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WINSTON: Oh, yes, sir. I do assure you everything is absolutely Georgette, I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Everything's fine. JENNY: They're gonna be excited. Here she is now. GEORGETTE: A cat! What is the meaning of this? Winston! I guess I'll have to handle this myself. Hello. OLIVER: Hello. GEORGETTE: I hope you won't think me rude, but do you happen to know out of whose bowl you're eating? OLIVER: Yours? GEORGETTE: Ooh, aren't you a clever kitty? And do you have any idea whose home this is? OLIVER: I thought it was Jenny's. GEORGETTE: Well, it may be Jenny's house, but everything, from the doorknobs down, is mine! JENNY: Oh, Georgette, I see you've met Oliver.

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Isn't he cute? I've got great news. Mom and Dad just said I could keep him. I'm sure you two are gonna be the best of friends. RITA: Where's the kid? DODGER: We tailed him all the way up to Park. We never had a chance. TITO: You should see it. There's got to be 200 people living there. RITA: We can't let the kid take the heat. TITO: If we don't get him, they're gonna torture the kid. FRANCIS: What are we waiting for? EINSTEIN: But what about Fagin? FRANCIS: Alas, our beleaguered benefactor, bearing the brunt of our futile endeavors. TITO: Gimme a break. Speak English, Frankie. FRANCIS: Francis. Francis. Francis! DODGER: Cool it! Now we got work to do. First, we'll spring the kid. Then we'll take care of the old man, all right? TITO: Yeah! That's right, man! He's family. He's blood. FRANCIS: Hear, hear! DODGER: OK, our mission begins at daybreak. Einstein, go up to the door. Francis, you're our Oh, WINSTON: Jennifer. I don't hear any practicing. JENNY: All right, Winston. I gotta practice now, kitty. Oh, you wanna practice too. Good night, Oliver. Bye, Winston. Goodbye, Oliver. DODGER: All right, listen up. TITO: We checked it out. DODGER: All we gotta do is TITO: Oh, man! He's dead meat now! FRANCIS: I'll handle that ruffian. WINSTON: Body slam! Oh, come on, you fool! Hit him! Hit him! Oh, bother. DODGER: Einy! Get out of there! EINSTEIN: Huh? WINSTON: Yes? Who is it? Oh, my. You! I'll show you, you Come back here! What? TITO: This place! Check it out. FRANCIS: Chagall. Matisse. These are all masterpieces. TITO: This place looks pretty nice. How bad off could it be here? Hey, man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall. DODGER: Tito! We're here for the kid, remember? Now let's get him and go. GEORGETTE: I love you, Oliver. Play with Georgette. I'd like to play with him, all right! The little fur ball! Ooh. Who are you? What do you want? Winston! Calm down. Don't come any closer! I knew this would happen one day. DODGER: You're barking up the wrong tree. It's not you I'm after. GEORGETTE: It's not? It's not! Well, why not? What's the problem, Spot? Not good enough for you? I mean, do you even know who I am? Fifty-six blue ribbons. Fourteen regional trophies. Six-time national champion! DODGER: And we're all very impressed. Right, guys? TITO: Very impressed. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ignacio Alonzo Julio Frederico de Tito. GEORGETTE: Get away from me, you little bug-eyed creep! Winston! RITA: Excuse me, sister. Who's Rex? GEORGETTE: None of your business! And you, tubby, off the bed! Get away from there, you All right! That does it! You yo-yos clear out, and I mean now! Winston! DODGER: Relax, champ. We'll leave, as soon as we get our cat. GEORGETTE: If you think I'm intimidated by flea-bitten, dog-pound rejects Your cat? How stupid of me. You must be the friends he keeps talking about. WINSTON: Yes. Georgette? Something's not quite right here. GEORGETTE: Shh. Quick. Before he comes back. Follow me. RITA: Look at him, Dodger. Honey, let's forget the whole thing. GEORGETTE: No, no, you can't do that! You don't understand. The poor dear's so traumatized. WINSTON: Georgette. GEORGETTE: What? Get going. WINSTON: What is going on here? GEORGETTE: Hurry. Use the fire escape. TITO: There's no time for long goodbyes, but here's something to remember me by. Ooh, I think she likes me, man. I could've danced all night You were very good. What? Nice job, Dodger. Hey, wait. EINSTEIN: Just the rescue of the century. FRANCIS: Rescue? I was rather good, wasn't I? DODGER: And how about Tito and Miss Six-Time National Champion? OLIVER: Hey, ey, but, wait I don't understand, you guys. RITA: You OK, kid? OLIVER: Yeah, I'm fine TITI: Hey, sure he is! He's back with his Uncle Tito. OLIVER: I was happy there. Why did you guys take me away? EINSTEIN: We rescued you, kitty. We brought you home. OLIVER: But Well, I have another home now. And someone who loves me. DODGER: What do you mean, kid? You're in the gang. OLIVER: But DODGER: The gang means family. We risked a lot to get you out of there. OLIVER: I'm sorry, but all I ever wanted was DODGER: This place is not good enough for you any more? Don't wanna mix with the riffraff? OLIVER: No, no. I like you. I mean, I like I like every one of you, but There was a little girl. I just wanna go back. RITA: We never should've took him. OLIVER: Dodger, please DODGER: You want to leave? Fine! There's the door. EINSTEIN: But he just got here. DODGER: Go on. No one's stopping you. TITO: Hey, Dodger, lighten up. DODGER: You lighten up! If he doesn't like it, let him go. FAGIN: Oh, it's hopeless. What's this? So that's where you've been! Looks like you're doing all right for yourself, Oliver. Your owner probably spends more money on catnip than we do on food in a month. He's probably worried sick about you. All alone in that big house with only his money to comfort him. Only his millions and millions of dollars to That's it! We're saved! What a plan! Ah, yes! Paper! Paper! It's so great. Dear Mr. Rich Mr. Very Rich JENNY: Oliver! Oliver? Oliver! GEORGETTE: Feel it. That's it. JENNY: Oliver! GEORGETTE: Two, four, five, six, seven, eight. Oh, you love it! JENNY: Oliver, I'm home. That's funny. Georgette, help me find Oliver. Oliver! Oliver? GEORGETTE: Oh, where could he be? JENNY: Oliver. GEORGETTE: He's not here. JENNY: Where is he? Here, kitty, kitty. Hmm. Dear Mr. Very Rich Cat-owner Person GEORGETTE: Whoops. JENNY: And if you don't bring the money, you'll never see your cat again. Oh, no. Georgette. Something terrible has happened. They've kidnapped Oliver. Oh, Georgette, you loved him too. Don't worry. We're going to get him back. FAGIN: This is an airtight plan, Sykes. Sweet and simple. I ransom the kitty, and you get paid in full tomorrow.

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