call abandoning my baby heroic? You two boys almost got us all killed. Oh,yeah, some fearless heroes. More like zeroes! That's a good one! Go ahead. Laugh your stinkin' tuxedos off. We'll show you... someday. Excuse me. Aaah! Ohh! Oooh! You don't have to be scared of me. I won't hurt you. Scared? Who said anything about bein' scared? Don't you know an evasive maneuver when you see one? Hi. I'm Melody. This here's Tip, and I'm Dash. Excuse me, Mr. I Spill My Guts To Total Strangers. You just blew our cover. I was just trying to be friendly. Uh, guys, I really need to get going, so if you could just tell me... Aw, see? Now she's gonna leave, and it's all your fault. My fault? Guys... She's probably allergic to blubber. Oh, yeah? Well, maybe she doesn't like birds that can't fly! Guys... Well, you can't fly either. And you walk funny. Guys! Oh, yeah? Well... you can't fly either! Guys! Do either of you know how to get to Atlantica? I don't have much time. Why do you want to go to Atlantica? I have to get something that was stolen from a friend. If I don't, I'll turn back into... A what? Turn back into a what? A human. I knew there was something unfishy about you. Tough break, sister. Drop us a line. Let us know how it all turns out. We'll take you. You will? We will? She's a damsel in distress. It's our big chance. Whew. Hoo-boy. I can't believe I'm doing this. Somebody stop me. All right, then, we're in. On to Atlantica! Aha! I knew it! It's real! Atlantica. That's right, Princess. Just a little further. Cloak! Dagger! Go make sure that no one interferes with her return, hmm? Have you heard anything, Daddy? I've been searching everywhere, but I'd... Flounder! Daddy! Now what? Sorry. Ariel? Flounder? Ariel! Oh, I've missed you! Boy, you're sure not a guppy anymore. You can say that again. Over here! Throw it to me! Yeah! I want it! Oww! Children, what did I say... about playing Kick the Clam on the reef?
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Sorry, Dad. Kids. I'm sorry about Melody. Flounder, I really need your help. Wild sea horses couldn't stop me. Oh, boy! Follow me! Come on! It's so beautiful. Whoa! Whoa! Sorry. My... Sorry. My fault. fault. Hi. Uh... Uh... I don't think I've seen you around here. What's your name? I'm... Mel... Mel... Hey, guys! Meet Mel-Mel. Hi. Hey, you wanna hang out with us? All right, all right. Break it up. Break it up! There's nothing to see here. Move along. Come on, Miss Popularity. We have a previous engagement. Remember? Maybe I'll catch you later. This is what happens... when you bring a country fish to the big city. Was that a penguin? Wow! Nice crib. Come on. Follow me. That must be him. He looks sad. He doesn't look like a thief. They never do. Look! There it is! A fork? We're risking our tails for a fork? We haven't time for this. I want every available merman searching! Find her! Find her! Dash, if... if this is the end, I just want you to know, pal, I'm sorry I said that thing about the blubber. Well, I'm sorry about the fish breath. Yeah... You didn't say anything about that. But I was thinkin' it. King Triton, your daughter has returned. Ooh, that was close. Whew! Oh, sure, that's it. Take your time. Kick back. Relax. Let's all just linger here and die! I'm sure she'll turn up soon. He's coming back! My necklace! Ah, don't worry, Ariel. We'll find her. Daddy! The trident! But that's not possible. Nobody can remove the trident from the stand except you, sire. You or one of your descendants. Melody. Who I was supposed to be watching. Go ahead, crack me open. Make a crab cake out of me, sire. But how could she have gotten here? Morgana. If she gets her hands on my trident... Double the search parties! I want every creature in the ocean on patrol! Yes, sire! Wait a minute. I know those two. It's all my fault. If I had just paid a little more attention... instead of blabbering on and on and on and on and on. From now on, Your Majesty, nothing gets past... Hmm? me. Whoo-hoo! Yeah! We did it! All this time Atlantica was never that far away from home. This is your home? It used to be. Whoa, what a pad. Talk about your curb appeal. But what's with the wall? I know good fences make good neighbors, but isn't that a bit much? What you tryin' to keep out? It wasn't built keep something out. It was built to keep me in. Come on. Let's go. Whoo-hoo! You know, kid, the three of us, we make a pretty good team. Once you're a permanent mermaid, we'll be friends forever. We'll be inseparable. Nothing will ever come between us. Shark! Run! Run! Shark! Aaaaaah! No, wait! It's just... Leavin' so soon, boys? What can I say? When you got it, you got it. Hey! You got it! Sweetheart, you're my new hero. Let's go. It's time for some magic. But... But my friends... Ha! You mean you call those two yellow-bellied sea slugs your friends? Come on! You wanna be a mermaid, or what? We got the power. We got the power! So there it is. Swim back as fast as you can and tell my father. I'll try to find Melody. But if that old sea witch is in there, and then there's that mean little shark, and then those manta rays come, and then she takes those creepy tentacles... so suction cups stick to your face, and, and... No way you're going in there alone. But, Flounder, if we both go, who's going to tell Daddy where Morgana's lair is? What's all the whispering about? Is Melody around here? Did you find her yet? If she's... Scuttle! Get down and be quiet. Wait a minute. Scuttle can get help. Scuttle, I need you to pay very close attention. We're doomed. Oh, there you are, darling! Oh, I was so worried about you. And look! You brought back my trident. Clever girl. Give it to her! Give it to her! Hey! Forgive him, dear. He's got a little size issue. Now, if you'll just hand over the... Melody, don't! Don't listen to her! Mom! You're a mermaid? Ariel, how nice of you to come. And you brought Flopper with you. The name's Flounder. Grrr! Grrr yourself, pipsqueak. Get that thing and hit me. One bite, and he's shrimp toast.

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