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FAGIN: I'll even toss in a little extra for your patience. What do you say? It's my final offer. Take it or leave it. SYKES: Yeah, who is it? Oh! Fagin, it's you. Why didn't you say so? FAGIN: Oh, good question. But listen, if you're busy, we can drop by some other time. SYKES: Don't be silly. Just push the door. I said push! What do you mean? You start  
with the knuckles. Ah, Fagin. Do come in. I'll be right with you. Yeah. No, you don't kill him yet. Yeah. And what's the last thing you do? You put on the cement shoes. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Come on. Hey, don't worry about it. So, Fagin. Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make me happy? FAGIN: I've got an airtight kitty plan. Plan! It's sweet and simple. The plan. SYKES: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. What am I gonna do with you, Fagin? I've got this kitty Fagin. You don't got the money. FAGIN: Oh, no! Oh, no! No, no! Stop! Please, Sykes. Please! I'm getting your money tonight! It's coming! Please! It's from a rich cat I mean, a cat from a rich family. Please don't They're coming tonight with the money I owe you, to get the cat back! SYKES: Hey, I think there's hope for you yet. I'm proud of you, Fagin. Yeah. You're starting to think big. You've got 12 hours. And Fagin? This is your last chance. JENNY: Turn left right when you get to the big propeller. Oh, Georgette, I can't read this. No, that No, that's not right. It's left. Oh, Georgette, where are we? I think we're lost. Stay close, Georgette. It's creepy down here. FAGIN: He's late. I drew a perfectly good map. Well, there was a few smudges on it, OK. I went outside the line with the green crayon, but not much. RITA: Oh, Dodge. DODGER: Rita, they never laid a paw on me. FAGIN: Ooh, wait. What if he comes and he's huge and mean? JENNY: Excuse me, sir. FAGIN: It's the FBI! I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I was framed! Listen, little girl, this is a tough neighborhood. You'd better go home. JENNY: I can't. I'm lost. FAGIN: Aw, gee. Lost. Well I'd help you, but I'm kind of busy right now. What're you doing down here anyway? JENNY: I came to find my kitty. FAGIN: Your kitty? JENNY: Somebody stole him. FAGIN: But are you sure? Maybe you made a mistake. JENNY: No. No, somebody stole him and sent me this note. SYKES: Easy, boys. JENNY: See? Now I'm lost. Look, I even brought this to get him back. FAGIN: You brought a piggy bank. JENNY: That's all I have. FAGIN: That's awful. JENNY: I know. What kind of a person would steal a little kitty? FAGIN: But I I mean, maybe he was up against the wall, at the end of his rope. He must have been a desperate man. JENNY: It's still wrong! I'm so scared. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Neither do I! FAGIN: Hey! Guess what? I found a little, lost kitten. I don't know, take a look. Maybe he's yours. JENNY: Oliver! Oliver! Oh, my Oliver! FAGIN: Sykes. Sykes! I was going to Hey, wait! What're you doing? Let go! No, wait! You can't do this! SYKES: Keep your mouth shut. Consider our account closed. FAGIN: Stop! Stop! Time out! OLIVER: What happened? DODGER: You OK, kid? OLIVER: Jenny He took Jenny! DODGER: Don't worry. We'll get her back. OLIVER: You will? DODGER: Hey. Absitively, kid. TITO: Come on, man, let's go! Come on! Let's get him, man! DODGER: All right. Let's do it. FAGIN: Wait! Come back! Stay. Sit. Wait! Come back! DODGER: Oh, man. It don't look good. FRANCIS: It's all locked up, Dodger. DODGER: All right. There's gotta be some way in. Yeah. Francis. SYKES: Now, don't cry, little girl. They only eat when I tell them to. DODGER: Francis, you all set? FRANCIS: Farewell, Dulcinea. RITA: Francis! FRANCIS: Peasants. DODGER: Maestro? Ready, kid? OLIVER: Yeah. DODGER: Go! SYKES: Roscoe. Desoto. Come on, Desoto. DODGER: Hey, hey, hey! TITO: There is a lady present. GEORGETTE: Well, it's nice to see that one of you has some manners. TITO: After you, my little croissant. FRANCIS: Good grief. DODGER: And remember, quiet. GEORGETTE: Oh. I broke a nail. GRANCIS: Oh, balderdash. TITO: What'd you call my woman, man? DODGER: Freeze! Yo, Tito. Right. TITO: I'll check it out. SYKES: That's funny, Mr. Winston. But I don't think you really appreciate the situation. Somebody could get hurt. Get the old man on the phone and tell him it's about his daughter, Jenny. DODGER: OK. Listen up. Tito, Francis, ROSCOE: I want you You smell that? DESOTO: Yeah. It's party time. SYKES: What the? Didn't order any pizza. DODGER: Go, go, go! SYKES: Where are those dogs? JENNY: Oh, Oliver! I thought I'd never see you again. ROSCOE: Hey! Hey! Gentlemen. What's the occasion? Come to rescue your little friend? DESOTO: Say goodbye, Francis. GEORGETTE: Oh, boys! Whoopsie daisy! TITO: All right! What a woman! DODGER: Francis, you keep an eye on the monitors. Rita, over here. SYKES: What is this, a slumber party? Get going, you stupid mutts! DODGER: Francis, is the coast clear? Francis! SYKES: Goodness! TITO: What're we gonna do, Dodge? DODGE: Tito, hot-wire. TITO: No way. I've been barbecued too many times, man. GEORGETTE: Good luck, Alonzo. I'll be waiting. SYKES: It's off to work we go What is this? All right, girlie. Open the door. Come on, now. I'm warning you. DODGER: Come on, Tito. SYKES: Back up. Desoto. Come on! Come on! This has all been very entertaining. But the party is over. FAGIN: Come on! Come on, come on! Let's go! SYKES: Fagin! TITO: Man, you're ugly! You're uglier than him! And you're ugly, part three! Hey, you're revenge of the ugly! JENNY: Mr. Fagin, help me! TITO: All right! Check it out! JENNY: Help me! GEORGETTE: Save me, Alonzo! TITO: Hey, get off my back, woman! I'm driving! Let go! FAGIN: Jenny, jump! Alonzo! JENNY: Oliver? Oliver? Oliver! WINSTON: Don't forget to make a wish, Jennifer. JENNY: Anybody want some cake? OK, Einstein, but not the whole thing. TITO: You got it now, baby! Left foot, right foot. All right! Check it out! There you go. Relax, hey. GEORGETTE: Tito, you dance divinely. WINSTON: He's cheating! FAGIN: Body slam! WINSTON: Come on, hit him again. Murder him! WINSTON: Twist his arm! Foxworth residence. Mr. Foxworth! FAGIN: Body slam him now! WINSTON: Shh. Um My goodness. You're back tomorrow? Oh, she'll be so surprised to see you. Yes, goodbye, sir. FAGIN: All right. Get him! Get him! WINSTON: Hit him! You got him! FAGIN: Pick him up! Hold him there! Ta-da! WINSTON: I believe that's a ten spot. FAGIN: Where is that checkbook? Oh, look at the time. WINSTON: Well Indeed. FAGIN: Francis, Rita, Tito, vemonos! The streets are calling! WINSTON: Have we forgotten anything? JENNY: Oh, yeah. Thanks, everyone. The gifts were great. Bye, Mr. Fagin, and thank you. FAGIN: Oh, bye-bye, Jenny. Come on, boys! It's time for us to go. GEORGETTE: Alonzo, darling, could I see you for a moment Privately? Coming, Alonzo? TITO: Yeah! You guys beat it. My baby and I, we gotta talk. GEORGETTRE: You know, you're not so bad for a bug-eyed little creep. With a little grooming TITO: Grooming? Uh That's it! GEORGETTE: We'll start with a bath. TITO: Bath? FAGIN: Let's go! EINSTEIN: Bye-bye. FRANCIS: Oh, Oliver, we shall meet again. RITA: See you around, kid. OLIVER: Goodbye, you guys. FAGIN: Boys! Let's go! DODGER: Listen, kid, you just want to hang out or anything? TITO: Dodger, man! Do you see her anywhere? DODGER: Hey! Man! TITO: I can't keep this woman off me! I gotta get away from her. Alonzo! Alonzo! Goodbye, Oliver. Hey, you guys, wait for me! GEORGETTE: Alonzo Fredrico Tito, come back here! DODGER: Hey, whoa, kid. You think you can handle the champ? OLIVER: Sure. DODGER: Hey! You're OK We'll keep a spot open for you in the gang, vice president, uptown chapter. Later, kid. JENNY: Bye-bye! WINSTON: What a delightful scoundrel.

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