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Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas Murray's Pluto

watch a segment of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas movie made by Disney Toon Studios in 2004
Movie transcript with snapshot pictures DONNER: Sit. Stay. BLITZEN: Those are strictly for reindeer!Those are strictly for reindeer! DONNER: Fly! BLITZEN: Perfect. DONNER: And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricksthey say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. BLITZEN: All right, boys and Murray, let's go. MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, great. They're plowing the roadsThey're plowing the roads Hey! Just perfect. DONNER: Aw, good times, huh? Hey, aren't you glad we brought Murray along?you glad we brought Murray along? BLITZEN: Oh, yeah. Flying dog, good idea. MAN: Not interested, buddy. LADY: We have lots of presents to wrap. You can help me. BLITZEN: Hey, Donner, correct me if I'm wrong and I know you will, but I think something's wrong with your dog. DONNER: Wow. Do you think he's airsick? BLITZEN: The air is a little thin at this altitude. DONNER: Maybe he's cold. Do you think he's cold? BLITZEN: It's partially cloudy, but warm. DONNER: Or maybe he's just hungry. BLITZEN: What, after eating my slippers? DONNER: That's it! He's hungry! What do you think, Blitz? BLITZEN: Are you going to let me answer? DONNER: Come on, Murray, hop on! BLITZEN: Guess not. DONNER: Let's hit the elfeteria and see what's cooking, buddy, huh? You know, those elves make a mean shortbread. Get it? Because they're short! MICKEY MOUSE: Pluto, if only I hadn't yelled at youMICKEY MOUSE: Pluto, if only I hadn't yelled at you. I promise I'll never raise my voice again. Stop! Stop! Oh, no! How am I going to find you? SANTA CLAUS: Ho, ho, ho! MICKEY MOUSE: It's Santa! SANTA CLAUS: Hey, what's your name, little fella? MICKEY MOUSE: Mickey Mouse. SANTA CLAUS: Ho, ho, ho. So, tell me, Mickey, what do you want for Christmas? MICKEY MOUSE: Well, it's kind of a long story, so I'll cut to the chase. I was decorating my house like always, but Minnie said I shouldn't. And I said I wouldn't, but I couldn't because Pluto broke it. And I yelled, so he was in the doghouse. But he wasn't in his doghouse, this crazy snowplow. And then... Oh, wait. This isn't cutting to the chase, is it? Let me start again. So, anyway, Santa, Pluto's gone. All I want for Christmas is my best friend backAll I want for Christmas is my best friend back SANTA CLAUS: Well, I'll, oh, gosh. I mean, that's a pretty tall order. I'll see what I can do. Smile! DONNER: Come on, Murray. BLITZEN: Whoa. He still hasn't eaten? DONNER: Not even an elf bite. Murray, do it for Donner, OK? We're friends, right? Come on, who's my pal? Who's my pal? You really big baby! Here's a good dog! What's he doing? BLITZEN: A little kitty fell in a well? DONNER: You ever seen a dog do this?You ever seen a dog do this? BLITZEN: The barn's on fire? DONNER: Do you think it's a nervous tic? BLITZEN: What? What are you talking about? DONNER: I had a nervous tic once, but I sent him to therapy, and he got better. BLITZEN: Oh, why do I bother? DONNER: I wonder what he's thinking? What did I do wrong? SANTA CLAUS: Donner, you haven't done anything wrong. Pluto's just homesickPluto's just homesick, that's all. DONNER: Who's Pluto? BLITZEN: I think he's Murray. DONNER: Murray's Pluto? BLITZEN: Bingo. DONNER: Bingo's Pluto? BLITZEN: Yes. SANTA CLAUS: Thinking about Mickey? He misses you very, very much. You miss him, too, don't you? MICKEY MOUSE: Where are you, pal? BLITZEN: Let Murray lead the sleigh. Who's idea was that? DONNER: Yours. Careful, careful. SANTA CLAUS: Let's see the tooth fairy do that. Thank you. DONNER: I'm going to miss you, buddy. Your name may be Pluto, but to me you'll always be MurrayYour name may be Pluto, but to me you'll always be Murray. BLITZEN: Yeah. Murray Chris. Merry Christmas, Pluto! Welcome home. MICKEY MOUSE: Pluto? Pluto, is that you? Pluto! Come on, come on, come on! Of course. I'm sorry, Pluto. Thank goodness you're homeThank goodness you're home. Who's my pal? Come on, who's my pal? That's right. You are. You are, Pluto! GOOFY: Hiya, Mick! MICKEY MOUSE: Goofy? GOOFY: That's me! MICKEY MOUSE: That explains a lot. What are you guys doing here? DAISY: We're here to help you find Pluto. BOYS: We found him! MINNIE: Mickey, we were so worried. Uncle Scrooge even bought a snowplow company to help find him. SCROOGE MCDUCK: It was marked down for Christmas. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, everybody, let's go insideCome on, everybody, let's go inside. MINNIE: Oh, Mickey! Look what you've done. So nice and simple. I love it.
MICKEY MOUSE: Well, you don't want to overdo it, right?
MINNIE: Oh, right. Why, it's absolutely perfect.
MICKEY MOUSE: Almost. Now it's perfect.
ALL (SINGING): And a happy New year!
Deck the halls with boughs of holly!
Fa la la la la!
Those jingle, jingle bells
SANTA CLAUS: Ho ho ho!
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