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Quotes Yes, Your Majesty. My advisors tell me the charts are clear. If this wedding does not take place in three days, the alliance will crumble and the Mongols will destroy us. Mark my words, General. Three days. Not a moment more. I know that face, Fa Mulan. What troubles you? Your Majesty, an arranged marriage? Rest assured, child. My daughters know exactly what they're doing. Your daughters? They consider it an honour to marry in the cause of peace. Your Majesty, l... Apology accepted. General, how many troops do you estimate you will need to accomplish this mission? Three. Companies? Three men. You surprise me. These are my children. This mission does not call for force, but finesse. We must become one with the countryside. As emperor, I trust you. As a father, I implore you to choose your three soldiers wisely. I know just the men. Fearless. Loyal. Disciplined. China's most honourable and noble soldiers. And stay out! I've found wives for hundreds of men, but the Golden Dragon of Unity himself couldn't make love matches for you three. Come back when you get personalities. Well, that's a fine way to treat China's greatest heroes. What's her problem? All I asked for was a girl who would worship the dirt I walk on. I simply asked for someone who would cook for me morning, noon and night. And I just wanted a girl who likes to laugh, and thinks I'm a god. Perhaps we weren't specific enough. Forget that dragon lady. The only ones who can find girls worthy of us is us. Yeah. Well, I don't need her To be all smug and snooty I got a plaque right here That says I kicked Hun booty We have everything We dreamed we'd find When we came back from war Yeah, everything but... A girl worth fighting for Hey, suck in your gut. There's a girl worth fighting for And I think she wants us to come over. My girl won't laugh at all my jokes But tell it to me straight She'll rub my head when I get sick And let me pick off of her plate If Ling can find a girl Who likes his chopstick nose trick He really better just propose quick Well, I have to say Based on today, I'm cranky I'll just spend my life with you two Pass the hanky And there's no one there To steal my chair And twirl around the floor I wish I had A girl worth fighting for I would be true To a girl worth fighting... I'd make fondue For a girl worth fighting... I'd even kiss you For a girl worth fighting For Mulan. General Shang. If you three aren't too busy disturbing the peace, I need you to join us on a mission. To save China? Naturally. I'll be leaving behind a few broken hearts, but count me in. Sign me up. When do we start, General? Tonight. We're about to depart, Your Highnesses. You have my word we will arrive swiftly and safely. My sisters and I thank you. Permit me to introduce Fa Mulan. It is a privilege to meet the hero of China. I leave you in her capable hands. Stand ready. You might need these. It's chilly. Thank you. You're welcome, Your Highness. So, you're getting married. Oh, yes. To princes in Qui Gong. That's right. Well, they must be handsome. We don't know. We've never met them. Really? So you have no idea what they're like? At all? It's all right. It's our honour to serve the emperor. And the Middle Kingdom. The whole thing is so exciting. We're very happy. Really. Well, I'm glad to hear that. I'm not sure I could go through... Prepare to move out. Time to get going. Move out. If we get to the Honshu Pass by midday tomorrow... We'll have time to make it to Qui Gong. And so, I said, You just broke my best set of china. China. Get it? Did you see the way she looked at me? You mean with disgust? No. Our eyes met and we shared a cosmic moment. Just like when I look at potted pigs' knuckles. It's love, I tell you. Love... Love, shmove. It doesn't matter. We're on a mission. No fraternizing with the princesses. Engaged-to-be-married princesses. Wow.
China is so big. Isn't it beautiful, Mei? Mei? Yes, beautiful. Did you see the way he looked at me? Who? The gorilla with the bad eye? Gorilla? He's more like a big, cuddly panda bear. But you didn't even talk to him. A true romantic can tell. He may be coarse on the outside, but on the inside... He's gross? I mean under that. He smells? I can see past my nose. Deep down. Deep, deep down. Way down. There's something. Ting-Ting, I think she's in love. No, there'll be none of that. Remember, Mei, you are to be married in three days. You gave your solemn oath. You're right. Whoa. We're stopping to water the horses. Maybe you'd like to stretch your legs? Are the guard fellows out there? Yes, you're perfectly safe. I think a leg stretch would be very nice. Thank you for helping me with my slipper. May I know your name? Now. Dow. Cow. Bao? No, you must eat. It must be exhausting guarding us day and night. No. Well, yes. But I'm strong and marching. Yes, I suppose all that training does make it second nature. But I think you, a princess, with royal... I could never. But it is our duty and our honour. Although it can be a burden. I've said too much. You are very easy to talk to, Yao. Permit me to echo your praise. I find your presence engaging and your conversation sparkling. Thank you. Hello, there. I am Ling. I am Princess Ting-Ting. Well, if you ever need me, just give me a ting-a-ling. Come on, Your Highness. You don't want to let your guard down. Get it? Guard... down? Thank you. You know, I've got some blue blood myself. Many have called me a royal pain. Thank you. You've been a great crowd. Ting-Ting, look. Isn't this fruit lovely? Chien-Po got it for me. He's so sweet. Just get your pomegranates in the carriage. Fa Mulan. Your Highness. Is anything wrong? No, not at all. Are you sure? I just wanted to compliment you. You were so brave to take your father's place in the army. Well, thank you. Your duty was to stay home, but your heart told you to break the rules. How did you decide between duty and heart? Well, it wasn't easy. But, by following my feelings, I wound up doing the right thing. I guess I learned that my duty is to my heart. My duty is to my heart. Yes. That makes sense. That's marvellous. Thank you, Fa Mulan. You're welcome... I guess. Let's get back on the road. That's my cue to put Operation Shang into action. Pretty boy's gonna look so bad, it'll send Mulan running for the hills. This is gonna be delicious. Watch this. Hey! Good catch. What? Shang? Hey. Tasty. I try and I try. I put my heart and soul into busting them up. And what do I have to show for it? A cricket that laughs in my face. I just can't do it anymore. Oh, great ancestors, I throw myself at your mercy. My pedestal is all but a distant memory. Great spirits, take me now. Ah! Hold on, ladies. We'll save you. Look out! A cliff. They're headed for the cliff. Come on. Time to go. Ting-Ting, over here. Go. You're next, Su. No, no. Take my arm. Ting-Ting's stuck. Mulan, the rope. Hang on! Is everyone all right? Mei, I'll save you. I saved the food. And I saved you. Mulan! What happened? I don't know. I wasn't near the carriage. Yao, Ling, save the supplies. Keep paddling. Look how great you're doing. Who's the big boy? Thank you. My fault? This wasn't my plan. Wagon's busted. Cold and miserable. Everything's ruined. Or maybe not. Old Shang's steaming like a fresh pork bun. I bet he and Mulan are two nasty words away from an all-out feud. Oh, Cri-Kee, things are brightening up after all.

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Mulan II (2004)
Mulan II (2004)
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