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FAGIN: Don't you understand? Sykes will be here and I don't have. No, no, no, no, no! No, no. Stop it. No. No licking. All right, settle down. Sykes! All right, all right. I'm coming. I'll be right there. You guys, listen. Don't let me down. What do you got? Let's see what you got. It's worthless! What have you done? How are we ever going to pay Sykes off  
with a a pussycat? Look who's here, kids. Company. Nice doggies. I was just on my way out. ROSCOE: You guys miss us? FAGIN: Mr. Sykes. I He's gonna kill me. Hello. Oh, lovely evening. I was just saying this to your two lovely, purebred... SYKES: The money, Fagin. FAGIN: Actually, I've got something much better than money. Some luxury items that should make a considerable dent in my debt to you. Oh, my! You waxed your car, didn't you? SYKES: Did they use a buffer on it, because I can see myself. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. I don't want your garbage, Fagin! FAGIN: Oh, please, Sykes. Oh, please. Oh, please. SYKES: I don't think you grasp FAGIN: Oh, no! Oh, no, no, SYKES: I did grasp it. This is how I grasp. Look. Accident. Accident! Mr. Fagin! Sorry. Now, I lent you money and I don't see it. Do you know what happens when I don't see my money, Fagin? People get hurt. People like you get hurt. Do I make myself clear? FAGIN: Clear! Perfectly clear! DESOTO: You know, Rita, I can't figure out why you'd rather hang around a dump like this, when you could be living uptown with a class act like myself. FRANCIS: Isn't it rather dangerous to use one's entire vocabulary in a single sentence? TITO: Hey, Frankie, get down, brother. You bad, man. ROSCOE: Hey, you got something to say to me, fat boy? TITO: You guys don't scare me. I'll kill you both. Come on, let me at them, I'll kill them! ROSCOE: Go ahead. Let him go. EINSTEIN: Why don't you pick on someone your own size? ROSCOE: Like you, old man? DODGER: Hey, Roscoe. Roscoe, is this us losing our sense of humor? ROSCOE: Nah. I ain't lost my sense of humor. See? I find that funny. FAGIN: Oh, please. Please. Oh, please! SYKES: Three days. FAGIN: Three, three, three. That's nine. Nine? SYKES: No, Fagin. Three. FAGIN: Three! Oh, you mean, just three days? Oh, my goodness! I'm having a bad day! DESOTO: Hey, Roscoe, look what I found. ROSCOE: Forget it, Desoto. We gotta go. DESOTO: I like cats. I like to eat them. ROSCOE: Get out of my way, Dodger. DODGER: That's enough, Roscoe. RITA: Run along, Roscoe. Your master's calling. ROSCOE: Come on, Desoto. We ain't finished, Dodger. You guys are gonna pay for this, starting with that cat. TITO: Oh, yeah? You guys don't scare me! Come on and say it to my face! Come on, come on, come on! Yeah, those creeps will think twice before hassling us, man. DODGER: All right, kid. What'd I tell you guys? Old Dodge can really pick them, huh? FAGIN: Three days. How am I ever gonna come up with all that money? What's the use? I'll never get out from under that maniac. My days are numbered, and the number is three. It's hopeless. Thanks, guys. That reminds me. I saw Desoto's nose. Who did that? You? You? That took a lot of guts. We've never had a cat in the gang before. We can use all the help we can get. All right. Time for bed. We've got a big day tomorrow. No. No. Oh, all right. But just one chapter tonight. Let's see Here we are. Here we are. Chapter seven. Sparky stopped and he rolled in a field of wildflowers. The dandelions tickled his nose, till he laughed out loud. And then something caught his eye. It was Bumper, the rabbit. Sparky jumped to his feet and ran toward Bumper, barking loudly. Woof! Woof! Well, you try it sometime. That's because you're a dog. Sparky knew that Bumper would run and that he could chase him over the field. But Sparky would never catch him or hurt him, because Sparky was not that kind of a dog. This is the big one. We've got two days to do or die. Dodger, you keep an eye on the new kid. Show him the ropes. I don't wanna put any undue pressure on you, but, as you march off to do your duty, I want you to keep one thing in mind: Dead men do not buy dog food! So big smiles, and get out there and fetch! DODGER: All right, if Mr. Sykes don't see some cold, hard cash soon, we are Doberman chow. Come on. We'll start on Columbus Avenue. OLIVER: What kind of work do we do, anyway? TITO: Investment banking, man. FRANCIS: Didn't you read about us in The Wall Street Journal? OLIVER: Really? FRANCIS: Yes. Captains of industry. OLIVER: Gosh! Can I be one too? DODGER: Hey, when you got your pals, you got all you need. OLIVER: OK, Dodge. RITA: We gotta clean you up, child, and give you some on-the-job training. and always use your head Everything is free Ooh, I guarantee and you'll take it with style Hello? DODGER: What have we here? All right! A chauffeur shuffle! Einstein, give me a fender-bender at two lights. Tito, you're in charge of electronics. Rita and I'll work the crowd. Francis FRANCIS: I know. My public awaits. OLIVER: Hey, but what about me? What do I do? DODGER: You help Tito. TITO: All right! Come on, gato, Uncle Tito will show you how it's done. Ready? Go! JENNY: Winston, listen to this. After a little sightseeing, we left Paris by car for the confer WINSTON: Conference, Jennifer. JENNY: Oh, yes. Conference. Jenny, I'm afraid your father and I won't be able to make it. WINSTON: Is there anything wrong, Jenny? Are your parents all right? JENNY: They're staying longer. WINSTON: Oh, don't worry. I'm sure they'll be home for your birthday. JENNY: No. What was that? WINSTON: I don't know. But now, don't be alarmed. I'll be right back. DODGER: Run, Sparky. Go find Bumper. TITO: Why me? Today of all days. Hey, check it out, man. Beep beep! Forget Fagin, man. Let's take this baby to Atlantic City. WINSTON: What have I done? Poor thing. LADY: You oughta be ashamed of yourself! WINSTON: I'm sure he's fine. Probably just a little stunned. Run along, little fellow. Go on, now. Shoo. OLIVER: Hey, Tito. What can I do? TITO: Well Why don't you be a lookout, man. Yeah, that's it. OLIVER: OK. What is a lookout? TITO: Look, just look out the window. Make sure it's still daylight, OK? OLIVER:Hey, Tito. There's something back there. TITO: Hey, stop hassling me, man. I only got one more wire, OK? WINSTON: But What's going on here? DODGER: Let's get out of here! JENNY: Oh, you poor kitty. Here. Let me help you. WINSTON: Jenny, are you all right? RITA: Where's the kid? TITO: He must still be in the car, man. RITA: That poor little kid. DODGER: You were to keep an eye on him. TITO: Well, it's hard to watch anything when you're getting barbecued, man. RITA: What are we gonna do? DODGER: Tito, come with me. The rest of you, get back to Fagin. WINSTON: Now really, Jenny. We can't just take in a stray off the street. JENNY: But look at the poor thing. Winston, he's half starved. WINSTON: I know you're growing attached to the little fellow, but do try to understand. Your parents left me responsible for you. JENNY: They won't mind. Really. Don't worry, kitty. I'll take care of you. WINSTON: Georgette is not going to like this. Rise and shine, Georgette. Your public awaits. WINSTON: My goodness! Jenny! Don't you think a tin of kitty chow would have sufficed? JNNY: Nonsense. He'll love this. WINSTON: Now, young lady, I really think we should've waited until your parents Oh, bother! JENNY: And for the kitty, the house specialty. A la Jenny avec Cocoa Krispies. WINSTON: Jenny, it's your parents! JENNY: Yeah! Wait till I tell them!

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Oliver & Company (1988)
Oliver & Company (1988)
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