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Quotes HOOK: Step softly... you worthless dogs! Set your sights for Peter Pan! Oh, goodness. Haven't we searched the island a thousand times before? I beg your pardon, Mr. Smee? I said that, uh, searching for Pan is, um, uh... fun galore. There'll be no rest until we have that boy in irons. Ohh. Hey! Watch it, Cubby! JANE: Oh, no, Peter. I really don't think this wo Uhh. This is ridiculous. I can't fly! Well, of course you can't. But I can! I guess I'm just smarter than you. Ohh. I highly doubt that. Braver. Stronger! Oh, yeah, that's it. Well, then, it must be my good looks. Or maybe you're full of hot air. Wah! Hey! Look, anybody can do it. Tink? Yeah! All it takes is faith... Trust... And, uh, something else. Pixie dust? That's it! Ooh! Ow! OK, Tink, let her have it. Tink if she can't fly home I guess she'll have to move in with us. Ooh. Oh! That's enough! JANE: Ahh. Ahahahchoo! Oh! Yow! Ohh! Hot's fish, what's that?
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OK, Jane. Don't even think about it. Ready or not I got her! I got her! I got her! I got her! I thought you said you got her. Oh, how will I ever get back home? So, the girl can't fly, yet she wants to go home. Smee, do you know what this means? Six more weeks of winter? No, you imbecile. We'll get me treasure... and the boy. Hey, what's this? Oh, give that back. It's my list! Things to do, places to be important things! Huh? That stuff's no fun. No wonder you can't fly! JANE: Give it back, Peter. Ha ha! Slightly, catch! PETER: Keep away from Jane! I got it! You boys are horrid! Come on, come on, over here! You're ripping it! CUBBY: Why don't you guys ever throw to me? No, stop it! JANE: This isn't funny! SLIHTLY: Whoo hoo! I've got it! Ha ha ha! This is just a game to you, isn't it? Well, I'm tired of playing. Gosh, Jane, we didn't mean to make you mad. Oh, grow up. You did so. You're just a bunch of silly, ridiculous children. No, no, leave me alone! Oh, I don't believe in any of this! And I especially don't believe in fairies! Goodbye! Oh, yeah? Well, good riddance! Hmm. CUBBY: Uh, Peter? I think there's something wrong... with Tinker Bell. Ohh. EDWARD: I need you here... to take care of your mom and Danny. Can you do that for me? That's my big girl. I love you! Ooh. Looks kinda bad. Kinda bad? Kinda? Oh, it's hopeless! Poor little Tinker Bell! Hey, put a cork in it! Shh! Uhhuh. Uhhuh. What? What did she say, Peter? If we don't get Jane to believe in fairies... Tink's light's gonna go out. Well, let's just go and make her believe! PETER: Hang on a mlnute. Ow! You can't just make somebody believe in fairies. TWINS: But we believe. Yeah, it ain't hard for us. That's it! We gotta make Jane one of us! TOGETHER: But she's a girl! You want to help Tink, don't ya? TOGETHER: Uhhuh. We gotta do it! Don't worry, Tink. We'll save you. Jane, come on back! Jane! Jane? Jane! Jane! Jane! Jane! Jane! Jane! JANE: Peter! Peter Pan! Ohh! BOTH: There you are! BOTH: I've been looking all over for I, uh I, uhno, no, no BOTH: You. PETER: I'm awful sorry for wrecking your book. Me and the Lost Boys, we want to do something... to make it up to you. We want you to feel like well, like you're one of us. We'll do anything for you. Ha ha. Honest. Anything? Anything at all! You just name it. Well, um... why don't we play a game like, maybe treasure hunt! Treasure hunt? That's a great idea! But you'll have to think like a Lost Boy. Uhh... And have fun like a Lost Boy! PETER PAN: Dare you to throw that rock! JANE: I'll get a triple skip! PETER PAN: Dare you to explore that cave! JANE: I'll have an overnight trip! JANE: The treasure! I found... CAPTAIN HOOK: HOOK: Now, when you reach the treasure just give this a wee toot. PETER PAN: Ha! Hey, Jane! You did it! Lost Boys! Jane found the treasure in Dead Man's Cave! LOST BOYS: Ha ha ha! PETER PAN: Attention! Fall in! In honor of your downright unbelievable skill at finding hidden treasures, I now proclaim you, Jane, a Lost Boy! Uh, I mean, a Lost Girl. Ha. JANE: Me? The very first Lost Girl? PETER PAN: What's the matter? Don't you want to be? JANE: Oh, yes. I'd like that very much, Peter.

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Peter Pan in Disney's Return to Never Land (2002)
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