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Quotes I've seen happier princesses. That's the least of our problems. There's a mountain pass between here and Qui Gong. It takes us through bandit country, but it's the only way. Why not just follow the river? Because the river's not on the map. It's bound to go past a town and where there's a town, there's a road. There's no town on the map. Then maybe we should just forget the map and wing it. We can't wing it. We need a new plan. We have three days. What if we get lost? Then we pull over and ask directions. We don't need to pull over and ask directions. We have a map. What is with men and asking directions? What is it with women and maps? You're saying women can't read maps? Women will ask but they won't follow directions. ...because they refuse to ask. Am I interrupting? What is it? Scout report. I found a village and a path to it through the forest. A forest path? Great. Show us. See. If it were a snake, it would've bit you. There's bound to be a road that will lead us to Qui Gong. Good work. Thank you, sir. Shang, I'm sorry. You're in charge of the mission. No, I'm the one who's sorry. A good leader is open to new ideas. Forgive me. There's nothing to forgive. I'd better go. I've got the first watch, General. But... Are you bugging? Look at her go. She can't wait to get away from him. That's no smile. That's a mask of pain. That was just phase one of my new 18-phase master plan. Now, just watch phase two when I get up close and personal. Excuse me, Your Highness. I found your fan. It just needed a little drying out. Thank you, Ling. Normally, I would say, I'm your biggest fan. But... I'll just go away now, again. Sorry. I'll replace that. Of course she doesn't like you. You're such a ding-a-ling. He likes you. It would seem so. And you like him. Well, I appreciate that he's a good soldier. How can you do that? How can you look at someone, realise you share a connection, and then just... I know where my duty lies. Do you? And so, my dear father, I cannot complete this mission. I have come to realise that my duty is to my heart. What are you doing? She's running away. What are you thinking? I can't complete this mission. I know that now. Why? Because Yao has given you his heart? No. It's not about his heart. It's about mine. We've discussed this. A princess must make every sacrifice for her country. It's our duty. The life of a princess From her birth is well-defined She must humbly serve her country Play the part she's been assigned She guards the hopes of her people Weak and mighty Rich and poor Who could ever ask for more Who could ever ask for more Who could ever ask for more I want to be like other girls Climb up a tree like other girls can Just to be free like other girls Get to be Mei. Su. To slouch when I sit To eat a whole cake Feel the sun on my feet Get dirty Act silly Be anything I want to be Dance around In my underwear To run really fast To get rid of this fan To eat a whole cake Get crazy With frosting, no manners No escorts, no nursemaids No worries No hands folded perfect Like holding a lily No pinchy shoes? I want to be like other girls Scrape up my knee like other girls can Just to be free like other girls Get to be To speak for myself To sing way off-key Marry someone I've met Who loves me for me No escorts, no manners, no nursemaids, No worries, no hands folded perfect Like holding a lily No pinchy shoes I want to be like other girls Climb up a tree like other girls can Just to be free like other girls Get to be She defied you. She insulted you. She laughed at your map. My map. And if she's laughing to your face, imagine what she's saying behind your back. Behind my back. She's a loose cannon. She's out of control. She's out of control. Who's in charge here? You? Or Mulan? I'm in charge. Mulan... Mulan! Mulan? General Shang? No, that's not it. General Shang? Hello, it's me, Mulan. General Shang... I got it. General Shang? General Hardhead, that's what they should call him. Everything's got to have a strategy. Mulan? The man won't brush his teeth without a back-up plan. What? I blame myself. I fell for those broad shoulders. I didn't realise there wasn't much sitting on top of them. Except for that garlic breath. That boy can peel paint. That's enough. Where is she? I am good. Mulan! Why, hello, General. Out on night manoeuvres? General Hardhead? Brushing my teeth? Something wrong? I heard you. Every word. Every word of what? Don't play coy. I saw you outside my tent. What? I haven't left my post. I suppose you weren't gossiping about me with the princesses. Did that dip in the river get you waterlogged? And why are you talking with your hand over your mouth? I wouldn't want to peel your paint. Changing of the guard. And next time, don't leave your post. What's with him? What's with her? Who am I talking to? How could he not believe me? I don't know, girlfriend. But I do know this... Without trust, there can be no relationship. And that man don't trust you. Maybe he was just confused. You fussed about the arranged marriage, then about which way to Qui Gong. Now y'all feuding over nothing. It seems clear. You're right. I don't know what to do. I do. It's simple. Drop him like a hot potsticker. Kick him to the curb. Burn his letters and dance around the fire yelling, Happy days are here. You have a point. If this is the real Li-Shang, I don't like what I'm seeing. I hope the tea's still warm. After you. No, after you. No, after you. After you. I said, after you. You. I'm gonna... Yao! Is everything all right? No. I mean, yes. You see, Chien-Po here has always had a dream. A dream? A dream? A dream. But I don't... That dream.
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A dream of seeing a small village in the middle of nowhere by the moonlight. How can we help? Well... If Your Highnesses would consent to come with us to the village, we could still guard you, and Chien-Po could have his dream. My one chance to be like other guys. Can we please? Please, please. Sounds like fun. Oh, we're sorry. We're off. I never noticed we were so different. It's like I don't even know him. Well, what do you know about that? I mean, I know he's by the book, but doesn't the man ever bend a rule? Speaking of bending rules... You know, relationships are easy when everything runs nice and smooth. Nice and smooth just ran out of camp. What? Did you know almonds, rice and milk are part of a complete breakfast? I'm trying to tell you the princesses went AWOL. Where are the guards? Showing them the way. They're together? Together together? Don't you understand Chinese? Hey, what about old Shang-hai? I think I'd better handle this one on my own. Shang's on a short fuse, as it is. Just make sure nothing wakes him up. You can count on me. Where are the guards? The princesses! My duty is to my heart? Mulan. Get your ticket. The show's about to begin. Wow. Look at all the food. We just got in some excellent ginger. Ginger. That goes very well with dumplings. Did you say dumplings? How about some fresh ginseng? That makes a wonderful accompaniment to soy beans. One order of soy beans. Oh, my. Who will be next to challenge the undefeated Shi Rongkai? Step aside. Yao. You'll be killed, little man. Where'd he go? Yao! You're my hero. Pick a prize, any prize. Which one do you want, sir? Gimme that one. Okay, how about this one? What does Attila say when he walks through the door? Hun, I'm home. I give up. I guess I'm not as funny as I think. What a cute laugh. No. I hate my laugh. What? It's adorable. I thought you didn't have a sense of humour. No sense of humour? It's so beautiful. Yeah. It's the same moon we see from the palace. No, this one is entirely different. You're right. I know I've never seen anything like it. I'm listening. We... that is... I... all of us... Oh, boy. Fa Mulan, it's love. Yao and myself, Chien-Po and Su... And myself and Lingy-Bear. I mean, Ling. Group hug. I'm so happy for all of you. General Shang. General Shang. Oh, boy. Excuse me. Excuse me. Don't worry. I'll handle this. I'm so sorry to break up your little party. This is gonna be good. Before you jump to conclusions, let me explain. Fine. Why don't we start with this? That's mine. All yours? Or did you have help? And so, my dear father, I cannot complete this mission. l have come to realise that my duty is to my heart. Who does that sound like? Mei never meant to send it. Your Highnesses, you swore a vow to be married in Qui Gong. If your father saw you now, breaking that vow, what would he say? You three are to escort their highnesses back to their tents immediately. You are to guard them. You are not to enter their tents or speak to them. Not a word. Ever. Am I understood? Yes, sir. The problem isn't as bad as it seems. The problem is you. What? You place your feelings above everything. Duty, obligation, tradition, it all means nothing to you. It means everything to me. My heart tells me my duty and I follow it. You're a brilliant warrior. You're brave, you're loyal, but you don't trust your heart. Sometimes I wonder if you even have one. This assignment has made it clear. We are very different people. Maybe too different. Fine. We have a mission to complete.

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Mulan II (2004)
Mulan II (2004)
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