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Quotes Isn't it a great day? I see pretty boy isn't talking to you. And you're not talking to pretty boy. You know, you can always talk to me. Wait till she realises what I've done for her. Will that frown turn upside down. Snapdragon. Just for that, I'm not talking to you. I've got to talk to Shang. Tell him I love him. I'll make it up to you. I promise. Forget it. You've helped enough. Shang! Shang! It's an ambush. Bandits. Close ranks. Save the princesses. You two, get the gold. You two, come with me. I've got them. I've got your back. Take my hand. The princesses. How dare you touch me. It won't budge. Then take the whole package. Get your hands off her. Hold them off. Let's go. Help me. Run. Mei! Come on. Let's get out of here. Shang, hang on. It won't hold us both. It will. Mulan. I'm sorry. Please. Shang! Shang! Fa Mulan, we're ready to go through with the wedding. No. Your orders are to take care of each other. But... Losing Shang will not be meaningless. No matter what it takes, I'm finishing this mission. Good horse. What do you mean, they are gone? There was an accident, Lord Chin. The royal carriage fell in the river and was destroyed. A grave loss. But it does not alter my agreement with the emperor. And unless it is honoured, I will sanction no alliance with the Middle Kingdom. A marriage was promised. A marriage there will be. I would be honoured to wed a prince of Qui Gong. You? My lord, Fa Mulan, the hero of China. A jewel in your crown, far more dear than three mere princesses. This is not what was agreed. However, the Golden Dragon of Unity smiles upon you today. And in view of the tragedy, I will accept your offer. You will make a fine bride for my eldest son, Prince Jeeki. This is her? She's so old. Mulan said she was gonna finish the mission, no matter what. But how can she without us? By taking your place. Shang's alive. Mulan was right. No one should marry someone they don't love. I'm going to Qui Gong. We're going too. No, you're not. Stay here. Would you say that was an order? I would say it was a friendly suggestion. Let's go. Looks like we won't be a team after all, Mushu. Mulan. I would give up a thousand pedestals if I could stop this. I doubt even the Golden Dragon of Unity could stop this now. Good-bye, Mushu. My people, the Golden Dragon of Unity, who guides us in all we do, today sanctifies a union that will be a blessing for all of Qui Gong. Of course I want to stop it. But what can one itty bitty dragon do? With the tying of this sash, we shall unite not only two lives, but two kingdoms.
It's General Li-Shang. He's alive. Yeah. Shang to the rescue. Lucky for Lord Chin, cos I was about to whip his butt. You're alive. I couldn't let you get married without me. This is outrageous. You will leave at once. I'm not going anywhere. What are you doing? I don't know. I'm winging it. How dare you trample upon this sacred ceremony? Oh, my gosh. He's gonna lower the hammer on Shang. Where's the dang Dragon of Unity when you need him? Don't bother me now, I have an idea. My lord, I love Mulan. I don't care what the rules say. If she'll have me, I intend to marry her right here. Right now. Insolent dog. Seize him. What's with all this drama? The Golden Dragon of Unity. He lives. Mushu? You dang right, I live. So you best drop your dumpling-eating behind on down and tell me why we ain't busting out the vows. But your greatness, General Li-Shang is not a son of Qui Gong. Silence! I am the Golden Dragon of Unity, and I decide whom to unify. My all-seeing eye has peered into the very heart of China. And I've never seen two people more right for one another than this lovely couple right here, Mulan and Shang. Give it up for them, would you please? Now, I command you to proceed at once. Yes, your greatness. As you command. Let's get to business. Mulan, do you love Shang? Of course. Shang, do you love Mulan? Yes. Moving on. By the power vested in me, by me, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You got anything to say, Lord Double Chin? Yes, I mean, no. I mean, whatever you say. And furthermore, I hereby decree that the princesses of the Middle Kingdom, wherever they may be, are released from their vow, and may marry whomsoever they please. And who pleases them, that's very important. Honey pie. I can't believe I'm back on wake-up duty. Well, Mulan is happy. If she's happy, I'm happy. Thank you. I did do good, didn't I? You better get your rest. I have a yoga session at dawn. And I don't want to be late for my greetings to the sun. And don't forget, I like to be awakened from my beauty sleep with a nice, long foot massage. I think I'm gonna be sick. Shang, what are you doing? Watch and see. What is he doing? It can't be. He's combining the family temples. Excuse me, what does that mean exactly? For me? It means... What? It means what? Unfortunately, you get to keep your pedestal. Oh, yeah. I'm back, baby. I am back. Yes. So, this is the famous Mushu? Somehow, I pictured you bigger. Say what? You told him about me? About us? I have no secrets from my husband. I told him everything. Everything everything? That's right, Great Golden Dragon of Unity. I still don't get it. What does combining our temples do? It gives me back my pedestal. Wait. Can you do this? Aren't there rules? Of course. Right next to the rules about dressing up like a man and joining the army. Well, what do you know? This might work out, after all. Hey, where's my masseuse? Saving China gives me knots you wouldn't believe. What about my pedicure? Let's get jamming on the toe jam. And somebody heat up some oil. I don't know what we're gonna do with it yet, but it's gonna be good. Does a hero dragon deserve anything less? Draw my bath. Warm my towel. Let the pampering begin!

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Mulan II (2004)
Mulan II (2004)
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